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jira TRAFODION-3157 Add support for BINARY/VARBINARY datatype

Spec attached to jira.

new test regress/seabase/TEST004 added.

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[TRAFODION-3234] Refactor hive meta calls

Hive similarity check was detecting if there is a change in the hive

directory timestamp only. It has been changed to detect the DDL changes too.

Cleaned up code further and removed all the unwanted code.

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TRAFODION-3086 Traf support for DDL operations on Hive objects

-- Support for TRAFODION-3086. Details in document attached to jira.

Other changes:

-- support for "if not exists", "if exists" clause for create/drop view

-- Support for: truncate T, truncate table T.

-- same as purgedata

-- showddl <tab>, detail

-- unregister hive schema <sch>

-- will unregister all objects in specified schema

-- Support for "if not registered", "if registered" clauss for

register/unregister command.

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[TRAFODION-3065] Trafodion to support compressed Hive Text formatted tables

Compressed text files are now supported via the new implementation using

HDFS java APIs. When the hadoop is not configured to support a particular type

of compression, an error is thrown.

[TRAFODION-2982] JNI HDFS interface should support varied sized large buffers for read/write

A new CQD HDFS_IO_INTERIM_BYTEARRAY_SIZE_IN_KB is introduced to chunk

the read and write when byteArray is involved.

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[TRAFODION-2917] Refactor Trafodion implementation of hdfs scan for text formatted hive tables

Removed the dependency on libhdfs in Trafodion code in some more portions of the code.

Also, introduced HDFS Scan to use the java layer to read HDFS data providing the following features:

a) Prefetch the data using double buffering concept

b) Avoid unnecessary data copy

c) Ensure that the data read is initiated to be read into the other buffer in java layer, while it is being processed in one buffer in the native side, without any hiccups.

This HDFS Scan is still being tested and hence it is turned off by default.

Also changed the code to obtain millisecond-resolution modification timestamp for HDFS files

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TRAFODION-2731 CodeCleanup: Phase 4. Remove legacy/obsolete pragmas

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[TRAFODION-2727] Memory leak in the compiler part of the code in Trafodion

Compiler objects were refactored to use the heap infrastructure to ensure

that it is accounted and allocated within the trafodion memory management.

The commonly used NAType and derived classes are mostly created via heap,

but the heap was not passed in the constructor. The embedded objects

used the system heap though the container object is allocated in the compiler

heap. This could result in memory leak when the container object is


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removed obsolete code that used libhdfs to write to hive/text files

Traf had code to write to hive/text files using direct libhdfs

interface from C or through java interface. hive/sequence files

were added later and they are written using java interface.

libhdfs code was made obsolete a while back and is no longer used.

That code has now been removed.

Traf now uses common java interface to write to hive/text and

hive/sequence files.

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JIRA 2485,2540,2582,2591, plus other bug fixes

[TRAFODION-2485] Add support for REVERSE function

(OperTypeEnum.h, exp/*, sqlparser.y,

BindItemExpr.cpp, ItemExpr.cpp, SynthType.cpp,


[TRAFODION-2540] Alter Drop column on table with identity

"generated always" fails

(file CmpSeabaseDDLtable.cpp)

[TRAFODION-2582] "timestamp - timestamp" returns "days" instead of "seconds"

(file: BindItemExpr.cpp)

[TRAFODION-2591] Create index on added column returns incorrect results.

(file generator/GenRelScan.cpp)

Bug: Invalid "set transaction" stmt syntax no longer causes assertion failure

or abend. An error is issued instead.

(file BindRelExpr.cpp)

Bug: Hive inserts with mismatched tgt/src datatypes would sometimes do not

insert or insert incorrect values.

(file GenFastTransport.cpp)

Bug: an error indication is now returned if buildEncodeTree method is

called to encode a "NULL" value for a non-null column.

(file EncodedKeyValue.cpp)

hive/TEST007 now does initialize auth and register user

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similarity check changes, commit #1

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JIRA TRAFODION-2180 enable/externalize non-ansi sql syntax/functionality

Enabled and externalized support for following functionality:

-- RANDOM and RANDOM(seed) functions

-- CEIL (same as CEILING) math function

-- GREATEST(val1, val2), LEAST(val1, val2)

-- return greater or lesser value between val1 and val2

-- MONTHS_BETWEEN(date1, date2)

-- number of months between date1 and date2.

+ve, if date1 > date2. -ve, otherwise

-- LAST_DAY(<date>)

-- date of the last day of the month of <date>

-- NEXT_DAY(<date>, <string>)

-- returns the date of the first weekday named by <string>

that is later than the date <date>


-- TO_NUMBER. Limited support.

-- TO_TIMESTAMP. Limited support.

-- syntax BYTEINT (same as TINYINT)

-- select UNIQUE ... from <tab>. Same as DISTINCT

-- NOT NULL ENABLE syntax in col defn (same as NOT NULL)

-- Removal of all reserved keywords

-- support for 'select * from DUAL'

Other changes:

-- error 8413 to indicate that source data being displayed is in hex

-- "-failed" option to runregr and runallsb.

It will rerun only the tests that have failed

-- removed mode_special_2, mode_special_3, mode_special_5 cqds

-- fixed an issue with hive data modification check

-- alter rename stmt now writes generated object into metadata

-- Infrastructure support for couple of JIRAs.

These have not been enabled as default for this ckin but

developer regressions are run after enabling them.

-- JIRA TRAFODION-2181 Incompatible operations

-- JIRA TRAFODION-2184 Groupby/Orderby extensions

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JIRA TRAFODION-2084 Handling of invalid data inserts into hive tables

cqd hive_insert_error_mode '<val>' has been added to control

insert behavior.

if 0, datatype error check is not done during inserts into hive tables.

Invalid values may get inserted.

This is the behavior prior to this JIRA fix.

if 1, error check done, row is not inserted if conversion error.

Insertion stops. This is new default behavior.

if 2, error check done, row is not inserted if conversion error.

Insertion continues with next row

if 3, null inserted if conversion error.

Insertion processing continues. This is hive behavior.

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hive data modification detection: commit #4

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hive data modification detection: commit #3

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JIRA TRAFODION-2013 Hive null values are now handled correctly.

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Part 2 of changes to update license text in Trafodion source

This check-in updates license text in all source files in the

core/sql directory. Remaining directories will be done in

later check-ins.

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

Use: git log --follow -- <file>

to view file history thru renames.

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