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jira TRAFODION-3157 Add support for BINARY/VARBINARY datatype

Spec attached to jira.

new test regress/seabase/TEST004 added.

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tochar enhancement

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TRAFODION-3121 Enhance 'initialize trafodion' to return progress status

-- init traf will now return status during various steps.

'Started' indication will be returned when that step starts.

'Completed' will be returned when it completes successfully.

'Failed' will be returned if that step fails.

Elapsed time for each step will be shown in {ET hh:mm:ss} format.

-- method CmpSeabaseDDL::initSeabaseMD is rewritten and moved from

file CmpSeabaseDDLcommon.cpp to new file CmpSeabaseDDLinitraf.cpp.

-- priv mgr tables are now always created during init traf.

-- a 'no return status' option has been added if status is not to be

returned during init traf. This is used when init traf is called

internally, for ex, during upgrade.

It is not an externalized option.

-- Output of init traf is shown below.

Note: output is not a printf/cout to stdout.

It is returned as selected rows to the caller.

Apache Trafodion Conversational Interface 2.3.0

Copyright (c) 2015-2017 Apache Software Foundation

>>initialize trafodion;

Initialize Trafodion: Started

Verify User: Started

Verify User: Completed {ET: 00:00:00}

Version Check: Started

Version Check: Completed {ET: 00:00:00}

Create Metadata Tables: Started

Create Metadata Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:49}

Update Metadata Tables: Started

Update Metadata Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:06}

Create Schema Objects: Started

Create Schema Objects: Completed {ET: 00:00:20}

Create Metadata Views: Started

Create Metadata Views: Completed {ET: 00:00:05}

Create Repository Tables: Started

Create Repository Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:16}

Create PrivMgr Tables: Started

Create PrivMgr Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:29}

Create Library Manager: Started

Create Library Manager: Completed {ET: 00:00:51}

Initialize Trafodion: Completed {ET: 00:03:09}

--- SQL operation complete.

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nanosecs precision for timestamp/interval datatypes

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TRAFODION-2731 CodeCleanup: Phase 4. Remove legacy/obsolete pragmas

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Merge branch 'master' of git://git.apache.org/incubator-trafodion into master_stats_core_issue



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[TRAFODION-2754] Get statistics cores sqlci or mxosrvr at str_sprintf()

Switched str_sprinf to use the standard sprintf function to ensure

that the format specification and the passed in parameters are consistent

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lcov: commit #1

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TRAFODION-2731 CodeCleanup: Remove obsolete, legacy and unused code

This phase handles the following:

-- removal of code that dealt with:

-- mpalias, NSK, MP, mploc, resource fork, rfork

-- ARLIB, DISK, VOLUME, PFS, compiler version info

-- interpretasrow/IAR, AuditImage, ExtractColumns functions

-- ARKCMP_SINGLE_PROCESS and oneProcess()

-- recompControl, remoteDefaults, rtdu, module

-- latebind thru nsk defines, guardian names, nametype nsk

-- SHADOW implementation


-- older sqlcat ReadTableDef


-- internal cli methods no longer used by any caller

Code within the following defines is removed if it is obsolete

or the define itself is removed if that feature is always on:

-- removed NA_EIDPROC

-- removed SQLEXP_LIB_FUNC

-- removed NA_CMPDLL


-- removed SQ_NEW_PHANDLE

-- removed __EID

-- removed ARKFS_OPEN

-- removed STAND_ALONE

-- removed __TANDEM

-- removed NA_C89

-- removed NA_NSK


-- removed SQLCLI_LIB_FUNC

-- removed CLI_PRIV_SRL

-- removed PRIV_SRL

-- removed NA_LINUX

-- removed NA_HSC_LINUX

-- removed NA_UNIX

-- removed NA_WINNT

-- removed HAVE_MMAP

-- removed NA_NO_C_RUNTIME

-- removed NA_DEBUG_C_RUNTIME(replaced with _DEBUG)

-- removed NA_64BIT usage except in sqlcli.h

-- removed dg64

-- removed SQLEXPORT_LIB

-- removed NA_ARKFS

-- removed NA_IEEE_FLOAT

-- removed NA_GUARDIAN_MSG

-- removed NA_HSC


-- removed ERROR

-- removed ERROR_STATE


Contents of these files have been removed.

