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TRAFODION-3086 DDL on Hive objs: use database and msck support

-- traf "set schema hive.<sch>" now behaves the same as Hive "use <db>".

1) <sch> is validated to exist at set schema time.

2) <sch> is set in Hive environment for that session. Any unqualified

object reference in ddl uses that default schema (database)

-- added support for msck (meta store check) command.

This command repairs database by refreshing untracked files/partitions

in hive metadata.

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fix for hive/test008 jenkins regr failure

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CTAS fixes for ddl on hive objects

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jenkins regr failures updates.

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TRAFODION-3086 Traf support for DDL operations on Hive objects

-- Support for TRAFODION-3086. Details in document attached to jira.

Other changes:

-- support for "if not exists", "if exists" clause for create/drop view

-- Support for: truncate T, truncate table T.

-- same as purgedata

-- showddl <tab>, detail

-- unregister hive schema <sch>

-- will unregister all objects in specified schema

-- Support for "if not registered", "if registered" clauss for

register/unregister command.

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