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Upgrade repository code changes

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Merge remote branch 'hegdean/wrkbrnch' into Trafodion2037

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[TRAFODION-2037] Improve DDL concurrency

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JIRA TRAFODION-2072 plus few more

-- long varchars (> 32K) are handled for traf (regular and aligned)

and hive tables

-- showddl for hive tables shows traf and hive definitions

-- traf external tables can optionally take columns attrs that would

overwrite corresponding hive col attrs

-- metadata is updated with info no whether col attrs were specified

-- 'repeat' function can optionally take a max length parameter

-- error is returned if an external table is created for non-hive

-- tests added to regress/seabase/TEST031 and hive/TEST009

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TRAFODION-1789: Create the histogram metadata tables at schema creation time

Added a list of MDTableInfo structs called allMDHistInfo that describes

histogram tables similar to other metadata tables in CmpSeabaseDDLmd.h.

During schema create, this list is traversed and each histogram table created.

This is performed by calling the static function - createHistogramTables.

Similarily, this list is traversed at drop schema time to drop existing

histogram tables. With this change, you can drop a schema without the

cascade option when only histogram tables remain.

In histogram code (hs_cli.cpp), removed hard coded create statements and

changed code to call the createHistogramTables static function. With this

change, there is only one place where Histogram tables are defined. Today,

histogram tables are defined in ../sqlcomp/CmpSeabaseDDLmd.h and


TRAFODION-1812: cleanup schema causes transaction to hang in aborting state

While testing the fix for TRAFODION-1789, some of the regression tests failed.

There is an issue when trying to cleanup a schema that contains histogram

tables. Changes were made to cleanup histogram tables first and to avoid

deleting histogram entries for the histogram table itself.

Added IF EXISTS syntax to routine drops. Also added IF NOT EXISTS syntax to

routine creates. The DROP IF EXISTS was needed to fix an issue when dropping

routines as part of drop schema code.

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Fixes for Jira's trafodion-19 & trafodion-29

See Jira's for a description.

Also removed obsolete code from the parser

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Part 1 of updates to licensing info in Trafodion source

Added NOTICE.txt file in root directory per ASF guidelines.

Updated copyright text in one directory (core/sql/sqlcomp)

as a test of a tool to update such text. One or more later

check-ins will take care of the remaining directories.

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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