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Fix regression test core/TESET002

[TRAFODION-3296] Fix handling of [first n] + ORDER BY subqueries

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[TRAFODION-3281] Remove virtual nodes configuration

Changed workstation mode (aka install_local_hadoop aka ILH) to use

single-node configuration instead of virtual nodes.

* ILH script generates sqconfig for current node.

* template sqconfig file moved to config template dir.

* Updated expected files accordingly.

** Filed jira [TRAFODION-3283] for bug found.

Removed setting and use of SQ_VIRTUAL_NODES variable.

Removed virtual nodes support in sqgen.

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jira TRAFODION-3157 Add support for BINARY/VARBINARY datatype

Spec attached to jira.

new test regress/seabase/TEST004 added.

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[TRAFODION-3237] Fix incorrect PCode optimization

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fix review comments

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[TRAFODION-2430] RMS enhancements

RMS now displays 3 numeric values separated by '|' in "Details"

columns in the default output based on the type of stats entry.

These numeric values are VAL2, VAL3, VAL4 of the statistics virtual


Stats Type VAL2 VAL3 VAL4

ROOT_OPER_STATS MessageBytes MessageCount MemoryAllocated

SE_STATS SE_IO_KBytes SE_IO_SumTime ActRowsAccessed

BMO_STATS Scr_IO_Count bmoHeapAllocated ScrFileCount

VAL1 is operCpuTime and TEXT column contains the PID of the process

ExFastExtractTcb is now instrumented with ExHdfsScanStats.

Hdfs scan and access opearations are now properly instrumented with ExHdfsScanStats


Lob access is now instrumented and is part of the statistics

entry(ExHdfsScanStats or ExHbaseAccessStats) attached with tcb.

Additionally, the following changes are done

1. Removed obsolete ExLobStats

2. Optimized space usage in RMS shared segments for some of the operators

3. A new class ExStorageEngineStats is now created. This class is

type-defed as ExHbaseAccessStats and ExHdfsScanStats.

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modified: core/sql/regress/core/EXPECTED038.LINUX modified: core/sql/regress/core/TEST038

modified: core/sql/bin/SqlciErrors.txt modified: core/sql/exp/ExpErrorEnums.h modified: core/sql/exp/exp_function.cpp modified: core/sql/optimizer/SynthType.cpp modified: core/sql/regress/core/EXPECTED038.LINUX modified: docs/messages_guide/src/asciidoc/_chapters/binder_msgs.adoc modified: docs/messages_guide/src/asciidoc/_chapters/executor_msgs.adoc

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fix regression failuer

fix regression test failure

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modified: core/sql/bin/SqlciErrors.txt modified: core/sql/common/OperTypeEnum.h modified: core/sql/exp/ExpPackDefs.cpp modified: core/sql/exp/exp_clause.cpp modified: core/sql/exp/exp_clause.h modified: core/sql/exp/exp_function.cpp modified: core/sql/exp/exp_function.h modified: core/sql/generator/GenItemFunc.cpp modified: core/sql/optimizer/ItemExpr.cpp modified: core/sql/optimizer/ItemFunc.h modified: core/sql/optimizer/SynthType.cpp modified: core/sql/parser/ParKeyWords.cpp modified: core/sql/parser/sqlparser.y modified: core/sql/regress/core/EXPECTED038.LINUX modified: core/sql/regress/core/TEST038 modified: docs/messages_guide/src/asciidoc/_chapters/binder_msgs.adoc

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[TRAFODION-3131] test case added

[TRAFODION-3131] Fix some reserved and non-reserved word issues

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fix sql regressions

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[TRAFODION-3101] enhance get command to show rows get

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nanosecs precision for timestamp/interval datatypes

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nonnull pkey, commit #1

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add test

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[TRAFODION-3071] Add missing binder checks for DATEDIFF etc. + other fixes

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TRAFODION-1573: Additional GET commands for privileges TRAFODION-3074: Failed to register/unregister user when security disabled

TRAFODION-1573 changes:

- Added support for the following commands:

get privileges on <object>


- Added support for the FOR CLAUSE on all supported objects

Removed the need to specify keyword 'USER" before username. If USER is

included, then it is ignored.

get privileges on <object> FOR [USER] <user or role name>



- The following get command can only be run by DB__ROOT or a user that has been

granted the DB__ROOTROLE or DB__HIVEROLE role

get <objects> in schema hive.xx.xx;


- The following get command can only be run by DB__ROOT or a user that has been

granted the DB__ROOTROLE or DB__HBASEROLE role

get external hbase objects;

- The following get commands retrieve privilege details from Trafodion metadata;

users can only see objects where they have been granted at least one privilege

get hive registered tables in catalog trafodion;

get hbase registered tables in catalog trafodion;

- get privileges commands now return owner's privileges in output

- Cleaned up code in the parser.

