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Fix bug 1370151 - PCODE Optimization code was looping forever

Under some circumstances, the PCode optimization logic was calling

memset() with a length argument that was a negative value.

Change-Id: Ie4aa96b6614ccfe9ffe6fb5d88cca41a046c7de7

various fixes from multiple folks.

showplan display fix (Jim C)

sqenvcom.sh update for hive (Suresh S)

internal cqd to control esps (Ravisha/Taoufik)

rowset unique select was incorrectly being chosen in some case.

mdam predicate was causing executor crash due to an incorrect key expr.

temp change to add a 1 sec delay after an insert query to complete flush to hbase. (only done from sqlci during regress runs)

Change-Id: I4dbbf4cb60748d4fe82cc93c89db3b25af11f18f

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Initial code drop of Trafodion

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