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Move install into subdir to combine repos

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Merge the private shared single script repo into master.

This is a checkin of the single script project which basically

wraps all the various scripts into one single script that the user

runs. The script now has the logic to determine which Hadoop distro

is installed as well as to determine if it is a full install or only

an upgrade and many other changes.

This was developed and tested in a private shared repo so

a review of the code has already been done. QA has approved this

to be checked in.

edit1: fixed shift problem in parsing parameters

edit2: Fixed problems with user config file

Added more error checking for config file

edit3: Fixed config directory creation

edit4: Fixed copyright and OpenStack VM package installation

edit5: Changed Java version detection

No longer do yum removes if package is there already

edit6: Refixed OpenStack VM package installation that got

overlaid in a merge

Added chown command to handle case where SQ_ROOT was not

a sub-directory of the Trafodion userid's home dir

Change-Id: I37a331c89c311feee430541b69f5f7dfe2177e60

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Enable repostiory statistics by default closes bug: 1413413

Change-Id: Idd270085f2c5410395d2b58d8ec56a5aed6e8f42

Determine external network for DCS in a multi-network cluster.

Some systems have multiple networks (an internal maintence

network and an external network). Sometimes DCS would choose

the internal network making it impossible for a client to connect

to Trafodion. The installer will now detect the external network and

write it into the DCS config file so DCS will always use the

external network.

Change-Id: I9df0df2a4c8c39e2532cad957fb3e8de786973a5

Set the property in dcs config to disable stats collection in mxosrvr

Change-Id: I59e8b159e8ff347ed5f997d78ae99a4113ecc5ce

Fix for Bug #1373530. Zookeeper quorum was wrong in dcs-site.xml file.

The dcs_installer script was incorrectly trying to get the zookeeper

quorum node name in the single node cluster case. In the single

node cluster case the zookeeper quorum is simply the node name.

Change-Id: I69b7f857521ac9fd03fdd63742b6bdbf94ee3c6b

Fix for #1359358 dcs_installer server file format

Changed code to generate the new DCS servers file format

of one line per node with a count of servers for that node

instead of the older format of listing a node multiple times

Old format:









New format:

node1 3

node2 3

node3 2

Change-Id: Ice5ba9ced25ea61b6dea23a2f6036605dcd7a694

Partial fix for issues with Single Node Installs

trafodion_installer now sets SQCONFIG="" for single node

trafodion_installer and dcs_installer now has several checks added for single node to skip pdcp and pdsh commands

Change-Id: Ic9b2e87d361bdcbcca7e221d91fa79b6821b0841

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Installer initial code drop.

Change-Id: I9aab737fb394c116a56672963580a10f6b7818f2

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