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Only expose supported component operations

There is a set of component operations and many are about features that we do

not support such as CREATE_TRIGGER. This checkin no longer returns these

privileges through

get privileges on component sql_operations

showddl component sql_operations

The is_system metadata column in the component_operations table now supports

three values:

Y - it is a system operation

N - it is a user operation

U - it is an unsupported (unused) operation (new)

An "initialize authorization" or fresh installation is required to make these

changes available.

Installating this code version calls initialize authorization

Running regrinit.sql also calls initialize authorization

Some performance enhancements were made to make "initialize authorization" run


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Miscellaneous authorization changes:

- Unregister user does not remove component privileges

- Reuse unused entries from the authID ranges

- Add "changeuser" command to update user credentials in place instead of

requiring a new sqlci session to be started. Changed privs1/TEST132 to use

this change and cut about 5 minutes off the test time.

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Various JIRA fixes related to security

TRAFODION-2177: Revoke combined column privileges from role failed

TRAFODION-2188: Insufficient privileges on sample table

TRAFODION-2197: column privilege -- mxosrvr crashed

2177: Privilege list for object generated twice causing restrict check to fail

2188: Updated to allow user without create privilege to create sample table

2197: List index was incorrectly specified

In addition, relaxed rules on who can run update statistics to include anyone

that has SELECT privileges on the target table.

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[TRAFODION-2140] Move IUS feature to open source

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TRAFODION-1832: Add privilege regression test 132

Activated privs1 regression test 132. This tests privileges on various


Fixed a problem in privilege manager cleanup code where histogram tables

were not be dropped.

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TRAFODION-1087 & TRAFODION-1671 fixes

TRAFODION-1087: Security Regressions take too long

Removed catman1 test suite and replaced with privs1 & privs2.

Moved catman1/TEST131 to core, TEST131 tests query invalidation.

Added back skipped privilege tests because catman1 took to long to run.

Also, cleaned up runregr scripts a bit - still need some more work.

TRAFODION-1671: Hive regression TEST009 fails

Changed the cleanup procedure to remove damaged files

Added an order by to select statement to make it more robust

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