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Cleanup WMS POC

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Move wms into subdir to combine repos

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Move dcs into subdir to combine repos

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Convert DSC documentation from docbooks to asciidoc

Docbooks was very difficult for contributors to easily add

updates. More time was spent fixing xml tags than writing

the needed documentation. Asciidoc while very feature rich in

its tag set is much much easier to learn.

Change-Id: Ib23ba6c11c8b0f13023119e181ea16efddd07ac6

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Disabled statistics, updated documentation & copyright notices.

Change-Id: I5bd92fa3a65007be792f7e97f2d66cc90b443823

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Fixed external links and CSS stylesheet for the DCS docbook

Cherry picking changes submitted to proposed/0.8.3 by Susan

In the following XML source files in /dcs/src/docbkx, I updated

the external links (adding xlink:show="new") so that the links

now open in a separate window from the DCS book:

-- book.xml

-- configuration.xml

-- preface.xml

-- troubleshooting.xml

In book.xml, I removed unnecessary and confusing links from the

book's title and from the "Trafodion DCS" logo in the subtitle.

I changed the link in the Abstract so that the word "Trafodion"

links to the Trafodion wiki. I also added a missing period at

the end of that paragraph. I removed the question mark (?) from

the title "DCS" in the Overview section.

In preface.xml, I removed the link from "DCS version" to the

"Connectivity Subsystem" section in the Trafodion wiki (given

that the wiki content is subject to change, resulting in a broken

link) and replaced it with a more appropriate cross-reference to

the download site for the DCS package.

Per Arvind's advice, I updated the "Run modes" and "Example

Configurations" sections in configuration.xml to include the

alternate approach of specifying the host name and number of


I also updated the freebsd_docbook.css stylesheet in

/dcs/src/site/resources/css so that the DCS docbook automatically

appears in sans serif typeface (such as Arial), improving its

readability and look-and-feel.

(cherry picked from commit 4730742c501f5149fb453c9e7bfe5b4cc0e831c4)

Removed dos eol from freebsd_docbook.css as suggested by Susan.

Change-Id: Idd6f20123d628c7fd3a90b523af785575fa87ffe

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dcsstart not starting all connections.

Closes Bug 1330578

1) Added "-n" option while doing ssh in background

2) Made selection of DCS server info port automatic to avoid port


3) Changed default directory where PID files are stored to

$DCS_HOME/tmp. This will help in stopping dcs on systems where

/tmp is cleaned periodically.

4) Changed default HEAP_SIZE to 128M from 1000M.

5) Added newline in default conf/servers file shipped

Change-Id: Iab54849b31f3e024b885d60c34e69d6245f93207

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Initial wms code drop

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Updated some broken links in documentation

Change-Id: I199a6a8c2da989a530be246b21555033eaf6c206

Updated documentation copyright and bump version to 0.8.1

Change-Id: If7f393337ce599fb9dc354c8ba3ad8826e2d1487

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DCS Initial Code Drop

Change-Id: I823bdb655c9c1d0dc8266b8efaecedb094624edd

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