Next checkin fill remove the files itself from git:


executor/ExMeas.h, ExMeas.cpp

executor/tempfile.h, .cpp


executor/stubs.cpp, stubs2.cpp


cli/rtdu.h, rtdu2.h, rtdu.cpp, rtdu.cpp












sqlcat/ReadTableDef.h, cpp

sqlcat/readRealArk.h, cpp

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jira trafodion-2621, trafodion-2619 + others

-- trafodion-2621: add support to create like native hive or hbase tables

-- trafodion-2619: support to_date format 'yyyy/mm/dd'

-- alter table drop column on a table with user indexes would sometime

fail. That has been fixed.

-- get schemas in a session where default catalog is set to hive,

now correctly returns hive schemas

-- update stats on hive tables succeeds

-- update stats on hive view returns error as this operation

is not supported

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[TRAFODION-2493] to_char with format 'MONTH DD, YYYY, HH:MI' is wrong

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[TRAFODION-2394] Add documentation for TO_CHAR + fix some bugs in it

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[TRAFODION-2285] Rework 2: Restrict TO_DATE and TO_TIME; also bug fixes

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bug fix for print long value

further regression test core/030 seabase/038 and code refactor

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[TRAFODION-1676] rework, fix executor regression test022 failures

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Various fixes, details listed below

--error message returned during string to float conversion error was not

correct. That has been fixed.

-- ordering was not getting set correctly during key encoding.

-- stored descriptor was not getting stored correctly if

the generated length was exactly 10000 bytes (max length of TEXT.text col).

-- time part of european date format is now handled correctly

by using '.' as delimiter instead of ':'

-- repeat function was crashing if specified maxlength was not sufficient

to hold the result. It now returns an overflow error.

-- tinyint key columns were not handling the case of overflow/underflow

when used in a key predicate. That has been fixed.

-- Numeric datatype with precision less than 3 is now created as tinyint

and handled in expressions.

-- some non-tinyint datatypes(float, decimal) were not being handled

correctly when converted to tinyint. That has been fixed.

-- some more pcode instructions involving tinyint range check and

conversions have been added.

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fix to code review comments

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[TRAFODION-1676]support better runtime error message when a SQL function meet fital error

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changes based on review comments.

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Various fixes (details below)

-- ddl_transactions cqd is now on by default.

All ddl, where allowed and supported, will run

within one transaction

-- drop schema has been disabled to run within one transaction.

When jira 1948 is fixed, it will be enabled.

-- hdfs scan handles hive col values > 32K

-- pcode handles varchar with len > 32K

-- errors (gaps, unsorted order) for cqd values in nadefaults are

detected without crashing arkcmp.

-- volatile and regular schema drop returns the reason if an error occured

(for ex: name of objects that could not be dropped)

-- dateformat displays european format correctly with a blank

seperator between date and time values

-- dateformat timestamp in usa format displayes time with AM/PM

-- dateformat inside a cast function returns correct values.

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commit #1

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JIRA 1899, Various fixes. Details below.

-- time datatype with no fraction precision was not getting converted

correctly and was putting out null characters.

-- dateformat usa was not displaying AM/PM with time datatype

-- update of primary key that got transformed into delete/insert

would incorrectly delete the row if insert ran into an error

-- rename cascade option is not supported. An error is now returned.

-- rename table with check constraint is not supported.

An error is now returned.

-- add/drop of primary key constraint now gives consistent behavior.

Primary key columns are used as clustering key if primary key constraint

is specified during create table.

Primary key constraint creates a unique index if it is specified

after create table and no user specified primary or store by clause

was specified during create.

Drop of primary key constraint succeeds only if that primary key

is not the clustering key.

-- invalid ddl with salt clause no longer crashes and returns an error instead.

-- parser now gives a syntax error on MV and Triggers queries since

these features are not externalized.

-- regress/seabase/TEST031 has been added for misc fixes

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JIRA TRAFODION-1873 Support for to_date, to_char functions

Support for to_date, to_char functions.

Code cleanup and simplification.

Bug fixes.

New test regress/seabase/TEST030.

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datetime functions: commit #1

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JIRA TRAFODION-1825. Fix for core caused by input datetime values.

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JIRA 1807, 1808, 1793

1807: timezone specification support in datetime values

1808: query cache bug fix with time/timestamp values with fraction

1793: get stmt with views now include schema names

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Part 2 of changes to update license text in Trafodion source

This check-in updates license text in all source files in the

core/sql directory. Remaining directories will be done in

later check-ins.

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Merge remote branch 'core/master'

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