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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Cleanup of comments in log4cpp

Copyright notices in log4cpp files needed some minor changes to make them 100%

correct, since the rules for their copyrights are not the same as elsewhere in

Trafodion. This is preparatory work before adding the source files for log4cpp

to the packaged core product. Those files have small differences from the

files downloaded from version 1.1.1,

and so they should be provided to the end user.

Added the Changelog file which records the differences made by different

people at The changes for Trafodion

are now listed at the front of this Changelog.

The file include/log4cpp/RemoteSyslogAppender.hh does not have a new copyright

because the change merely corrects a typo. This trivial change does not meet

the threshold for needing a copyright.

In some lines, trailing spaces were restored to reduce the differences from the

original files.

Change-Id: If57d5d394abd664674b7859860ab1ae7ad3d3f1f

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Manageability changes - event mgmt and stats publication

Implements changes to support event management using log4cpp.

Configuration files are located in $MY_SQROOT/conf folder and all logs

files are located in $MY_SQROOT/logs folder

For more information see the blueprint at:

Implements changes for publication of statistics to repository. For more

information see the blueprint at:


In this initial delivery publication of statistics is disabled by

default and it can be enabled via DCS property. This code has been

reviewed internally prior to merging with mainline


Included timestamp to be part of the primarykey for metric aggregation


Addressed some of the comments and incorporated Anoop's change for


Changed the queryBuf size in sql/sqlcomp/CmpSeabaseDDLrepos.cpp to 20000

Modified the sql/regress/seabase/EXPECTED024

Change-Id: I517575233c10b2a8683cdd1d53a2eec96d7c2a6f

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