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using $SQ_PDCP/$SQ_PDSH for pdcp/pdsh

reduce data copy and close sequence

CHAR type already added 1 bytes in buffer from t2

Added Google Analytics Tracking to all .html pages. Code: UA-72491210-1.

For the website pages, this is accomplished by adding

<googleAnalyticsAccountID> tag to the site.xml file.

For asciidoc files, an extension from asciidoc-extension-labs provides the

needed function:


Like asciidoc itself, this extension uses the MIT license.

In addition, it has a dependency on jruby.


Please build the website and the asciidoc files as documented at:

There no real need to replace the .pdf files but it's simpler to replace

all the latest and 1.3.0 documentation.

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[TRAFODION-1753] Wrong HASH2 partitioning for salted tables

Merge [TRAFODION-1682] PR-265 MT-DCS protocol issue fix

Merge [TRAFODION 1736] PR 270 Display all mxosrvrs in REST

Merge [TRAFODION-1680] Dcs needs to provide support for HA on AWS

TRAFODION-1087 - Security regression tests run too long

Add runregr scripts to git

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Merge branch 'master' of into predicatePushdownV2

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following code review outcome on pull request 255: - for all files, fix tab with white space - ExHbaseAccess.cpp, add comment - Initialize nac in file GenPreCode.cpp, line 11938 and 11417 - Remove checks for ITM_REFERENCE (used only in parser/binder). File GenPreCode.cpp - Remove isFirstAndLayer code in recursive function generating the predicate to push down in RPN - add comments in ValueDesc.cpp - fix indentation in - Fix 4 buffer overrun vulnerability in GenExplain.cpp - create a reusable isAddedColumnWithNonNullDefault in ValueId class. (ValueDesc.cpp and .h)

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seems version conflect

Added Google Analytics tracking.

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make mvcc & sscc as a separate ones


change addCoprocessor add isMVCC as param.


change CoprocessorUtils.addCoprocessor, add isMVCC as param


Fix reopened JIRA 1736

Merge branch 'master' of into wrkbrnch

Addtional fixes for HA support (AWS)

Merge [TRAFODION-1699] Web site upgrade and asciidoc manuals

[TRAFODION-1753] Wrong HASH2 partitioning for salted tables

Fix to create the HASH2 partitioning function for salted tables

with the number of salt buckets as the number of partitions and

with only the salt columns as the partitioning key.

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TRAFODION-1754 Showddl component does not display grants correctly

Showddl should be displaying grants on an operation in a manner that allows

the privileges to be recreated. Currently, they are returned in the order

in which they are read from the metadata.

While working on this JIRA, several issues were fixed including:

- Consolidated privilege values into one location - NAUserId.h. They used to be

stored in NAUserId.h, ComSmallDefs.h, and PrivMgrDefs.h

- The check for getting the next available role ID was not correct.

- PrivMgrPrivileges::hasColWGO has incorrect indexing

- PrivMgrComponentPrivileges::selectAllWhere has incorrect error checking

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use TrxRegionEndpoint as default

Added new section to main page, added binary download info to download page amd cleaned up instructions for how to modify documents.

Please update with this content.

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fix typo issue

[TRAFODION-1682]MT-DCS protocol issue fix

This commit will fix following issues.

1. [TRAFODION-1682][MTDCS] ODBC: SQLFetch returned invalid cursor

state. It's caused by the length of descriptor2List is not correct and

the sqlQueryType is not correct either. For sqlQueryType,

SqlUtils.getSqlStmtType(String str) will be used instead of

SqlUtils.getSqlStmtType(int stmtType) since it can't return the

correct value.

2. [TRAFODION-1653][MTDCS] coast tests core dumped at 'operator new'

when Multithread DCS is on. It's caused by the EndTransaction message

missing a int which indicate 0 excaption when there is no exception.

3. [TRAFODION-1658][MTDCS] with MultiThread DCS on, coast core dumped

at memcpy when there is parameter in prepare statement. It's caused by

the length of the descriptor2List is not correct.

refine the iconv function, remove unnecessary code to boost perf further