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Repository support in MT server #2

This is the second installment of code for the repository functionality

in the DCS multi-threaded server/T2. Adding query statistics code.


This code is for compile only for now and not part of any active code path.

Most of the this is existing code from MXOSRVR side and is made to fit

into T2.

There are some temporary to-do comments in the code which shall be

removed eventually.

Change-Id: Iff4a3ec9d87ad6d3ce7c2e1882126368ce9e6d6b

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

Use: git log --follow -- <file>

to view file history thru renames.

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changed default schema to TRAFODION.SEABASE

Change-Id: I2d079ed749c0a8110629d23710479f1f7892f9bf

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fix #1395212 With multiple statements,statement seems to be closed.

Change-Id: I8ec5bc1e87865240e6aa26a7afde44fa92da4305

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Changes in T2 driver to support new NA server.

1. T2 Driver: added method necessary for NA Server

- Changes are in java and native parts

- used to pass back to NA Server: Descriptors and SQL Data

2. T4 Driver: added property TCP_NoDelay

- disable/enable TCP Nagle's algorithm

- defined in property file

- snytax: TCP_NoDelay <yes/no>

- default is <yes>

3. T4 Driver: added functions LTrim and RTrim.

- Used in INTERVAL data type to suppress right zeros.



Changes in T2 driver:

1. Changed year in copyright info to 2015

2. Changed charset from UTF-16BE to UTF-16LE

3. Changed allocLength for dataType VARCHAR_WITH_LENGTH(-601) and

charset not ISO8859 to (allocLength - 1).

Changes in T4 driver

1. Changed year in copyright info to 2015



Fixed reported issues

Change-Id: I276da01a0cd3c8ac704ebde8ebed071e58d928d3

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Fix for bug 1395212

T2 driver is resuing an existing statement that is closed but not

dropped to execute a new query. SQL does not allow reusing the

statement without dropping it. Fixed to ignore the statementId passed


Change-Id: I318b150ca9a5d87a244177c54c61352724e3767e

Changes to first review comments from Ruo-Yu

Fix merge issues.

Initialized new data members of connection handle class and return error

when dialogueID is null.

Merging multi thread T2 driver changes to mainline

1) Fix global variables for multi thread env

2) Fix static variables for milti thread env

3) Fix non thread safe standard C function calls with thread safe calls.

commit 7780a77f0cf3e5c2d3991b07f026b2a1f223bc7e

Merge: b7aa077 1bfe9c6

Author: Pavani Puppala <>

Date: Thu Dec 4 19:42:42 2014 +0000

Merge remote branch 'opensrc/master'

commit b7aa077886c9ada2bf13b6b8a0982e1c95d64ade

Author: Pavani Puppala <>

Date: Tue Nov 25 20:28:38 2014 +0000

Fix for bug #1355559

commit 439323d4d44cc45a01fbdb0febbfbb69b81b5dc1

Merge: 7dec9da d63d6ce

Author: Pavani Puppala <>

Date: Fri Nov 21 20:30:46 2014 +0000

Merge remote branch 'opensrc/master'

commit 7dec9da566aaaefd1fe84cd32060c91141511493

Author: RuoYu Zuo <>

Date: Wed Nov 19 06:42:02 2014 +0000

T2 global variables changes

commit e827950309bcc9a430e98d1d846b2bb74f86f4bd

Merge: 832f2e2 37053c0

Author: Pavani Puppala <>

Date: Fri Nov 14 01:01:04 2014 +0000

Merge remote branch 'opensrc/master'

commit 832f2e25f48768262f713b63727b7e0b91808d35

Author: xuk <>

Date: Fri Nov 7 09:01:11 2014 +0000

Make Spjrs_ and Spjrsval_ local variables

commit 5f3c1102643e929d20ffb77e638d52cc7509bdb2

Author: xuk <>

Date: Wed Nov 5 00:59:28 2014 +0000

T2 thread safe java part changes

commit db923630ccb406eff4ccff65562b35b4d92e488b

Author: Daniel Lu <>

Date: Fri Oct 17 07:46:33 2014 +0000

replace c std call with thread safety version.

Change-Id: Ibab8f9b40b61c5ddc4c285ecb34e4c984881b128

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Delivery of the Migration to HBase 0.98 branch

Change-Id: I410b90e0730f5d16f2e86a63cbffe4abaf9daa5d

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Catalog api functionality for T2 driver

Change-Id: Iee17029332f2815279b96f6cedf8fc75d042d7fb

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Initial code drop of Trafodion

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