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Merge remote branch 'core/master'

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Migrate from log4cpp to log4cxx

This change is a wholesale removal of log4cpp from source tree.

log4cxx is an external library installed via RPM, or user build

to default /usr/lib64 and /usr/include directories. Some of the

QRLogger and CommonLogger code was changed to use the new log4cxx


Change-Id: I248bac0a8ffbfea6cbc1ba847867b30638892eae

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Change in T2 Driver to MT Server

To T2 Driver added public method to pass SQL data to MT Server.

It is used to get INOUT or OUT SPJ Parameters.

Changed copyright year to 2015

Converted TABs to BLANKs

Change-Id: I5991361a5b061d85b83dedba098abe4a2642e240

Repository support in MT server #2

This is the second installment of code for the repository functionality

in the DCS multi-threaded server/T2. Adding query statistics code.


This code is for compile only for now and not part of any active code path.

Most of the this is existing code from MXOSRVR side and is made to fit

into T2.

There are some temporary to-do comments in the code which shall be

removed eventually.

Change-Id: Iff4a3ec9d87ad6d3ce7c2e1882126368ce9e6d6b

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Repository support in MT server #1

This is the first installment of code to start including repository

functionality in the DCS multi-threaded server/T2. Includes only session statistics code for now.

Note: This code is for compile only for now and not part of any active

code path.

There are some temporary to-do comments in the code which shall be removed eventually.


Patch set #2: Updated with review comments

Change-Id: Ida3689d9c0f029ebb47e6d87e670d0a4a1653480

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Fix a double free when close a connection

The Driver will free the sqlError when then connection is closed. So the

code free the sqlError after throwSQLException() should be removed.

Change-Id: I6d33b184b86c91e25a8510cb8168c05abb74e71e

Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

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Move core into subdir to combine repos

Use: git log --follow -- <file>

to view file history thru renames.

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Publishing properties added to T2 Driver

followingpublishing properties have been added:

statisticsIntervalTime default value 60 seconds

statisticsLimitTime default value 60 seconds

statisticsType default value aggregated

programStatisticsEnabled default value true

statisticsSqlPlanEnabled default value true

this change (1685) and the corresponding DCS change (1686) are



Fixed reported issues

Change-Id: I7fc5380742a6d8a8a21b3f58b79288fb5ec2653a

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Support big column larger than 32k for JBDC T2

[bug 1451707]Call ResultSet.next() function failed when expect to select 200k utf8

column size from a table.

[bug 1451693]T2 server return trunctated column size to T2 client.

Change-Id: Icb2b9a9089c17d4c8e64c4af0c68468efbcd19a3

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fix for 1452993

[bug 1452993] T2 don't read the property file from System Properties but

T4 do it.

After this check-in, user can use System.setProperty("properties", file)

to give the driver a default perperty file as T4.

Change-Id: If5f669af86612a99b2eb53093d9fa8492249a000

fix for bug 1447326

[bug 1447326] T2 Catalog methods don't assume default catalog/schema when these are

set to null.

Change-Id: Idfae7b7febea343037d40a66d3ed050de076f809

Changes to reduce the memory leak in T2 Driver.

1. add MEMORY_DELETE_ARRAY which use "delete []" to free the resource

which resulted from a previous array new-expression (new []).

2. fix some point values which not be freed before.

3. fix a double free in getSQLCatalogInfo.

4. bug 1450349: NullPointerException when close a ResultSet of


Change-Id: I064648bf577a0d41f457d39836a5248f4e1a9f51

Merge "[bug:1440941]T2 Phoenix tests creating cores at CliStatement::doOltExecute"

[bug:1440941]T2 Phoenix tests creating cores at CliStatement::doOltExecute

Change-Id: I31d42e96bf15ebd58ca9bd2f9a2532030d0f0e02

Fixes in T2 driver to enable OE performance run

Following errors are ignored at the T2 jdbc driver to conform

to JDBC/ODBC Standard.

ERROR[8605] Committing a transaction which has not started.

ERROR[8609] Waited rollback performed without starting a transaction.

Memory corruption causing java core in T2 OE run.

Row count is treated as 32 bit integer while SQL expects 64 bit

numeric value to be passed to SQL_EXEC_GetDiagnosticsStmtInfo2.

