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jira TRAFODION-3157 Add support for BINARY/VARBINARY datatype

Spec attached to jira.

new test regress/seabase/TEST004 added.

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[TRAFODION-3025] add create option storage policy

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various fixes

-- JIRA 2980 support for INSTR function.

INSTR(source_string, pattern, startPos, occurrence)

Search for pattern in source_string.

Start at startPos'th character. Optional, default 1

Return occurrence'th occurrence. Optional, default 1

(exp/exp_function.cpp/h, exp/ExpPCodeClauseGen.cpp,

generator/GenItemFunc.cpp, optimizer/BindItemExpr.cpp, ItemExpr.cpp,

optimizer/ItemFunc.h, SynthType.cpp, parser/sqlparser.y)

-- hivemd returns precision, scale, display_datatype

(comexe/ComTdbExeUtil.h, common/BaseTypes.cpp,NAType.cpp/h,

executor/ExExeUtilGet.cpp, ExExeUtil.h)

-- hive decimal type is treated as sql NUMERIC for performance.


-- hive select from hivemd with prepare and multiple executes work


-- fix for crash in sql buffer pool when allocating large size rows.


-- SIGN(op) now returns error if op is not numeric


-- strings of length zero are no longer cached. Caching them causes problem

during backpatching.


--- compile time predicates on constants were not being created correctly

in some cases. That has been fixed.


-- trim now supported on scaled numeric, float and bignum datatypes


-- CASE is now supported on scaled numerics, float, bignum


-- char_length is now supported on numerics

(ItemFunc.h, BindItemExpr.cpp)

-- DAYOFMONTH now allowed only on datetime datatypes

(common/OperTypeEnum.h, sqlparser.y, BindItemExpr.cpp, ItemExpr.cpp)

-- TO_TIME now allowed only on 'datetime with time' or character datatypes.

(BindItemExpr.cpp, bin/SqlciErrors.txt)

-- updated expected file for compGeneral/test042

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TRAFODION-2722 Change purgedata to use HBase truncate api

Traf now uses HBase truncate api to delete all rows from

a table and indexes, instead of dropping/recreating underlying HBase


A second change has also been added to fix a bug where compiler cache

was being cleared whenever a DDL statement was issued.

This change was added a while back before Query Invalidation(QI) feature

was available and was not removed when QI was added.

It has now been removed.

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Fix testware

On HDP installs, HBase sanity checks arguments more extensively. This change makes the attribute values used in test table more reasonable.

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[TRAFODION-2475] Improved error handling for HBASE_OPTIONS clause

Two new attributes have also been added.

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TRAFODION-2363 Add support to return hive MD info in relational format

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[JIRA TRAFODION-2141] Cluster view of hbase stats

-- added column REGION_SERVER to region stats virtual table

-- added cluster view of hbase stats

Syntax: select * from table(cluster stats());

-- added support for 'where' pred in stats queries

Syntax: select * from table(cluster stats()) where schema_name = 'SCH';

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changed swhbase to regrhbase.ksh

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fixes based on review comments.

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regr file updates #2

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regression test file updates.

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JIRA Trafodion-1645 SQL commands to retrieve region stats.

Details in JIRA.

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