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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Stop sending user CQDs at embedded compile switch

Do not send user entered CQDs when switching to embedded META CmpContext

to compile metadata queries.

Also do the holdAndSet needed CQDs only when the embedded (META)

CmpContext is first switched to. These CQDs won't be restored when

switching back so that we won't send the same set of CQDs again next

time the CmpContext is used.

LP bug 1438372, Compiler returns internal error from

../optimizer/opt.cpp line 6907

LP bug 1444739, compGeneral/TEST006 failed with tmp fix for bug 1438372

Change-Id: I92398aeeaf53820d3f8af1fb73e9c1d6f449ce5e

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various lp and other fixes, details below.

-- added support for self referencing constraints

-- limit clause can now be specified as a param

(select * from t limit ?)

-- lp 1448261. alter table add identity col is not allowed and now

returns an error

-- error is returned if a specified constraint in an alter/create statement

exists on any table

-- lp 1447343. cannot have more than one identity columns.

-- embedded compiler is now used to get priv info during invoke/showddl.

-- auth info is is not reread if already initialized

-- sequence value function is now cacheable

-- lp 1448257. inserts in volatile table with identity column now work

-- lp 1447346. inserts with identity col default now work if inserted

in a salted table.

-- only one compiler is now needed to process ddl operations with or

without authorization enabled

-- query cache in embedded compiler is now cleared if user id changes

-- pre-created default schema 'SEABASE' can no longer be dropped

-- default schema 'SCH' is automatically created if running regressions

and it doesn't exist.

-- improvements in regressions run.

-- regressions run no longer call a script from another sqlci session

to init auth, create default schema

and insert into defaults table before every regr script

-- switched the order of regression runs

-- updates from review comments.

Change-Id: Ifb96d9c45b7ef60c67aedbeefd40889fb902a131

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Preventing user CQDs from affecting metadata queries

We now won't pass user CQDs to new CmpContext instance (CI) during

embedded CI switch. This is to prevent metadata query plans

being influenced by user CQDs unintentionally. Also, temporarily added a

flag to retrieve the latest hbase snapshot info for user tables

disrespect to whether we use the snapshots for scan or not. The CQD

TRAF_TABLE_SNAPSHOT_SCAN will only affect the user query plan


Reworked LP 1420826, Turning off nested_joins fails meta-data query

compilation, by reverting the changes because when compiling the

metadata queries, the default optimization level would be '3' and won't

be affected by user setting anymore.

LP 1426479: Row mismatch between index/table cause init auth to fail.

Fixed LP 1411355: User-level CQDs also seem to apply to metadata


Change-Id: Idd0388b626ecd3dbf3c3d1e75c1d6dc30b0ce021

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Fix diff of TEST042

Compile Time in EXPECTED042 are 00:00:00.001742 and 00:00:00.001621,

which are considered FAIL by FILTER042, while result in offical build

are within SUCCESS range.

It is tricky that you have to update EXPECT042 with LOG042 from release build.

Change-Id: I67f6dd8befe7f555fd4ba4acd18531df0f5c88ae

review updates and more. See below.

--Code updates from previous review.

--Bug fixes and enablement of ALIGNED FORMAT row storage.

This is for testing only.

--Error handling for explain statement.

Change-Id: Ia01b3813e0b72ce66e2c03cc50777d4f1f8d5a78

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Fix HQC Bugs: LP1421374 LP1409863 LP1409830

Change-Id: Icdf2c983d83456feb1120af28d2320549ecc7638

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Fix LP1408148 and LP1408485

Change-Id: I1577f0e8b3d016b45599add5007672d227cd969e

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Hybrid Query Cache feature implemented.

The Hybrid Query Cache (HQC) is an enhancement of existing Query Cache,

which is trying to find match queries in existing query cache at an earlier point,

i.e. just after parser and before binder so as to avoid binder overhead if there's a hit.

Two virutal table ISPs are added to show stats of Hybrid Query Cache.

Add control of ISP to run locally or remotely.

Changes after reviewers' comments.

Fixup errors in SqlciErrors.txt that cause core/TEST014 failure.

Fix minor issues about (hybrid)query cache ISP.

Add HQC virtual table ISP tests to compGeneral/TEST042.

Change-Id: Ib5be56e04990639153747255834b30fc9c3f3829

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