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Move dcs into subdir to combine repos

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Move dcs into subdir to combine repos

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Updated floating IP documentation

Added addtional text in architecture and configuration.

Fixed some nits from last code review

Change-Id: I2183f76a61034c08ab377b53e9f3e3a790b2d5fb

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Added floating IP feature

DcsMaster backups are configured in the conf/backup-masters file.

Whenever a backup takes over it now executes the bin/scripts/

script to move the floating IP to its own node. There are 3 new

properties necessary. They are:


Disabled by default. This property is used to enable/disable the

the floating IP feature.


There is no default. The user must specify the network interface

to use for floating ip.


There is no default. The user must specify the dotted IP

address to use for floating ip.

Patch set #2

removed hostname from backup-masters file

cleaned up trailing spaces

Patch set #3

updated copyrights

Change-Id: Ib9f9aa618716a0424c2dd160e5dc819c6c1a33eb

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Convert DSC documentation from docbooks to asciidoc

Docbooks was very difficult for contributors to easily add

updates. More time was spent fixing xml tags than writing

the needed documentation. Asciidoc while very feature rich in

its tag set is much much easier to learn.

Change-Id: Ib23ba6c11c8b0f13023119e181ea16efddd07ac6

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