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Manageability changes - event mgmt and stats publication

Implements changes to support event management using log4cpp.

Configuration files are located in $MY_SQROOT/conf folder and all logs

files are located in $MY_SQROOT/logs folder

For more information see the blueprint at:

Implements changes for publication of statistics to repository. For more

information see the blueprint at:


In this initial delivery publication of statistics is disabled by

default and it can be enabled via DCS property. This code has been

reviewed internally prior to merging with mainline


Included timestamp to be part of the primarykey for metric aggregation


Addressed some of the comments and incorporated Anoop's change for


Changed the queryBuf size in sql/sqlcomp/CmpSeabaseDDLrepos.cpp to 20000

Modified the sql/regress/seabase/EXPECTED024

Change-Id: I517575233c10b2a8683cdd1d53a2eec96d7c2a6f

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Fix for bug 1378926 - error 8448 with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

Trafodion SQL processes dump java heap at $MY_SQROOT/logs in the

format java_pid<pid>.hprof when java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception is


There were local references/global references that were not being deleted

in the trafodion code and that was causing leak in Java objects.

HTableClient_JNI objects are now cleaned up from the Java side if the

corresponding java objects are left in in-use pool at the time of ODBC/JDBC

disconnect. This takes care of memory leak on the C++ heap and java object

heap for such cases.

Change-Id: I799ed685ef0842ca1eebc9b55f146eaff2bd7729

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Fix for bug 1373179

Native Hbase Table access via Trafodion dumps core.

The error messages passed from Java layer to JNI was not handled

correctly leading to core dump. Fixed the error handling code correctly.

Also flagged three Java Objects in HTableClient for gc earlier to reduce the

java object memory usage.

Separated out the relase and flush HTableClient as two different operations

to ensure that HTableClient can be continued to be used even after flush.

Changed NAString in error routines to use the relevant heap instead of

system heap.

Change-Id: I3fac1b8de4745ec9c6f47fc8f64b483f9cc6ef36

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Changing the default JVM heap size to 1GB

The default heap size for JVM in the Trafodion processes is changed to 1GB

from 512MB. Earlier attempt to change it was incomplete.

Change-Id: I7de2ee1ee8cd60a2c0ebb3067baba1181dd4f210

Cleanup scan related functions

Incorporated the comments from change id 331

Changed ExpHbaseInterface_JNI::fetchAllRows method to use the new scan methods

Removed the scan related methods that are no longer used

Triggered the cleanup of Java objects at the time of releaseHTableClient.

Increased the default maximum java heap size to 1024MB from 512MB.

Change-Id: I851bcfa266504f609fdbcba6f2a5e9e6dd2937d3

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Enabling thread independent JNI objects

This submit includes the following changes:

1.Removes the restrictions that JNI objects can be used in the created

thread only.

2. SQL_EXEC_SwithContext CLI now manages the tidList_ correctly in the

CliGlobals structure.

3. ContextCli is now not associated with a thread.

This should further improve the thread safe concept in the trafodion engine.

This would possibly improve the robustness of mysql front-end to trafodion.

This change is also required to share CmpContext across multiple sessions in


Change-Id: I57d61067f05ad7747159ca8eeede905a27a03c10

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Changes to improve IUD statement performance

Change Owner: Selvaganesan Govindarajan

Reviewer: Mike Hanlon

Summary of change:

Avoids intermediate Thrift objects for IUD statements to improve its


Changed the default max heap size for java objects to be 512mb

Change-Id: Ib50734f82afcf54c1dec6c182c2f936c3de1c18a

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Configure JVM initial heap size

To enable some performance testing, this change will

allow configuration of JVM initial heap size. A new

environment variable will be read when the instance

starts. The variable is named JVM_INIT_HEAP_SIZE_MB.

The unit is megabytes. Setting the variable to any

value above 0 will cause SQL set the initial heap size

for the JVM.

This change does not effect the setting of the JVM

maximum heap size. As before, the maximum is set to

a hard-coded default, currently 512MB, unless the

variable JVM_MAX_HEAP_SIZE_MB is set. Setting this

variable to zero has the effect of not configuring

any maximum.

In contrast, to avoid setting any value for the JVM

initial heap size, one can simply not define the

variable JVM_INIT_HEAP_SIZE. The reason for this

inconsistency in how to use the variables is to

preserve default behavior.

So, for example, to setup the JVM to have no maximum

heap size, while having an initial heap size of 32MB,

one must set both variables, as shown here:



Change-Id: I4f503eda59f263a2762adb79b7d79ef158a3852a

Implements: blueprint jvm-inital-heap-config

Fixing DTM early commit response to reply at correct point in state_change_commit_helper and sending the normal response at normal commit reponse at the end, in req_end_complete.

Additional changes to set the early commit response default to FALSE

(will NOT reply early, done for correctness).

Changes to set the default JVM allocation sizes, DTM set to 2048, SQL

set to 512.

Removing delay in sqlci that was added to have tests pass that were

failing due to an error 73.

Change-Id: I6baf0ad261d17d1ad9c227f31c423a4f26049a28

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Code Drop Update - 5/23/14

Change-Id: If478e8857cbfa9652227af7ed83cd61dd075a889

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Initial code drop of Trafodion

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