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GET commands for SPJ and UDF

Fix for bug #1322691

These 7 GET statements are now supported.

get procedures [in schema <schema-name>];

get libraries [in schema <schema-name>];

get functions [in schema <schema-name>];

get table_mapping functions [in schema <schema-name>];

get procedures for library <library-name>;

get functions for library <library-name>;

get table_mapping for library <library-name>;

A fix for a problem reported by Anoop where GET TABLES IN SCHEMA <hive-schema-name> did not work is also fixed. The issue was that the schema name was not getting passed through when the internal statement was used to retrieve tables ina hive schema.

Change-Id: I4649a0432ed766504a95cb6da34b0c01881fc1c3

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Initial code drop of Trafodion

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