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Changes to reduce the memory growth/leak in mxosrvr and T2 driver

Memory growth in mxosrvr

It was observed that the memory growth comes from JNIHandle::alloc_block

within JVM in mxosrvr. PushLocalFrame and PopLocalFrame is now called

in Trafodian JNI methods calling java functions to ensure this memory

growth is avoided.

CommonLogger was allocating and deallocating buffer to log the message

every time. Instead a thread safe variable is used to allocate only

once per thread.

CommonLogger was constructing the message even when the category is NOT

set. The message construction involves string creation and memory allocation.

Changes in T2.

The buffer to hold the output row was allocated every time. It is now

allocated once and reused till the statement is dropped.

The row count buffer was also allocated for every fetch but was used

after deallocation. Cleaned up the row count allocation code.

Change-Id: I7aad93beb03dc42a85b78da720737e2eb46a7080

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Avoid unnecessary memory allocation while logging via log4cpp

log4cpp.getInstance method takes in std::string argument. Wven the caller

passes in const char *, a std::string instance is created. Changed

code to pass std::string object from all callers to avoid memory

allocation from system heap

Change-Id: Id46e084b8eff8dacd31251a8a23ef013cf886a91

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Manageability changes - event mgmt and stats publication

Implements changes to support event management using log4cpp.

Configuration files are located in $MY_SQROOT/conf folder and all logs

files are located in $MY_SQROOT/logs folder

For more information see the blueprint at:

Implements changes for publication of statistics to repository. For more

information see the blueprint at:


In this initial delivery publication of statistics is disabled by

default and it can be enabled via DCS property. This code has been

reviewed internally prior to merging with mainline


Included timestamp to be part of the primarykey for metric aggregation


Addressed some of the comments and incorporated Anoop's change for


Changed the queryBuf size in sql/sqlcomp/CmpSeabaseDDLrepos.cpp to 20000

Modified the sql/regress/seabase/EXPECTED024

Change-Id: I517575233c10b2a8683cdd1d53a2eec96d7c2a6f

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