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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

Use: git log --follow -- <file>

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SQL support for phandle verifier, etc.

Changes to use phandle verifier from foundation to distinguish

processes when pids are recycled. Remove some workarounds which

attempted to use process creation timestamps to do the same

thing. Also, use msg_mon_node_down2 to log the reason why the

node is brought down. And removed some unneeded special case

code to free the shared segment semaphore at the startup of


Change-Id: I4914a26680535222504ecf552fb539b1a817c850

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Fix for bug 1412630, not all logs on all nodes processed by UDF

Co-locating the tdm_udrserv process with its parent process.

Change-Id: Ia285e5b3a1ac1340c838c8f40d327d8a5203a93d

Initial code drop of Trafodion

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