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Move install into subdir to combine repos

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Added new HBase settings


ipc.server.tcpnodelay = true

ipc.client.tcpnodelay = true

Change-Id: I66595df2bb295062a5a5d826fa0f17fe26ab6a3b

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Added new HBase configurations and Bug Fix 1391962

New HBase configuration settings added.

Bug fix 1391962: A check has been added that makes sure that Trafodion

is installed on the same nodes that the Hadoop distro is installed on.

If they do not match trafodion_mods will exit and ask user to reinstall

using a correct list of nodes.

Change-Id: I0d5a2bca7636f3e7b3c4baa66c93b7e6c9c2d27b

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Changed incorrect permissions

Changed permissions on hbase-trx*.jar file on single node from 755

to the correct permissions 644.

Change-Id: I9b0ba87a8624653d7d939921a8ba769018917199

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Changing cp location of hbase-trx*.jar + deleting

Edit 2: git merge issue, would otherwise overwrite code.

Edit 1: Copy paste error delete.

Changing copy location of hbase-trx*.jar file from

/usr/share/cmf/lib/plugins/ to /usr/lib/hbase/lib in traf_cloudera_mods.

Deleting any extra files in /usr/lib/hbase/lib as only one

hbase-trx*.jar file can be in this location at once.

Change-Id: I823203ca5395dc70152ee3c35c5e5ceca511cdb5

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Fix for Bug #1367567 java version detection

A specific java path with a dash in it (/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0)

did not work with the previous method of parsing the java version.

Instead of trying to parse out the java version sub-string,

changed code to look for 1.7. or 1.6.

Also, moved java version detection logic up to trafdoion_mods so its

only done in one location.

Change-Id: I7e08fdda85818908a119ee592ee6460ae4092feb

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Fix for #1359346 Java version detection

Improved code to properly detect Hadoop's java version instead of

java version of just any java program that was running

Also added error message to catch case when unable to determine

the java version which will now stop execution instead of

continuing and installing the wrong java version like it used

to do.

Change-Id: Iac902fe27e72d9c055c9170d5324e88739441fbb

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Fix for traf_cloudera_mods Hbase error, other fixes

Added check that will look to see what the exact name of hbase to use in

traf_cloudera_mods to make a call to set hbase settings and restart

hbase. (Formally clouderas url was .../hbase1 it is now .../hbase).

Changed parsing in trafodion_mods to allow for Cloudera cluster name to

be more than one word.

Moved SQconfig check in trafodion_installer to after it has been moved

to current directory if on a single node.

Changed error message in trafodion_mods.

Change-Id: I052b06bbe0eac8dadf70f5af051a16358aa35c15

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Change hard coded version id to dynamically determined one

Added code to parse the Trafodion version id from the

hbase-trx-n.n.n.jar filename.

Change-Id: Ia8cdf8a6942e6af0bf16a055203fcd874700bb73

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Changes to support bulkload and DTM enabling Tlog

bulkload support

1) added code to copy the new trafodion-hbase-extensions jar file

2) added code to create two new folders under hdfs and set their permissions

3) added bulkload settings to hbase regionserver settings

DTM Tlog support

This is a coordinated change needed to support trafodion/core

change I9357aa30c201c8ec357cac7fad69101cd1bb3ff6. Added two new

hbase regionserver settings for hlog and tlog.

Fixed chmod error discovered during review.

Change-Id: I3747c5a4fac6d57d111e4268b9642b806c068974

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Fix for bug 1350641, added log files, other fixes.

Fix for bug 1350641. Now getting cloudera-manager-installer.bin script

from the cloudera website instead of a local HP site. This new version

of cloudera also needed a new java version, so added the download for

that as well.

Added wrapper script for mods scripts 'trafodion_mods' that will

determine which mods script needs to be ran. Wrapper script was added to

make logging easier.

mods, and setup scripts now have a log file that will be located in the

installer logs directory.

EDIT 1: Error checking added.

Change-Id: Iaa047b456fbf198f8f0161bb2456c200e35466a6

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Add hbase.snapshot.enabled=true to Cloudera HBase settings

Change-Id: If7d60b14d9eecf3f29a8c05e98df4ca82f6f459d

Upgrade filenames to 0.8.3 version.

The hbase-trx jar filename changed and the installer needs

to use the new 0.8.3 based filename.

Change-Id: Id9eb6728df66bdd0712ca9c1ed4b543d729a19c5

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Partial fix for issues with Single Node Installs

trafodion_installer now sets SQCONFIG="" for single node

trafodion_installer and dcs_installer now has several checks added for single node to skip pdcp and pdsh commands

Change-Id: Ic9b2e87d361bdcbcca7e221d91fa79b6821b0841

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Fixed syntax error at line 19 and other problems.

Something went wrong in the previous checkin and somehow the wrong

version of traf_ambari_mods got picked up in that check-in. This fixes

a syntax error that prevents the script from running.

Added check for my_nodes file to double check that the script is being ran

from the sudo userid that did the initial trafodion_setup.

Fixed Java version detection that was incorrect on systems that had

one version and the Hadoop distro ran under another.

Depending on root's settings permission settings were not always

getting propogated correctly. Changed code to specifically set

permission settings after hbase-trx jar has been copied. Tightened

up permission setting from 755 to 644.

Change-Id: I558ec119295b54ad52f1c6492b20e1bfc4131986

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Squashed commit of the following:

commit deb5827a1268ecf774d000f725ca5431e5462d48

Author: Marvin Anderson <>

Date: Thu Jun 5 04:38:13 2014 +0000

Support for new hbase-trx.jar file.

The hbase-trx.jar was changed in trafodion/core so that there is now

only one version for all distros. We need to make a corresponding

change to the traf_<distro-name>_mods scripts, to handle this new

universal file.


Change-Id: Ie0658d0146f519c84fff4e0c4644d44fa9e355a9

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Final code drop from subversion.

Change-Id: I17f701c55e8f144eee45bd3315f5d4d49864ab37

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Installer initial code drop.

Change-Id: I9aab737fb394c116a56672963580a10f6b7818f2

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