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Fix to ensure infostats command from trafci works as expected.

Optimizing and avoiding unnecessary function calls shown as hot spots in jprofile - part-II

java.lang.String.split and javal.lang.String.replaceAll

JDBC driver was parsing the sql string passed to it by the application to determine the type of

SQL statement and to check if the sql string has parameters. It doesn't parse the sql string anymore

and passes the sql string to SQL engine via mxosrvr. In case of PreparedStatement, the JDBC driver will

set the sqlStmtType based on the query type returned. In case of Statement, the JDBC driver will set the

sqlStmtType as SQL_TYPE_UNKNOWN.

Now, the PreparedStatement is always prepared for setting array values for parameter for all

statement types such as IUD and select. SQL engine will report an error if the array values are

not supported for any statement type.

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jira TRAFODION-3157 Add support for BINARY/VARBINARY datatype

Spec attached to jira.

new test regress/seabase/TEST004 added.

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remove unused code in mxosrvr --first step

Call SQLGetTypeInfo to gets SQL_INTEGER type info and return value is incorrect

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Merge [TRAFODION-3143] Add SQLColumnPrivileges support to ODBC

SQLColumnPrivileges support

Merge [TRAFODION-3134] PR 1638 Add support for SQLTablePrivileges to ODBC

odbc support SQLTablePrivileges

Merge [TRAFODION-3105] PR-1606 DatabaseMetaData.getColumns should return 24 columns

[TRAFODION-3105] meta.getColumns should return 24 columns

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Fix jdbct4 code

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fix JIRA bug 3039, SendEventMsg is used in a wrong way

fix JIRA bug 3039, SendEventMsg is used in a wrong way

Merge remote branch 'origin/release2.2' into TRAFODION-3014
















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[TRAFODION-3003]Trafodion keepalive support

Keepalive could be configured by modifying file src/main/java/org/trafodion/dcs/Constants.java


DCS_SERVER_PROGRAM_TCP_KEEPALIVE_STATUS has three value:enable,default,unenable;

Default value is enable,300,3,20(Only effective when value configured is set incorrectly)

The value will be read in when mxosrvr start. Mxosrvr will set the socket after getting a connection.

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Merge [TRAFODION-2899] PR 1386 Catalog API SQLColumns support for ODBC2.x

[TRAFODION-2903] correct Column_Size fetched from mxosrvr

Merge [TRAFODION-2891] PR-1394 fix the bufoverrun Critical error checked by TScanCode

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Merge [TRAFODION-2894] PR 1381 Add new types to Catalog Api GetTypeInfo

Merge [TRAFODION-2893] PR 1382 Fix critical logic errors found by TScanCode

correct the value of NON_UNIQUE column

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correct Column_Size fetched from mxosrvr

fix the bufoverrun Critical error checked by TScanCode

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Catalog API SQLColumns support ODBC2.x

Catalog Api GetTypeInfo add support of Tinyint,Bigint unsigned and long varchar. Modify some error values.

fix the logic Critical error checked by TScanCode

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[TRAFODION-2780] The mxosrvr dumps core when connection idle timer expires at times

This core is accompanied by mxssmp process core.

Got rid of both connection idle timer and server idle timer, instead use the timeout

mechanism provided by the socket API select. More code removed.

Tested the connection idle timeout mechanism via a sample JDBC T4 program just to ensure

that the mxosrvr is put into available pool after the connection idle timer expires.

Trafci seems to be resetting the connection idle timer periodically from the client.

It looks like even the connection idle timer is Trafodion specific concept because of

a dedicated process for every database connection to Trafodion SQL engine. From JDBC specification,

the connection inactive timeout needs to be implemented in the connection pooling infrastructure.

The default connection idle timer in Trafodion is 10 mins.

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[TRAFODION-2740]remove unused code