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Additional check in regr test env script to test for existence of ship_mode hdfs directory to decide whther to shortcut the hive setup process

Changes to move all Trafodion created hdfs files under /user/trafodion

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[TRAFODION-2112] Avoid hard-coding DNS name in local Hadoop install

Also removed three dsdgen calls, the *_returns tables are created

together with the *_sales tables, calling dsdgen for those tables will

give an error.

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update the checking table

[TRAFODION-2096] create all tpcds hive external tables from install_local_hadoop


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Add a few convenience scripts (and associated helper scripts)

Note: All the scripts with an "ilh_" prefix work if one has used install_local_hadoop

ilh_trafinit: ckillall, restarts HBase(clobbers HBase data), sqstart and initializes trafodion

ilh_traf_restart: ckillall, restarts HBase, sqstart

trafnodestatus: Prints the trafodion-status (whether Trafodion is UP or DOWN on a node)

of the nodes in the Trafodion cluster. Has a '-j' switch to print the

output in JSON format.

Note: There is another script 'sqnodestatus' with a similar output but that

prints the status of the nodes from a Linux perspective.

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Update install_hadoop_regr_test_env

move from master branch to fix : Fix for JIRA 1712. Use of option -p in hadoop fs -mkdir

Fix for JIRA 1712. Use of option -p in hadoop fs -mkdir

Trafodion-1513 -- build fixes

Fixed issues from previous delivery:

- simplified the TOOLSDIR check in

- added back in support for QT_TOOLKIT, builds if package exists

- mentioned Hive regression will fail if TPC is not installed

- Fixed the INSTALL_TPC check

- If the tools directory does not exit in, will ask

if it should be created

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Trafodion-1513 -- build fixes

The build instructions on the web site were not correctly downloading dependent

tools. To help in the process, a convenience script called

located in the install directory was created to download the correct versions

into a user specified directory.

Removed some of the dependencies from the dependent tool list

- QT is not longer built, this is needed by the compiler debugging GUI.

- MAVEN, PROTOBUFs are required to be installed before building Trafodion.

This removes them from the Trafodion configuration file. Plus variables

that point to HADOOP, HBASE, and HIVE were added to the configuration file

to support standalone Apache builds.

Issues with TOOLSDIR not working correctly in setup script.

Incorrect version of Hadoop was downloaded in install_local_hadoop which caused

build error - missing hdfs library.

install_local_hadoop tried to install an non-existent test package - made this

optional. Also report what versions of Hadoop, HBase, Hive, and MySql were downloaded for testing. Trafodion JIRA 1512 was created to fix an additional issue

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jira-1443 final.

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[TRAFODION-28] Part 3 of changes to update license text

This check-in updates the license text in the remaining

subdirectories of the core directory. Still to do are a

few files in the core directory itself (I forgot these),

and the other non-core diretories in incubator-trafodion.

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Fix for TRAFODION-10, fix stale URLs in install_local_hadoop

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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