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Move install into subdir to combine repos

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Hortonworks uninstaller deleting more files

Found additional files that need to be deleted inorder to reinstall.

Change-Id: I1ccf9314acf6bc3d7bb05c6a207976b26ca4bd23

Merge the private shared single script repo into master.

This is a checkin of the single script project which basically

wraps all the various scripts into one single script that the user

runs. The script now has the logic to determine which Hadoop distro

is installed as well as to determine if it is a full install or only

an upgrade and many other changes.

This was developed and tested in a private shared repo so

a review of the code has already been done. QA has approved this

to be checked in.

edit1: fixed shift problem in parsing parameters

edit2: Fixed problems with user config file

Added more error checking for config file

edit3: Fixed config directory creation

edit4: Fixed copyright and OpenStack VM package installation

edit5: Changed Java version detection

No longer do yum removes if package is there already

edit6: Refixed OpenStack VM package installation that got

overlaid in a merge

Added chown command to handle case where SQ_ROOT was not

a sub-directory of the Trafodion userid's home dir

Change-Id: I37a331c89c311feee430541b69f5f7dfe2177e60

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Fix bug 1383405 and bug 1383597

Bug 1383405: trafodion_mods now checks to see if on a single node

cluster before creating log directories.

Bug 1383597: traf_hortonworks_uninstaller now looks to make sure

there is something to delete before deleting the file.

Change-Id: Ic8a1761d50dbf34aad0d042a09bdd5a11a74d387

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Removing left over processes after HW uninstall

Change-Id: I3b317110cb68d59c4e4523b5017468f799783398

Code to determine HBase version, renaming of scripts

Now using hbase shell to determine HBase version. trafodion_mods will

run the correct subscripts depending on if HBase is 0.98 or 0.94.

Renamed ambari_uninstall script to hortonworks_uninstall to clear up

some confusion and to make deleting stray ambari processes easier.

Deleting more stray rpm's in traf_cloudera_uninstall.

Change-Id: I1cce1cfdfd652ab56e9e292d92f2cbc0488a66bc

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