This was causing the corruption.

There was a possibility that the row count buffer was used

after de-allocation. Fixed this code in Type2 JDBC driver

Change-Id: If0ae5475ed9986c8996cb324e679a615e62cd9b1

Changes to reduce the memory growth/leak in mxosrvr and T2 driver

Memory growth in mxosrvr

It was observed that the memory growth comes from JNIHandle::alloc_block

within JVM in mxosrvr. PushLocalFrame and PopLocalFrame is now called

in Trafodian JNI methods calling java functions to ensure this memory

growth is avoided.

CommonLogger was allocating and deallocating buffer to log the message

every time. Instead a thread safe variable is used to allocate only

once per thread.

CommonLogger was constructing the message even when the category is NOT

set. The message construction involves string creation and memory allocation.

Changes in T2.

The buffer to hold the output row was allocated every time. It is now

allocated once and reused till the statement is dropped.

The row count buffer was also allocated for every fetch but was used

after deallocation. Cleaned up the row count allocation code.

Change-Id: I7aad93beb03dc42a85b78da720737e2eb46a7080

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changed default schema to TRAFODION.SEABASE

Change-Id: I2d079ed749c0a8110629d23710479f1f7892f9bf

Merge "B#1419922 Statement/PreparedStatement fetchsize100"

fix t2 catalog api

Change-Id: I726a226541a650d61ad25284c4d12a34d40f469a

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B#1419922 Statement/PreparedStatement fetchsize100

Change-Id: I53e2d81c6e12df17da9428e763f7750760105b91

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T2 Driver fix

Fixed null pointer exception when run Phoenix Test on multithreaded


Change-Id: I1667ba1def81760b7361f4c1dc54ce620dcc798e

Changes for Bug #1403380

This is a re-commit.

Including cleanups for unused java references in native,

and made the native driver global objects(gJNICache, gSrvrGlobal)

be global for the process, gDescItems will be thread local.

Change-Id: I6ec2334e06c1bd346757fcf1e2816add99d9503f

Fix for bug 1404430 Phoenix T2 tests core dumping in CliStatement::execute

Phoneix T2 tests involve multiple JDBC connections in a single thread and

hence multiple CLI contexts in a single thread. With cancel

feature enabled, there is an outstanding nowaited query started message.

In the master process, SQL always wait on a set of IPC connections pertaining

to the current JDBC/ODBC connection for the nowaited IOs to complete in every

SQL thread.

With fast completion enabled in master, the SQL engine was completing the

IO for all the thread specific nowait IO calls without limiting itself

to a specific JDBC connection.

Disabled fast completion in Type 2 JDBC driver that enables set of

connection based nowait completion.

Change-Id: Ia1b6323acb3aeb1edc6bbd9eb3e242f4bedade63

TEST checkin-wait for verify-NDCS build fix part-2.

Change-Id: Ieecdb399fc67c9efeb3d59590d28cf79c23b0042

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T2Driver - more minor fixes

Change-Id: I6f9ea31172e428a18be77ee87df6da8212847b56

fix #1395212 With multiple statements,statement seems to be closed.

Change-Id: I8ec5bc1e87865240e6aa26a7afde44fa92da4305

Changes in T2 driver to support new NA server.

1. T2 Driver: added method necessary for NA Server

- Changes are in java and native parts

- used to pass back to NA Server: Descriptors and SQL Data

2. T4 Driver: added property TCP_NoDelay

- disable/enable TCP Nagle's algorithm

- defined in property file

- snytax: TCP_NoDelay <yes/no>

- default is <yes>

3. T4 Driver: added functions LTrim and RTrim.

- Used in INTERVAL data type to suppress right zeros.



Changes in T2 driver:

1. Changed year in copyright info to 2015

2. Changed charset from UTF-16BE to UTF-16LE

3. Changed allocLength for dataType VARCHAR_WITH_LENGTH(-601) and

charset not ISO8859 to (allocLength - 1).

Changes in T4 driver

1. Changed year in copyright info to 2015



Fixed reported issues

Change-Id: I276da01a0cd3c8ac704ebde8ebed071e58d928d3

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Fix Bug #1366987 T2 Version no. and T4 name

Change-Id: Ifd9dbb272afa238da80abc0d88199b461d251db8

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