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Changes to support OSS poc.

This checkin contains multiple changes that were added to support OSS poc.

These changes are enabled through a special cqd mode_special_4 and not

yet externalized for general use.

A separate spec contains details of these changes.

These changes have been contributed and pre-reviewed by Suresh, Jim C,

Ravisha, Mike H, Selva and Khaled.

All dev regressions have been run and passed.

Change-Id: I2281c1b4ce7e7e6a251bbea3bf6dc391168f3ca3

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Fix LP bug 1325716 -TIME(1) default CURRENT_TIME reported wrong values

When doing CSE (Common Subexpression Elimination), if we come across a

convert clause, we must interrogate the details of the conversion

before deciding this is a match with another conversion we have

already done. In particular, the source's precision, scale, and type

must be the same as in the previous conversion and, likewise, for

the target.

Pre-reviewed by Justin.

All dev regressions were run to ensure that the fix has no


Files changed:


Change-Id: I2705cef151ef163a43e1eef31ee47ef94d164051

Fix bug 1370151 - PCODE Optimization code was looping forever

Under some circumstances, the PCode optimization logic was calling

memset() with a length argument that was a negative value.

Change-Id: Ie4aa96b6614ccfe9ffe6fb5d88cca41a046c7de7

various fixes from multiple folks.

showplan display fix (Jim C)

sqenvcom.sh update for hive (Suresh S)

internal cqd to control esps (Ravisha/Taoufik)

rowset unique select was incorrectly being chosen in some case.

mdam predicate was causing executor crash due to an incorrect key expr.

temp change to add a 1 sec delay after an insert query to complete flush to hbase. (only done from sqlci during regress runs)

Change-Id: I4dbbf4cb60748d4fe82cc93c89db3b25af11f18f

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Initial code drop of Trafodion

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