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Migrate from log4cpp to log4cxx

This change is a wholesale removal of log4cpp from source tree.

log4cxx is an external library installed via RPM, or user build

to default /usr/lib64 and /usr/include directories. Some of the

QRLogger and CommonLogger code was changed to use the new log4cxx


Change-Id: I248bac0a8ffbfea6cbc1ba847867b30638892eae

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Fix permissions.

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

Use: git log --follow -- <file>

to view file history thru renames.

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Monitor components use of log4cpp.

Incorporated code review changes.

Monitor message categories:

Category File Prefix Description

MON mon. Monitor messages

MON-SNMP mon.snmp. Monitor critical messages

PSD pstartd. Process Startup Daemon messages

WDG wdg. SQWatchdog process messages

WDG-SMP wdg.snmp SQWatchdog process critical messages

Configuration files:






File names created:

The file name format is:


The monitor process does not have a <pnid> when the logging object is


and <nid> does not apply.

The primitive processes follow the same filename pattern except that


use the .<nid> in the file name.


Conversion pattern:

layout.ConversionPattern=%d, %p, %c, %m

Monitor message format:

"Node Number: <pnid>,, PIN: <pid> , Process Name: <process-name>,,,

TID: <thread-id>, Message ID: <message-id>, <message-string>"

- Notice the absence of 'CPU:' since it does not apply to the monitor.

- <process-name> also does not apply, but the string '$MONITOR' stands


However, the string is the same in every node, but the

'Node Number: <pnid>' indicates which physical node.

Primitive processes message format:

"Node Number: <pnid>, CPU: <nid>, PIN: <pid> , Process Name:

<process-name>,,, TID: <thread-id>, Message ID: <message-id>,


The message formats add:

- the <thread-id> which has been useful for debugging problems

- the <message-id> which is a unique identifier of each messages

generated. The

number takes you to a specific source code location where the message

is generated.

Change-Id: I1422aeb499d3e0cd03720d174dc5e6db8003fdc3

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Closes-Bug: 1420490

Fixes node down of pnid > 63.

Change-Id: I583aa6a9bf948697be0d8e929834f20801bce339

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Node Up (re-integration) updates. Squashed commit of the following:

commit a1cc0bad793a00d3ae3436783e1a0b29cc5286ad

Merge: 6f8f67a b4d797a

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Dec 12 14:49:33 2014 -0800

Merge remote branch 'gerrit/master' into traf/recovery_node_up

commit 6f8f67a2128a0b3d431a45f9a60c0b85f1071aba

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Dec 12 14:47:38 2014 -0800

Restore mainline merge change.

Change-Id: I3f941e4db7ab68a7a5190af3e7c0ce9b8c83f810

commit 967255b2c7453aac0e2125fcea0dc421524bd1af

Merge: 2616982 f0f508a

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Dec 12 10:00:54 2014 -0800

Merge branch 'master' of into traf/opensrc

commit 2616982f1eab099a1eaeafacc5fb17036feb989d

Merge: a329762 2977953

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Dec 12 10:00:42 2014 -0800

Merge branch 'master' into traf/opensrc

commit 297795384d235f5b3e31b40878d68cc8ff08eee8

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Thu Dec 11 15:46:37 2014 -0800

Node up (re-integration) fixes, code cleanup, etc.

commit 52f713738b62d4dccd6d6e7b054210b946311af7

Merge: 882e800 5b93d74

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Tue Dec 9 13:00:19 2014 -0800

Merge branch 'master' of



commit 882e8004d5927cdfad8a357537bbffee7f9dc5ce

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Tue Dec 9 12:46:33 2014 -0800

Preliminary node up (reintegration) changes.

commit 5b93d740f8c07fe57f19b0ff20cbd34c338c5e51

Author: <>

Date: Tue Dec 9 20:20:41 2014 +0000

Resolving conflicts

Change-Id: Idc42d06ae9ac1a27760439a24dabd2c7ff2e513f

commit befb8398207173f597eed371556eb28976389e48

Merge: 65f20fe 2334c66

Author: <>

Date: Tue Dec 9 20:11:39 2014 +0000

Merge remote branch 'gerrit/master'





Change-Id: Iac5aa6dd06ff6d9076c89c556882af213b81397f

commit 65f20fee9410003e27fe06baea5bf3cacbdacf5d

Author: Shang-Sheng Tung <>

Date: Wed Dec 3 20:47:37 2014 +0000

add node down code

commit 380796d38e51b9601af7f68b37b865e34ad595a0

Author: Shang-Sheng Tung <>

Date: Tue Nov 25 23:30:45 2014 +0000

test by adding a space

commit ac490047192d179abf70f3369529bec792f54e17

Author: oliverbucaojit <>

Date: Tue Nov 25 23:22:45 2014 +0000

Moving Trace line

commit 1225a6caca2b4d9124f00ae187cee1c0b584267f

Author: Oliver Bucaojit <>

Date: Tue Nov 25 22:32:48 2014 +0000

Recovery thread changes, nodeDown and nodeUp addition, full try/catch and retry logic added to RecoveryThread

commit b5e26f283ef6b02e7073bc1b809aa27a40ed397c

Author: <>

Date: Tue Nov 25 01:39:20 2014 +0000

TM changes for sending NID on node down and up

TM changes to send node id on a node down and a node up.

JNI changes on C++ and java side.

Change-Id: I1f7166d97e7113d6c17a35dffd1c9a7e6a67c901

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Squashed commit of the following:

commit a3c507d679655f85000420d7415d00835f807fb1

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Thu Nov 20 11:54:52 2014 -0800

Infrastructure monitor/SBAPI updates to support phandle verifier and

miscellaneous bug fixes.

Change-Id: I9de0c7bb9e2d3e09e07b89c3c74ecd6a1a259304

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Closes-Bug: #1358983

Enabled monitor alternate logging and removed dormant code.

Change-Id: Ib9d706affe7e7be6b1f7346145817fec413159d1

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Initial code drop of Trafodion

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