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[TRAFODION-2626] Change path of sqconf, ms.env, sqcert, udr and related files

This changeset covers the remaining instances of hard-coded paths based

on TRAF_HOME for dynamic files that should be in specific paths such as


All files referenced via TRAF_HOME should be read-only software, not written

during run-time.

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[TRAFODION-2974] Make event log reader and JDBC real TMUDFs

Roberta pointed out that we have two predefined UDFs, EVENT_LOG_READER

and JDBC, where the system administrator should have the ability to

control who can execute these functions.

To do this, these two UDFs cannot be "predefined" UDFs anymore, since

those don't have the metadata that's required for doing grant and


Roberta also pointed out that the JDBC UDF should refuse to connect to

the T2 driver, for security reasons.

The fix leaves the predefined TMUDFs in place, for now, they will be

removed in R2.4 (see TRAFODION-2975).

The new "real" TMUDFs are in the "_LIBMGR_" schema, mostly for

convenience, as this schema has other UDFs that are created when

Trafodion is initialized.

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[TRAFODION-2637] Part 2: Rework

This is cleanup and rework for an earlier PR that somehow got messed

up. The first commit of PR 1141 got merged into Master without

indicating so in the PR.

I am submitting a new commit with the rework from the review comments


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[TRAFODION-2637] Library management with Cloudera parcels

Also in this commit:

[TRAFODION-2581] Combine JVM startup code of SQL executor and UDR server

We have library management SPJs that allow a user to deploy library

files from a client machine. These SPJs make use of the pdcp command

that is installed on many clusters, but not always. The new method

uses temporary HDFS files and a TMUDF to distribute the library

file to all nodes of the cluster.

For now I left the old PUT method in place and added a new PUTFILE

method. We can remove the old method later.

A few other things fixed in the process:

- Make sure that when a UDR server calls the executor and uses a JVM,

we share the same JVM. To do this, we need to use the same startup

method, and I needed to change the executor startup method to accept

the extra options used for the UDR server.

- Got rid of the "HBase compatibility mode" in JavaObjectInterface.

- A common method to execute SQL in the library management code.

- removed the obsolete file.

- We have special code that makes sure a UDR can request to run in

parallel, including a request to run on all nodes. Expanded this

special code from predefined UDFs to any UDF.

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convert all MY_SQROOT to TRAF_HOME

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Merge library management fix from master to R2.0

Create directories before copy

add one more param for put for file existing check

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add PDSH default value for rmJar

add more log and set default value for pdsh/pdcp

not show the file with DELETE postfix

syc delete jars

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add more logs and add NO TRANSACTION REQUIRED

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using $SQ_PDCP/$SQ_PDSH for pdcp/pdsh

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reduce data copy and close sequence

add a lock for file upload

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update help doc

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support add/alter/drop libraries

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Add Vproc and main class

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replace schema name with new one

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add cleanup for drop schema and reorder script

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add cleanup for drop schema and reorder script

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Move project into ${MY_SQROOT}/sql/

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