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[TRAFODION-3280] Reduce path length in Trafodion for improved performance and scalability

There are many places in Trafodion code getenv is called repeatedly. Cleaned up code so that

repeated getenv calls are avoided during prepare and execute operations.

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[TRAFODION-3225] Obscure cores seen in RMS and logger related code when Trafodion is stressed

Process de-registration is now logged to understand the spate of cores seen during

stress testing

Cleanup dangling semaphore incorrectly detected the problem due to pid recycling and

hence de-registered the process and its query fragment from the shared segment

When the RMS semaphore is held for more than 10 seconds, it is assumed to be in a

deadlock situation and hence the process holding the semaphore is core dumped for

further analysis.

Create a global logger instance instead of a function static variable

to help in debugging when problems with QRlogger is reported.

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[TRAFODION-2963] RMS infrastructure now reads the configured pid Max from /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max

Changes to avoid log storm when there is a pid violation

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Merge branch 'master' of into trafodion-2963

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Support to provide a locking mechanism for LOB insert/update operations

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RMS infrastructure now reads the configured pid Max from /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max but limits it to a maximum of 128K. It can be overridden by "PID_MAX" environment variable in ms.env.

If the PID_MAX variable is set to 0, 64K is assumed to be configured pid max.

If the PID_MAX variable is set to less than 32K, then 32K is assumed to be configured pid max.

When a SQL process has a pin greater than the configured pid max, an error message

"Pid , is higher than the configured pid max <configured_pid>" is written to

the SQL log file and disables RMS for those processes. Node won't be brought down.

"Get Statistics for rms " shows the the configured pid max.

The environment variable to set the size of RMS shared segment size is now


genms change for controlling pid_max and rms shared segment size

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[TRAFOFION-2731] CodeCleanup: Removed the obsolete code in NAMemory and CliGlobals classes

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[TRAFODION-2739] RMS semaphore handling need to log the error for easy resolution of the issue

RMS semaphore handling had the following:

1) Passed in parameters that are no longer used. It had these parameters for legacy reasons

2) Was returning errno as short as return code. This might have caused unexplainable behavior

at times.

3) The caller was aborting for non-zero return value, but the return value is not easily visible.

All the above problems have been fixed in this PR.

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TRAFODION-2731 CodeCleanup: Remove obsolete, legacy and unused code

This phase handles the following:

-- removal of code that dealt with:

-- mpalias, NSK, MP, mploc, resource fork, rfork

-- ARLIB, DISK, VOLUME, PFS, compiler version info

-- interpretasrow/IAR, AuditImage, ExtractColumns functions

-- ARKCMP_SINGLE_PROCESS and oneProcess()

-- recompControl, remoteDefaults, rtdu, module

-- latebind thru nsk defines, guardian names, nametype nsk

-- SHADOW implementation


-- older sqlcat ReadTableDef


-- internal cli methods no longer used by any caller

Code within the following defines is removed if it is obsolete

or the define itself is removed if that feature is always on:

-- removed NA_EIDPROC

-- removed SQLEXP_LIB_FUNC

-- removed NA_CMPDLL


-- removed SQ_NEW_PHANDLE

-- removed __EID

-- removed ARKFS_OPEN

-- removed STAND_ALONE

-- removed __TANDEM

-- removed NA_C89

-- removed NA_NSK


-- removed SQLCLI_LIB_FUNC

-- removed CLI_PRIV_SRL

-- removed PRIV_SRL

-- removed NA_LINUX

-- removed NA_HSC_LINUX

-- removed NA_UNIX

-- removed NA_WINNT

-- removed HAVE_MMAP

-- removed NA_NO_C_RUNTIME

-- removed NA_DEBUG_C_RUNTIME(replaced with _DEBUG)

-- removed NA_64BIT usage except in sqlcli.h

-- removed dg64

-- removed SQLEXPORT_LIB

-- removed NA_ARKFS

-- removed NA_IEEE_FLOAT

-- removed NA_GUARDIAN_MSG

-- removed NA_HSC


-- removed ERROR

-- removed ERROR_STATE


Contents of these files have been removed.

Next checkin fill remove the files itself from git:


executor/ExMeas.h, ExMeas.cpp

executor/tempfile.h, .cpp


executor/stubs.cpp, stubs2.cpp


cli/rtdu.h, rtdu2.h, rtdu.cpp, rtdu.cpp












sqlcat/ReadTableDef.h, cpp

sqlcat/readRealArk.h, cpp

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[TRAFODION-2698] Ensure RMS can be disabled properly

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[TRAFODION-2594] Trafodion logs the same message twice

Changed the configuration to just have rootLogger alone

Removed the appender specified as part of the custom logger

[TRAFODION-2478] Memory monitor Thread enhancements

When memory monitor thread is created in the individual process

upon failure to attach to the RMS shared segment, the logging from

this thread is disabled.

This was causing core dumps.

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[TRAFODION-2478] Reduce the number of memory monitoring threads in Trafodion SQL processes

The memory monitor thread is now moved to mxsscp process and the collected data is

stored in RMS shared segment. All SQL proceses have access to it.

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[TRAFODION-2282][TRAFODION-882] New scheme to invalidate histogram cache

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Part 2 of changes to update license text in Trafodion source

This check-in updates license text in all source files in the

core/sql directory. Remaining directories will be done in

later check-ins.

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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