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Fixed external links and CSS stylesheet for the DCS docbook

Cherry picking changes submitted to proposed/0.8.3 by Susan

In the following XML source files in /dcs/src/docbkx, I updated

the external links (adding xlink:show="new") so that the links

now open in a separate window from the DCS book:

-- book.xml

-- configuration.xml

-- preface.xml

-- troubleshooting.xml

In book.xml, I removed unnecessary and confusing links from the

book's title and from the "Trafodion DCS" logo in the subtitle.

I changed the link in the Abstract so that the word "Trafodion"

links to the Trafodion wiki. I also added a missing period at

the end of that paragraph. I removed the question mark (?) from

the title "DCS" in the Overview section.

In preface.xml, I removed the link from "DCS version" to the

"Connectivity Subsystem" section in the Trafodion wiki (given

that the wiki content is subject to change, resulting in a broken

link) and replaced it with a more appropriate cross-reference to

the download site for the DCS package.

Per Arvind's advice, I updated the "Run modes" and "Example

Configurations" sections in configuration.xml to include the

alternate approach of specifying the host name and number of


I also updated the freebsd_docbook.css stylesheet in

/dcs/src/site/resources/css so that the DCS docbook automatically

appears in sans serif typeface (such as Arial), improving its

readability and look-and-feel.

(cherry picked from commit 4730742c501f5149fb453c9e7bfe5b4cc0e831c4)

Removed dos eol from freebsd_docbook.css as suggested by Susan.

Change-Id: Idd6f20123d628c7fd3a90b523af785575fa87ffe

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dcsstart not starting all connections.

Closes Bug 1330578

1) Added "-n" option while doing ssh in background

2) Made selection of DCS server info port automatic to avoid port


3) Changed default directory where PID files are stored to

$DCS_HOME/tmp. This will help in stopping dcs on systems where

/tmp is cleaned periodically.

4) Changed default HEAP_SIZE to 128M from 1000M.

5) Added newline in default conf/servers file shipped

Change-Id: Iab54849b31f3e024b885d60c34e69d6245f93207

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Initial wms code drop

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Updated some broken links in documentation

Change-Id: I199a6a8c2da989a530be246b21555033eaf6c206

Updated documentation copyright and bump version to 0.8.1

Change-Id: If7f393337ce599fb9dc354c8ba3ad8826e2d1487

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DCS Initial Code Drop

Change-Id: I823bdb655c9c1d0dc8266b8efaecedb094624edd

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