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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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RMS and other related changes

The process level statistics at ESP level can now be obtained

using RMS while the query is running. The SQL command is

select * from table(statistics(null, 'QID=<qid>,DETAIL=1'))

To get a list of ESPs processes participating in the query execution, issue

select distinct tdb_id, text process_name from

table(statistics(null, 'QID=<qid>,DETAIL=1')) order by tdb_id

Explain information can now be obtained using RMS. To do this

CQD EXPLAIN_IN_RMS 'ON' should be issued in the session before the

query is prepared.

EXPLAIN OPTIONS 'F' FOR QID <qid> from a different session can give

the explain info.

TESTRTS is now incorporated into core test suite.

AQR-ed queries were not getting garbage collected from RMS shared segment.

This has been fixed.

Missing code in IpcGuardinServer::serverDied method is now added.

Change-Id: Ib591ee5c9251ab6778e3dec9450f5b0466041e9b

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Fix for bug 1437102

Recently we turned off fast path IPC processiong for T2 to fix an other bug. With that we are exectuing non fast path code which was not being used for a long time even in SQ. As some changes were made to IPC layer, changes to this path were missed. So any ESP plan in T2 is hanging in non fast path because we are using BAWAITIOX instead of thread specific BAWAITIOXTS. This was not caught because none of T2 tests have any ESP plan queries.

Change-Id: Ie1e59d108fe6b49656407885bbabca2d1ebc60f6

SQL support for phandle verifier, etc.

Changes to use phandle verifier from foundation to distinguish

processes when pids are recycled. Remove some workarounds which

attempted to use process creation timestamps to do the same

thing. Also, use msg_mon_node_down2 to log the reason why the

node is brought down. And removed some unneeded special case

code to free the shared segment semaphore at the startup of


Change-Id: I4914a26680535222504ecf552fb539b1a817c850

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Fix for compGeneral/TEST011 failure

Removed the code in switchToUserTransid call. For reasons unknown this

code was returning stale transid for GETTRANSID call. The fix for the

bug 1355038 doesn't require BACTIVATERECEIVETRANSID to be called

Also ESPs and other processes were inheriting the transid without this


Change-Id: I7a0b9a99adf3f756793b93ab155a0a5e8d23fcdb

Reworked Transaction handling in SQL

Fixed to inherit the transaction from the received message in ESPs, MXUDR or

any other process when it is passed from master processes.

Reworked switching transaction when the context is switched to handle more than

one connection in a thread. This fixed the following bugs

Bug 1356193 SPJ with resultsets not working thru JDBC T2 driver

Bug 1355038 SPJ with result set failed with ERROR[8841]

ESPs will particpate in a transaction with this change

Change-Id: If91f70060f718818eec25aef206f318262cf47aa

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SQL syntax to cancel executing query, phase 2

This check-in causes queries to register with the cancel

broker using a nowait Seabed message, and to process the

completion of the message by canceling the executing query

if the cancel broker so indicates in the message reply. The

check-in includes new test cases in the regression test to

cancel different types of SELECT queries.

These types of queries do not yet respond to cancel:

1. Queries that are decomposed into child queries, e.g.,



3. INSERT queries might work now, but haven't been tested.

By design, unique queries cannot be canceled.

Implements: blueprint sql-query-cancel

Change-Id: I95aaf9b42de645b60ba68cdce0da729b84f1eb82

Change-Id: I1ee1f05fd33c2cfb72405a5ddddb9518ab52076d

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Changes to support OSS poc.

This checkin contains multiple changes that were added to support OSS poc.

These changes are enabled through a special cqd mode_special_4 and not

yet externalized for general use.

A separate spec contains details of these changes.

These changes have been contributed and pre-reviewed by Suresh, Jim C,

Ravisha, Mike H, Selva and Khaled.

All dev regressions have been run and passed.

Change-Id: I2281c1b4ce7e7e6a251bbea3bf6dc391168f3ca3

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Initial code drop of Trafodion

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