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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Support big column larger than 32k for JBDC T2

[bug 1451707]Call ResultSet.next() function failed when expect to select 200k utf8

column size from a table.

[bug 1451693]T2 server return trunctated column size to T2 client.

Change-Id: Icb2b9a9089c17d4c8e64c4af0c68468efbcd19a3

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Changes to reduce the memory leak in T2 Driver.

1. add MEMORY_DELETE_ARRAY which use "delete []" to free the resource

which resulted from a previous array new-expression (new []).

2. fix some point values which not be freed before.

3. fix a double free in getSQLCatalogInfo.

4. bug 1450349: NullPointerException when close a ResultSet of


Change-Id: I064648bf577a0d41f457d39836a5248f4e1a9f51

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Merge "[bug:1440941]T2 Phoenix tests creating cores at CliStatement::doOltExecute"

[bug:1440941]T2 Phoenix tests creating cores at CliStatement::doOltExecute

Change-Id: I31d42e96bf15ebd58ca9bd2f9a2532030d0f0e02

Fixes in T2 driver to enable OE performance run

Following errors are ignored at the T2 jdbc driver to conform

to JDBC/ODBC Standard.

ERROR[8605] Committing a transaction which has not started.

ERROR[8609] Waited rollback performed without starting a transaction.

Memory corruption causing java core in T2 OE run.

Row count is treated as 32 bit integer while SQL expects 64 bit

numeric value to be passed to SQL_EXEC_GetDiagnosticsStmtInfo2.

This was causing the corruption.

There was a possibility that the row count buffer was used

after de-allocation. Fixed this code in Type2 JDBC driver

Change-Id: If0ae5475ed9986c8996cb324e679a615e62cd9b1

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changed default schema to TRAFODION.SEABASE

Change-Id: I2d079ed749c0a8110629d23710479f1f7892f9bf

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Changes in T2 driver to support new NA server.

1. T2 Driver: added method necessary for NA Server

- Changes are in java and native parts

- used to pass back to NA Server: Descriptors and SQL Data

2. T4 Driver: added property TCP_NoDelay

- disable/enable TCP Nagle's algorithm

- defined in property file

- snytax: TCP_NoDelay <yes/no>

- default is <yes>

3. T4 Driver: added functions LTrim and RTrim.

- Used in INTERVAL data type to suppress right zeros.



Changes in T2 driver:

1. Changed year in copyright info to 2015

2. Changed charset from UTF-16BE to UTF-16LE

3. Changed allocLength for dataType VARCHAR_WITH_LENGTH(-601) and

charset not ISO8859 to (allocLength - 1).

Changes in T4 driver

1. Changed year in copyright info to 2015



Fixed reported issues

Change-Id: I276da01a0cd3c8ac704ebde8ebed071e58d928d3

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Fixed typos in user-visible messages and sample code

Fixed spellings and minor grammar in strings used in

in output, and sample code supplied to users.

One possibly harmful misspelling was found in source code,

file sqf/monitor/linux/montim.cxx used "Contianer_ExitProcess"

where it should have used "Container_ExitProcess".

Five files which could be changed for this reason are being held back

because they are also in open change 875. They will be checked in after

that change is merged to the main branch:






In patch set 2, modified these files as notde by reviewer:







Change-Id: I3761e9e1518ab39415806bba0f4ed93d14e1d41c

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Changes to first review comments from Ruo-Yu

Fix merge issues.

Initialized new data members of connection handle class and return error

when dialogueID is null.

Merging multi thread T2 driver changes to mainline

1) Fix global variables for multi thread env

2) Fix static variables for milti thread env

3) Fix non thread safe standard C function calls with thread safe calls.

commit 7780a77f0cf3e5c2d3991b07f026b2a1f223bc7e

Merge: b7aa077 1bfe9c6

Author: Pavani Puppala <pavani.puppala@hp.com>

Date: Thu Dec 4 19:42:42 2014 +0000

Merge remote branch 'opensrc/master'

commit b7aa077886c9ada2bf13b6b8a0982e1c95d64ade

Author: Pavani Puppala <pavani.puppala@hp.com>

Date: Tue Nov 25 20:28:38 2014 +0000

Fix for bug #1355559

commit 439323d4d44cc45a01fbdb0febbfbb69b81b5dc1

Merge: 7dec9da d63d6ce

Author: Pavani Puppala <pavani.puppala@hp.com>

Date: Fri Nov 21 20:30:46 2014 +0000

Merge remote branch 'opensrc/master'

commit 7dec9da566aaaefd1fe84cd32060c91141511493

Author: RuoYu Zuo <ruo-yu.zuo@hp.com>

Date: Wed Nov 19 06:42:02 2014 +0000

T2 global variables changes

commit e827950309bcc9a430e98d1d846b2bb74f86f4bd

Merge: 832f2e2 37053c0

Author: Pavani Puppala <pavani.puppala@hp.com>

Date: Fri Nov 14 01:01:04 2014 +0000

Merge remote branch 'opensrc/master'

commit 832f2e25f48768262f713b63727b7e0b91808d35

Author: xuk <kai-hua.xu@hp.com>

Date: Fri Nov 7 09:01:11 2014 +0000

Make Spjrs_ and Spjrsval_ local variables

commit 5f3c1102643e929d20ffb77e638d52cc7509bdb2

Author: xuk <kai-hua.xu@hp.com>

Date: Wed Nov 5 00:59:28 2014 +0000

T2 thread safe java part changes

commit db923630ccb406eff4ccff65562b35b4d92e488b

Author: Daniel Lu <ping.lu@hp.com>

Date: Fri Oct 17 07:46:33 2014 +0000

replace c std call with thread safety version.

Change-Id: Ibab8f9b40b61c5ddc4c285ecb34e4c984881b128

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Catalog api functionality for T2 driver

Change-Id: Iee17029332f2815279b96f6cedf8fc75d042d7fb

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Fix for bug 1326458: 8813 error accesing result set from T2

The problem happens for explain statement because T2 driver does not

handle sql query type SQL_EXE_UTIL correctly. For sql query types

SQL_EXE_UTIL when there are ouputs it should behave same as

SQL_SELECT_NON_UNIQUE where ExecFetchClose is not called during the

execute of a result set and just execute is called.

Change-Id: I2e29a054c9afbf119d738eda3092710563295c8f

Fixes for bug 1342425 - T2 driver cleanup

Change-Id: I92acdba47b8a17b9aeb0d9151ba726eda57e6618

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Initial code drop of Trafodion

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