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[TRAFODION-3272] Change installer settings for TRAF_LOG, TRAF_CONF, TRAF_VAR

Changes python-installer and ambari-installer.

Installers set TRAF_CONF to /etc/trafodion/conf

Installers allow user to specify TRAF_VAR, but defaults to /var/lib/trafodion

Installers allow user to specify TRAF_LOG, but defaults to /var/log/trafodion

Changes DCS conf directory from DCS_INSTALL_DIR/conf to TRAF_CONF/dcs

Changes REST conf directory from REST_INSTALL_DIR/conf to TRAF_CONF/rest

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[TRAFODION-2626] Make logs directory location configurable

Makes path to log directory independent of TRAF_HOME. The default location

is still $TRAF_HOME/logs. The DCS and REST log directories are now

sub-directories of the main TRAF_LOG directory.

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Several scripts incorrectly use cut -b 1-5 to extract pid information

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[TRAFODION-2958] Consolidate the master and backup files in dcs conf folder to a single file (masters)

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[TRAFODION-2697] Set bulkload permissions for hbase upload

The /user/trafodion directory must be traversable for non-trafodion users.

Make bulkload directory readable by hbase group.

Bulkload directory should not be readable by other, to keep transient data secure.

For python, also do not create /lobs /bulkload dirctories, as they are no longer used.

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Merging [TRAFODION-2642] dcs install with enable HA

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[TRAFODION-2626] make location of tmp directory configurable

This is one small part of this jira. Default path of tmp is

the same old $TRAF_HOME/tmp location, but now it is configurable

via the TRAF_VAR variable. Enables pointing it to somewhere such

as /var/run/trafodion.

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Merge remote branch 'origin/release2.1'













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[TRAFODION-1989] Add earlier fix to ambari installer

[TRAFODION-2579] Allow multiple LDAP values in ambari-installer

Also updates service number to match release number on master branch.

Common services remain as 2.1, since they work for 2.1+ releases.

This version of ambari installer specifies trafodion 2.2 for all

three HDP stacks. If it becomes incompatible, then we should specify

2.1 for the older stacks.

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[TRAFODION-2577] Add missing config variables in Ambari install

Based on python-installer, added these to config:





Various fixes, details below

-- max length limited to 16777216 bytes (16M)

for char cols and functions (repeat, concat).

(optimizer/SynthType.cpp, common/ComSmallDefs.h, sqlcomp/nadefaults.cpp)

-- previous max length change requires adding of a new hbase property

called hbase.client.keyvalue.maxsize so large key/values could be

handled in hbase cell.

Following scripts have been updated to handle that.





Developers can also update hbase-site.xml with this property if

they dont want to reinstall local hadoop.





-- while accessing a hive table as an external table, the hive table and

corresponding external table definitions are validated to be the

same. This validates that corresponding columns have the same

data attributes (type, length, scale, etc).

This check causes failures if hive column is of 'string' datatype.

That is because hive 'string' column length can be changed by

a cqd but the corresponding external table has predefined length

set when the table is created.

The validation check now ignores the length attribute if the hive column is

of 'string' datatype.

(optimizer/BindRelExpr.cpp, common/CharType.*, NAType.*)

-- data moved into direct buffer would sometimes cause overflow and crash.

The max direct buffer length used to send/retrieve hbase data

is now limited to 1G (executor/ExHbaseAccess.cpp)

-- errors during vsbb upsert are now handled correctly


-- support for GET CATALOGS command

(generator/GenRelExeUtil.cpp, executor/ExExeUtilGet.cpp)

-- An incorrect computation would sometimes cause group by rollup to

crash compiler in NAHeap::unlinkLargeFragment()


-- sort of a large row that exceeded sort pre-set buffer size would crash

if the row size exceeded the max buffer size.

That has been fixed by allocating space for atleast one row.


-- purgedata on a delimited name was failing. That has been fixed.


-- regress/tools/runregr_privs1/privs2 fixed to handle running of

subset of tests

-- regress/seabase/TEST031 updated with new tests

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Merge [TRAFODION-2446] Remove java 1.8 check from ambari plug-in

[TRAFODION-2446] Remove java 1.8 check from ambari plug-in

Trafodion works fine with 1.7 or 1.8.

[TRAFODION-2452] Clean-up of install/upgrade via ambari

Fix permission issue with installing new trafodion version.

The DCS status checks were running as root, which caused $TRAF_HOME/tmp

to get created as root instead of trafodion user, which caused sqgen to fail.

[TRAFODION-2452] Clean-up of install/upgrade via ambari

Make sure we specify full release version of trafodion, based on

current release, not hard-coding "2.1".

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[TRAFODION-2426] Do not set hbase master log splitting property

This changes all install methods to no longer touch the log splitting


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[TRAFODION-2291] Ambari integration, ldap fix

Fix a couple issues with ldapcheck command. Also tweak trafodion sudoer

permissions to make sure sudo commands will work without a tty.

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[TRAFODION-2291] Ambari integration

A couple of tweaks to fix problems stop/start/restarting trafodion

components via Ambari, particularly to write out any config file

changes before they are needed.

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[TRAFODION-2291] Ambari integration

Integrates trafodion with Ambari cluster manager via an mpack (management

pack) plug-in.

As described in install/ file, to leverage this feature, two RPMs

are built. One to install the mpack and one used by Amari to install trafodion

itself. The mpack plug-in is built with a URL that points to where the

trafodion RPM is hosted (a yum repo). It can be specified on the make command

line as REPO_URL=...

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