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LOB alter fix #2

Library manager fixes and LOB alter fix

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Merge remote branch 'origin/pr/1721/head' into merge_1721

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Merge [TRAFODION-3218] pr 1723 user still has privilege after user's role revoked

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[TRAFODION-3220] Executor GUI

Adding the ability to display query execution with the "display"

command in Trafodion (sqlci only, requires an X Windows display,

just as the compiler GUI does).

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TRAFODION - 3218 User still has privilege after user's role has been revoked ...

Partial support for column level privileges with QI support for:

column select

column insert

column references

column update

Also, as part of this, updated privilege code in a couple of areas:

Changed object caching code in NATable and NARoutine to store all privileges

assigned to the object when the object is cached (privDescs_). During the load

operation, the code creates bitmaps (privInfo_) for the current user. Privilege

checks are performed against the user bitmaps (privInfo_). This is in

anticipation for some performance updates when connecting to Trafodion (mxosrvr)

with different users.

Change getRoleList to include the roleID and the granteeID that granted the

privilege. The grantee can be a user or a role.

When a privilege is revoked from a role, send QI keys for every user that has

been granted to role.

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Fixees to support stroring Udr libraries s Blobs.

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update the delay time using random number

[TRAFODION-2952] large amount of data will cause error in sequence generating

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PR-1624 TRAFODION-3121 TRAFODION-3121 Enhance 'initialize trafodion' to return progress status

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TRAFODION-3121 Enhance 'initialize trafodion' to return progress status

-- init traf will now return status during various steps.

'Started' indication will be returned when that step starts.

'Completed' will be returned when it completes successfully.

'Failed' will be returned if that step fails.

Elapsed time for each step will be shown in {ET hh:mm:ss} format.

-- method CmpSeabaseDDL::initSeabaseMD is rewritten and moved from

file CmpSeabaseDDLcommon.cpp to new file CmpSeabaseDDLinitraf.cpp.

-- priv mgr tables are now always created during init traf.

-- a 'no return status' option has been added if status is not to be

returned during init traf. This is used when init traf is called

internally, for ex, during upgrade.

It is not an externalized option.

-- Output of init traf is shown below.

Note: output is not a printf/cout to stdout.

It is returned as selected rows to the caller.

Apache Trafodion Conversational Interface 2.3.0

Copyright (c) 2015-2017 Apache Software Foundation

>>initialize trafodion;

Initialize Trafodion: Started

Verify User: Started

Verify User: Completed {ET: 00:00:00}

Version Check: Started

Version Check: Completed {ET: 00:00:00}

Create Metadata Tables: Started

Create Metadata Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:49}

Update Metadata Tables: Started

Update Metadata Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:06}

Create Schema Objects: Started

Create Schema Objects: Completed {ET: 00:00:20}

Create Metadata Views: Started

Create Metadata Views: Completed {ET: 00:00:05}

Create Repository Tables: Started

Create Repository Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:16}

Create PrivMgr Tables: Started

Create PrivMgr Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:29}

Create Library Manager: Started

Create Library Manager: Completed {ET: 00:00:51}

Initialize Trafodion: Completed {ET: 00:03:09}

--- SQL operation complete.

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[TRAFODION-3110] Refactor LOB access to use the new implementation of HdfsClient

Used a single CQD USE_LIBHDFS to switch to older implementation of

using libhdfs for both hdfs scan and LOB access. The CQD USE_LIBHDS_SCAN is


In addition fixed the following:

1. Fixed a memory leak of LOB Heap structures

2. Possible fix for memory corruption at times

3. Avoid unnecessary creation of LOB threads when not needed

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[TRAFODION-3110] Refactor LOB access to use the new implementation of HdfsClient

This feature is enabled by default. To disable, set a variable USE_LIBHDFS=1 in

$TRAF_HOME/etc/ms.env and restart the trafodion cluster.

This feature includes the following:

1. Uses single FSDataInputStream for each LOB column in a query as

opposed to the opening the hdfs file for every row.

2. Uses FSDataOutputStream to write the lob data but closes it

immediately to allow concurrent writes to the hdfs file. HDFS supports

a single writer at a time. Need to conform if multiple writes can

be done without the need for RMS lock feature.

3. Improved error messaging that displays the java exception stack to the

end user.

4. LOB worker threads are no longer created

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Support to provide a locking mechanism for LOB insert/update operations

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[TRAFODION-2205] invalid char at create schema when authorization name is long

There is code that converts the user ID to its username. The buffer size

requested was not big enough to hold the return value. In addition, the buffer

size check was returning an error but did not add an error to the ComDiags area;

therefore the returned error was ignored.

- Changed max len in calls to getAuthNameFromAuthID to the correct size.

- Set up the Diags area when buffer size is too small so the error is reported

correctly, returns error 20235:

"Error returned while converting auth ID to auth name, status: xx ID: xx."

Also removed redundant methods:

- getDBUserNameFromID - calls getAuthNameFromID instead

- getDBUserIDFromName - calls GetAuthIDFromName instead

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[TRAFODION-3009] Streamline error handling in Executor utility commands

Removed the need to allocate ComDiagsArea in advance for load command

by refactoring the ExeCliInterface::executeImmediate and

ExeCliInterface::executeImmediateExec methods.

Changes as per the review comments are also made in this commit

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[TRAFODION-2853] memory leak of ComDiagsArea in CmpContext

Fix for seabase/TEST002 inconsistent behavior due to changes in this PR

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[TRAFODION-2853] memory leak of ComDiagsArea in CmpContext heap of mxosrvr

The ComDiagsArea is allocated in many places and from different heaps in Trafodion, making it difficult to

detect the source of the leak. Hence, a different approach is taken to fix this issue.

Currently, ComDiagsArea is allocated in many places unconditionally even when SQL statement completes

execution without any error or warnings. Then it is deallocated. Changed this strategy and

allocate ComDiagsArea only when there is an error or warning while compiling or executing the SQL statement.

This should help the product in two ways

1) To reduce the pathlength. The smaller query execution would benefit the most by chopping of few more microseconds.

2) Reduce the memory growth due to leaked ComDiagsArea

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Review fixes

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New syntax to retrieve the LOB HDFS filename for both external and internal LOBs . Also added syntax to return starting offset of a particular LOB handle in the LOB Hdfs data file.

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remove extra parens

Remove extra parens

Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into traf_lob_global_fix

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Removed usage of system new and moved allocation of LOB globals to be derived from a heap. Moved xLObHdfsRequest also to be derived from a heap

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[TRAFODION-2888] Streamline setjmp/longjmp concepts in Trafodion

First set of changes to streamline setjmp/longjmp.

a) Removed the setjmp in heap management within Trafodion.

b) Removed obsolete code related to No-wait operation concepts in SQL

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[TRAFODION-2853] Memory leak of ComDiagsArea in Context

CLI entry points to LOB and Sequence generator didn't deallocate

the local diags area.

Merge branch 'master' of git:// into rh7_build_issues



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[TRAFODION-2768] Make Trafodion code base to compile in RH7

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Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into traf_misc

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TRAFODION-2731 CodeCleanup: Phase 4. Remove legacy/obsolete pragmas

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