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[TRAFODION-3272] Change installer settings for TRAF_LOG, TRAF_CONF, TRAF_VAR

Changes python-installer and ambari-installer.

Installers set TRAF_CONF to /etc/trafodion/conf

Installers allow user to specify TRAF_VAR, but defaults to /var/lib/trafodion

Installers allow user to specify TRAF_LOG, but defaults to /var/log/trafodion

Changes DCS conf directory from DCS_INSTALL_DIR/conf to TRAF_CONF/dcs

Changes REST conf directory from REST_INSTALL_DIR/conf to TRAF_CONF/rest

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[TRAFODION-2626] Change path of sqconf, ms.env, sqcert, udr and related files

This changeset covers the remaining instances of hard-coded paths based

on TRAF_HOME for dynamic files that should be in specific paths such as


All files referenced via TRAF_HOME should be read-only software, not written

during run-time.

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using MAKE ALL instead of MAKE

[TRAFODION-2626] Make logs directory location configurable

Makes path to log directory independent of TRAF_HOME. The default location

is still $TRAF_HOME/logs. The DCS and REST log directories are now

sub-directories of the main TRAF_LOG directory.

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fix typo

add command to dtmci

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[TRAFODION-2821] Trafodion core code base needs to be thread safe

Changes as per review comments in commit d940a4a183

[TRAFODION-2821] Trafodion core code base needs to be thread safe

TMLIB JNI interaction was not thread safe causing T2 driver application

to dump core at times.

Cleaned up TMLIB JNI interaction and added lock mechanism such that JNI

methods are initialized by one thread in a thread safe manner.

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[TRAFODION-2883] Preliminary Scale Enhacements - Increased cluster node limit to 1024 - Added timestamps to node down system message - Added timestamps and values to registry change notifications - Fixed monitor trace causing memory overwrites

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[TRAFODION-2768] Make Trafodion code base to compile in RH7

The earlier commit ec9ec17 was used to build Trafodion in RH7 system.

This change fixes the compilation errors seen in such a build. But, there

are still some unresoled references in RH7 that need to be addressed.

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Fix to SQL regression core (test116) and other fixes.

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Fixed persistent process restart on node up. Fixed rmscheck, missing code from last merge. Changed sqgen to source in node section from 'sqconfig.file' and persist section from 'sqconfig.persist' file and changed bash and and python install scripts to account for this change. Fixed logic to account for name change of TMID process.

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[TRAFODION-2449] dtmci - Adding 'status regions' command

Implementing changes from code review

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[TRAFODION-2449] dtmci - Adding 'status regions' command

Prints the full region name, hostname:port, and startkey/endkeys in hex format.

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[TRAFODION-2532] clean up the error message 'monitor.ini not found'

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[TRAFODION-2469] TM clients like dtmci don't exit cleanly

Created a new API TMCLIENTEXIT in TM library to clean up

opens. dtmci now calls this API before exiting

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additional changes to address review feedback.

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address review comments.

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[TRAFODION-2414] enhance 8616 commit conflict error message to include tx conflict details.

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change SQ_ROOT to TRAF_HOME for merging issue

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convert all MY_SQROOT to TRAF_HOME

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[TRAFODION-2388] there should be only one ENV for Trafodion's root directory instead of many.

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[TRAFODION-1988] Better java exception handling in the java/JNI layer in TM

The following problems are fixed:

The loaded classes reference are made global to avoid the class reference from gc-ed

Introduced push/pop frame concepts to avoid memory growth usually observed with

many JNI/java transitions

Logged the errors via log4cxx mechanism instead of stdout

Possibly fixes the tm core dumped in obscure way at times

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fix feedback comments

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Fix feedback comments

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Merge branch 'master' into test



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[TRAFODION 2231] fix feedback comments

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[TRAFODION-2170] certain create table DDL will fail with core dump

[TRAFODION-2296] Consistent error reporting in abort, commit transaction. Changes to wait for all RS to respond when there is an exception in abort and commit transaction requests.

When there is an error returned from commit or rollback transaction, the details of the error can be obtained in the following log files

a) $MY_SQROOT/logs/tm_.log in the node that issued this request contains the error message as seen by the TM process in the JNI side. This event may not have transaction id.

b) $MY_SQROOT/logs/trafodion.dtm.log contains more info about this error with the transaction id. These events are logged from java side of TM.

c) In the region server logs of all the regions that participated in the transaction.

These exceptions are visible as error code on the client side. To get the details about the exception, the above logs need to be browsed.

Fixes to avoid tm core upon double delete of incoming messages to it

This closes #768

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