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convert all MY_SQROOT to TRAF_HOME

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TRAFODION-2067 support cdh5.7 & hbase1.2

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Bump release number to 2.1 on master branch

The 2.0 release is now on side branch.

Also fix a parallel-build bug when multiple commands were copying

the same files to same destination. Fix is to make file pattern

specific to each build task.

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Fixing untracket file issue of earlier commit

Earlier commit left generated jar manifest files as untracked files.

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TRAFODION-1541 Fix make errors when building outside of git

Removed the Koraktor Maven plugin from SQL and hbasetmlib2 pom files,

since it fails when we build a source tree that is not managed by git.

Additional changes:

- Added "clean" steps to remove the built jar files

- Suppressed "svn not found" error when building outside of git

- Added maven to

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TRAFODION-1521 Build Trafodion without having HBase installed

Adding a new script, core/sqf/sql/scripts/get_libhdfs_files. The new

script will download Google Protocol Buffers 2.5.0 and a source tar

file for Hadoop and build protobuf-2.5.0 and the Hadoop native

libraries. It will then copy the libraries ( and to $MY_SQROOT/export/lib$ {SQ_MBTYPE}. It will also copy

the include file hdfs.h to $MY_SQROOT/include. Since this step is very

time-consuming, it takes a shortcut if Hadoop is installed

(e.g. with install_local_hadoop), in that case it will copy the

existing native libraries. To address the remaining needs for jar

files during the build, the hbasetmlib2 build is converted to

Maven. We also remove the case in where a

configuration does not have install_local_hadoop, Cloudera,

Hortonworks or MapR installed, but has a TOOLSDIR. Such cases should

use the recently added case for a native Apache Hadoop installation or

the case where no HBase installation is found. That last case will

print out a reminder that can be ignored.

Note: Users will need to do "sqgen" to update their classpath. This is

because we need a new jar in the classpath: trafodion-dtm-1.2.0.jar.

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Most of the Trafodion Java source files are built through Maven, using projects DCS, REST, HBase-trx and SQL. A few files remain in the core/sql/executor and core/sql/ustat directories that are built through javac commands in the Makefile and helper files. Also, these files don't conform to common naming standards and therefore are a bit harder to debug with tools like Eclipse.

I would like to do the following:

1. Move these remaining Java source files under core/sql/src,

where the UDR-related files already are.

2. Include the class files in trafodion-sql-1.2.0.jar, the

deliverable of the core/sql Maven project.

3. Change the package name to org.trafodion.sql for all these files.

4. Remove the trafodion-HBaseAccess-1.2.0.jar file (content

will be included in trafodion-sql-1.2.0.jar). This jar file

used to be built with a Makefile.

5. Make some source code changes to reflect the new package names

and to avoid calling private method of class

6. Remove Makefile rules for compiling Java files.

Also, this change includes a change of the component name for the

event logger. We use SQL.COMP now, to make analyzing log messages

for Trafodion easier. Venkat asked for this change.

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Part 2 of changes to update license text in Trafodion source

This check-in updates license text in all source files in the

core/sql directory. Remaining directories will be done in

later check-ins.

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Merge remote branch 'core/master'

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Merge remote branch 'core/master'

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

Use: git log --follow -- <file>

to view file history thru renames.

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