TRAFODION-3074 changes

- register user - fixed query to find next available authID

- unregister user - added checks to not read privilege metadata if authorization

is not enabled

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[TRAFODION 3047] Cannot get right result using prepare statement with dynamic parameters - add test case

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[TRAFODION-2542] Grantor is not correct when granting privileges for a role

When granting privileges and the authorization ID is not the current user but

one of roles granted to the current user, then the "granted by" clause is

required. In addition, the grantor of the privileges becomes the role specified

in the grant statement instead of the current user.

Added a CQD ALLOW_WGO_FOR_ROLES that will return an error if the user tries to

grant a privilege as a role.

Added error message (1194) when a component operation is not defined.

Added a check to not allow the WITH GRANT OPTION when granting privileges

to public

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JIRA TRAFODION-3027 Enhance jenkins checktests to include more tests.

Details in jira.

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update core/test005

various fixes

-- JIRA 2980 support for INSTR function.

INSTR(source_string, pattern, startPos, occurrence)

Search for pattern in source_string.

Start at startPos'th character. Optional, default 1

Return occurrence'th occurrence. Optional, default 1

(exp/exp_function.cpp/h, exp/ExpPCodeClauseGen.cpp,

generator/GenItemFunc.cpp, optimizer/BindItemExpr.cpp, ItemExpr.cpp,

optimizer/ItemFunc.h, SynthType.cpp, parser/sqlparser.y)

-- hivemd returns precision, scale, display_datatype

(comexe/ComTdbExeUtil.h, common/BaseTypes.cpp,NAType.cpp/h,

executor/ExExeUtilGet.cpp, ExExeUtil.h)

-- hive decimal type is treated as sql NUMERIC for performance.


-- hive select from hivemd with prepare and multiple executes work


-- fix for crash in sql buffer pool when allocating large size rows.


-- SIGN(op) now returns error if op is not numeric


-- strings of length zero are no longer cached. Caching them causes problem

during backpatching.


--- compile time predicates on constants were not being created correctly

in some cases. That has been fixed.


-- trim now supported on scaled numeric, float and bignum datatypes


-- CASE is now supported on scaled numerics, float, bignum


-- char_length is now supported on numerics

(ItemFunc.h, BindItemExpr.cpp)

-- DAYOFMONTH now allowed only on datetime datatypes

(common/OperTypeEnum.h, sqlparser.y, BindItemExpr.cpp, ItemExpr.cpp)

-- TO_TIME now allowed only on 'datetime with time' or character datatypes.

(BindItemExpr.cpp, bin/SqlciErrors.txt)

-- updated expected file for compGeneral/test042

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[TRAFODION-2853] memory leak of ComDiagsArea in CmpContext heap of mxosrvr

Fixed a memory leak in ComDiagsArea that was missed out earlier. Also

took care of the review comments from the earlier PR

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[TRAFODION-2853] memory leak of ComDiagsArea in CmpContext heap of mxosrvr

Fixes for the regression failures seen with b97982c4494e078c5de2d883442d86265f24dadc

This includes the change to report the error at the time of compilation

for invoke, showddl commands. Earlier errors were ignored during

prepare time and reported only at the time of execute for these commands

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[TRAFODION-2969] Fix interaction of [first n] etc. with subqueries

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RMS infrastructure now reads the configured pid Max from /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max but limits it to a maximum of 128K. It can be overridden by "PID_MAX" environment variable in ms.env.

If the PID_MAX variable is set to 0, 64K is assumed to be configured pid max.

If the PID_MAX variable is set to less than 32K, then 32K is assumed to be configured pid max.

When a SQL process has a pin greater than the configured pid max, an error message

"Pid , is higher than the configured pid max <configured_pid>" is written to

the SQL log file and disables RMS for those processes. Node won't be brought down.

"Get Statistics for rms " shows the the configured pid max.

The environment variable to set the size of RMS shared segment size is now


genms change for controlling pid_max and rms shared segment size

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