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fixes to trafci prepare/execute queries

- an extra msg 'pmd is null' no longer shows from trafci prepare execute

- trafci queries with multiple param no longer returns an 'invalid desc index' error

- changed reference to 'jave.sql.Varbinary' to 'java.sql.Varbinary'

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[TRAFODION-3272] Change installer settings for TRAF_LOG, TRAF_CONF, TRAF_VAR

Changes python-installer and ambari-installer.

Installers set TRAF_CONF to /etc/trafodion/conf

Installers allow user to specify TRAF_VAR, but defaults to /var/lib/trafodion

Installers allow user to specify TRAF_LOG, but defaults to /var/log/trafodion

Changes DCS conf directory from DCS_INSTALL_DIR/conf to TRAF_CONF/dcs

Changes REST conf directory from REST_INSTALL_DIR/conf to TRAF_CONF/rest

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[TRAFODION-2626] Change path of sqconf, ms.env, sqcert, udr and related files

This changeset covers the remaining instances of hard-coded paths based

on TRAF_HOME for dynamic files that should be in specific paths such as


All files referenced via TRAF_HOME should be read-only software, not written

during run-time.

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[TRAFODION-2626] Make logs directory location configurable

Makes path to log directory independent of TRAF_HOME. The default location

is still $TRAF_HOME/logs. The DCS and REST log directories are now

sub-directories of the main TRAF_LOG directory.

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Merge [TRAFODION-2658] PR 1152 Support elastic node add in pyinstaller

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[TRAFODION-2658] pyinstaller - support elastic adding nodes

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[TRAFODION-2626] make location of tmp directory configurable

This is one small part of this jira. Default path of tmp is

the same old $TRAF_HOME/tmp location, but now it is configurable

via the TRAF_VAR variable. Enables pointing it to somewhere such

as /var/run/trafodion.

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Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into TRAFODION-2001










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[TRAFODION-2596] Improve the log4j and log4cxx infrastructure in Trafodion

The following changes are made in the way Trafodion logs the messages:

Writes to a log file based on a component or set of components.

C++ part of the code base:

Component Default log file Configuration File

TM tm_<nid>.log log4cxx.trafodion.tm.config

SSCP sscp_<nid>.log log4cxx.trafodion.sscp.config

SSMP ssmp_<nid>.log log4cxx.trafodion.ssmp.config

All SQL processes trafodion.sql_<nid>.log log4cxx.trafodion.sql.config






Java part of the code base

TM trafodion.dtm.log log4j.dtm.config

SQL trafodion.sql.java.log log4j.sql.config

By default, the log level is set to INFO for most of the cases. When a message

dominates the log file and if doesn't add value in the current level, it will be

changed to the higher level in the hierarchy. This should help to improve the

usefulness of the log file at the default INFO level.

The existence of an environment variable TRAF_MULTIPLE_SQL_LOG_FILE will revert back

to the old way of logging into multiple files. Then, the configuration file

log4cxx.trafodion.masterexe.config will be used.

Currently, RollingFileAppender appender is used for both modes. Different config files

are used to change this appender when the need arises.

log4cxx.trafodion.udr.config and log4cxx.trafodion.lob.config are removed.

log4j.hdfs.config used as the config file for SQL is renamed to log4j.sql.config

Foundation components logging will be revamped later.

This closes #1070

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Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into TRAFODION-2001












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convert all MY_SQROOT to TRAF_HOME

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Added 'trafconf' program display configuration database values. The 'trafconf' used to set environment variables like $MY_NODES, as well as to regenerate the Trafodion configuration text files with current configuration database values.

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Add a few convenience scripts (and associated helper scripts)

Note: All the scripts with an "ilh_" prefix work if one has used install_local_hadoop

ilh_trafinit: ckillall, restarts HBase(clobbers HBase data), sqstart and initializes trafodion

ilh_traf_restart: ckillall, restarts HBase, sqstart

trafnodestatus: Prints the trafodion-status (whether Trafodion is UP or DOWN on a node)

of the nodes in the Trafodion cluster. Has a '-j' switch to print the

output in JSON format.

Note: There is another script 'sqnodestatus' with a similar output but that

prints the status of the nodes from a Linux perspective.

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JIRA Trafodion-1645 SQL commands to retrieve region stats.

Details in JIRA.

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Changes for pdsh error--fixed copyright

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Changes for JIRA TRAFODION-1433

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[TRAFODION-28] Part 3 of changes to update license text

This check-in updates the license text in the remaining

subdirectories of the core directory. Still to do are a

few files in the core directory itself (I forgot these),

and the other non-core diretories in incubator-trafodion.

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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