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add copy jars

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optimize hbasetlib2 Makefile

Do not make again before MAKE CLEAN

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Added blank line to test commit permission

TRAFODION-3111 CentOS 7 build error

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[TRAFODION-2821] Trafodion core code base needs to be thread safe

TMLIB JNI interaction was not thread safe causing T2 driver application

to dump core at times.

Cleaned up TMLIB JNI interaction and added lock mechanism such that JNI

methods are initialized by one thread in a thread safe manner.

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fix the bufoverrun Critical error checked by TScanCode

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Merge [TRAFODION-2626] Make conf directory location configurable

This closes #1129

Squash merge of:

commit c679ffdd235d3f53d6f502931f5ab970d938819d

Author: Steve Varnau <>

Date: Mon Jun 26 21:00:48 2017 +0000

[TRAFODION-2626] Updated to include recent additions to conf

Updated to modify recently added references to conf dir in jira


Author: Steve Varnau <>

Date: Mon Jun 26 20:51:24 2017 +0000

Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into traf2626_conf

commit b0dcf05aa2b2580700b214dfb12543ff0a1102df

Author: Steve Varnau <>

Date: Tue Jun 20 16:27:44 2017 +0000

[TRAFODION-2626] Make conf directory location configurable

For user configuration files, use TRAF_CONF variable instead of


In cases where we want to install config files to an alternate location

(say TRAF_CONF=/etc/trafodion), we would copy all the default files from

TRAF_HOME/conf to TRAF_CONF and make modifications in the TRAF_CONF location.

In development workspace, both locations can be one in the same.

One case where I left the original path is for the install_features file.

This file identifies version features and is not a user-configurable file.

Hence it should be read from the TRAF_HOME/conf location.

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[TRAFODION-2654] Change the location of trafodion-site.xml from $TRAF_HOME/etc to config [TRAFODION-2653] Sort operator loops at times

All HBase client connections from Trafodion uses Trafodion configuration

concept. Any client side property can now be set in trafodion-site.xml.

The scratch files are now open in blocking mode. Hence any scratch file

operation shouldn't return EAGAIN.

The internal table TDDL of table is now created without any table

coprocessors attached to it.

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Fixes addressing multiple failure in SQL Regressions (core 116).

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Fix to SQL regression core (test116) and other fixes.

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Fixed persistent process restart on node up. Fixed rmscheck, missing code from last merge. Changed sqgen to source in node section from 'sqconfig.file' and persist section from 'sqconfig.persist' file and changed bash and and python install scripts to account for this change. Fixed logic to account for name change of TMID process.

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This is a large contribution of changes from Esgyn TransactionManager and libraries that are collectively much better tested and hardened than Trafodion, but are too numerous and complex to cherry pick individually.

The changes include:

Dozens of bug fixes

Improved recovery after HBase failures

Better error reporting and tracing, which includes region keys for easier debugging

Reduced UnknownTransactionExceptions resulting from duplicate transaction registration

Better TLOG management including reducing the default number of tables

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[TRAFODION-2592] Better error message when HBase is down at startup.

This code was written by Narendra Goyal.

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Merge [TRAFODION-2449] PR 1028 Adding dtmci 'status regions' command

[TRAFODION-2566] Reduce the virtual memory allocated in Trafodion processes with JDK1.8

Added two new configurable JVM options -XX:CompressedClassSpaceSize=128m and


You can modify the default value of these options using environment variables


With this change the virtual memory of any SQL processes and tm is reduced by 1GB.

In JDK1.8 this space is used in lieu of permanent generation. Hence, I reduced the

default Java Objects Max heap size for SQL master, ESP and arkcmp processes to 256 MB from 512MB.

The udrserv process continues to have 512MB of java objects space.

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[TRAFODION-2449] dtmci - Adding 'status regions' command

Implementing changes from code review

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[TRAFODION-2449] dtmci - Adding 'status regions' command

Prints the full region name, hostname:port, and startkey/endkeys in hex format.

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fix based on review comments.

[TRAFODION-2468] DDL HA , step 2 changes(please refer jira).

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fix feedback comments.

[TRAFODION-2150] and [TRAFODION-2151] TM long prepare and chore thread issues.

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additional changes to address review feedback.

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address review comments.

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[TRAFODION-2414] enhance 8616 commit conflict error message to include tx conflict details.

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convert all MY_SQROOT to TRAF_HOME

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[TRAFODION-1988] Merge branch 'master' of git:// into trafodion-1988



[TRAFODION-1988] Better java exception handling in the java/JNI layer in TM

The following problems are fixed:

The loaded classes reference are made global to avoid the class reference from gc-ed

Introduced push/pop frame concepts to avoid memory growth usually observed with

many JNI/java transitions

Logged the errors via log4cxx mechanism instead of stdout

Possibly fixes the tm core dumped in obscure way at times

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fix feedback comments

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Fix feedback comments

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