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Undo part of yesterday's fix for bug 1343615

To get the main branch back to a usable state for performance testing,

we are undoing my change from yesterday:


Bug 1343615: Duplicated rows for parallel scan on salted table

as well as changing the default value for CQD HBASE_HASH2_PARTITIONING

to OFF. To get parallel plans for HASH2 partitioned salted tables working,

we'll try UTT testing in the future.

Patch set 2:

Patch set 1 generated lots of cores, due to inconsistent checking in

the NATable cache for when we use HASH2 for salted tables. Changing

the CQDs to make them simpler and consistent with NATable cache:


// - OFF: Treat salted table like a non-salted table

// - ON: Always use HASH2 for salted table


// - OFF: Never use HBase ranges for partitioning

// - ON: Use HBase ranges (stats may override)


// - OFF: Don't use stats split

// - ON: Use stats split if possible, except for HASH2

Note that HBASE_PARTITIONING goes away and is replaced with the


Also fixing test issues with compGeneral/TEST013 and executor/TEST013.

The optimizer switched from an index scan to an equally good table scan

which should not cause the test to fail.

Patch set 3:

Updating expected files for seabase tests 13, 16, 18, and updating

seabase/TEST018. No other code changes.

Change-Id: Ie95bbdac6f8465d4f7fb74786b170d1bd895cefb

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fix bug 1343661(cleanup HBASE partitioning), bug 1347819 and bug 1343566

1343661: please refer to sql/sqlcomp/DefaultConstConstants.h for the


1347819: the change is in ExExeUtilLoad.cpp to disable HASH2 for fast load.

1343566: method NADefaults::getTotalNumOfESPsInCluster() now returns the

correct value if CQD PARALLEL_NUM_ESPS is set to an integer value.

Rework 1 to address Dave's review comments.

Rework 2 to address Khaled's review comments as follows. A Boolean flag

(isTrafLoadPrep_) is added to class BinWA to better control the type of

partitioning functions needed for the traf preparation step. When we are

binding all nodes, the flag is set to TRUE which instructs createNAFileSet()

not to create hash2.

Rework 3 to address Hans's review comments. If force to have hash2 and

the partitioning function in the cached table is range, do not return the

cached object.

Rework 4 to address seabase/TEST015 core, which is reported in bug

1349990. Bug 1349990 is fixed in this rework.

Change-Id: I9f886ce5361ff4ede16c592e8a3c4e5ca89d76b7

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