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fix bug 1343661(cleanup HBASE partitioning), bug 1347819 and bug 1343566

1343661: please refer to sql/sqlcomp/DefaultConstConstants.h for the


1347819: the change is in ExExeUtilLoad.cpp to disable HASH2 for fast load.

1343566: method NADefaults::getTotalNumOfESPsInCluster() now returns the

correct value if CQD PARALLEL_NUM_ESPS is set to an integer value.

Rework 1 to address Dave's review comments.

Rework 2 to address Khaled's review comments as follows. A Boolean flag

(isTrafLoadPrep_) is added to class BinWA to better control the type of

partitioning functions needed for the traf preparation step. When we are

binding all nodes, the flag is set to TRUE which instructs createNAFileSet()

not to create hash2.

Rework 3 to address Hans's review comments. If force to have hash2 and

the partitioning function in the cached table is range, do not return the

cached object.

Rework 4 to address seabase/TEST015 core, which is reported in bug

1349990. Bug 1349990 is fixed in this rework.

Change-Id: I9f886ce5361ff4ede16c592e8a3c4e5ca89d76b7

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Commands added to help with HW install/uninstall

Added deletion of files left over from install during uninstall.

Adding command to reset Ambari database during install to insure

all files from previous installation are cleaned up.

Edit: Typo

Change-Id: I4819b82de8560328eda45d32c9007c6360734e2d

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increase the trafodion.dtm.log file size and rollover count

Also added a (commented out) DailyRollingFileAppender

and the following property associated with it:


So, if one needs to roll the log file daily, simply uncomment the


Change-Id: I5254ff43246ebd34f4737a79dffb3adc346d5d48

Merge "adding a missing filter file for sebase/test015"

Updated readme file for seabed

Change-Id: I22cc69a80539b8cae22fb0a1b3694ed4512fe05c

Merge "Fix for bug 1336106: HDFS files without permission causes core dump"

Merge "Bug 1315567 bug in salted tables with descending VARCHAR columns"

Cleaned up directory for testing monitor

- Added Apache license in files which did not have it.

- Converted end-of-lines in some files from Windows to Linux so all are Linux style.

- Removed trailing spaces.

- Deleted some obsolete code.

- Corrected comments.

Change-Id: I2d5e454f5b2e47ecdc3b2182888bbbd0a94552e4

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adding a missing filter file for sebase/test015

Change-Id: I36656b44cfef8a49410d608efd5acf2149eb1231

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Fixing pdsh issue.

Added single quotes to each pdsh command so that it will be executed


Edit: Removed single quotes around commands with variables.

Edit 2: Changes made from comments by reviewers.

Edit 3: dcs_installer change.

Edit 4: traf_cloudera_uninstaller change.

Change-Id: I2c0b81d8780b8c0c273217e0b0c88db6fe4f60df

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Merge "Made end-of-lines consistent in 2 files"

Merge "If version changes, these items need to be rebuilt."

Made source directory name in 2 scripts match repo name

The directory name in SRCDIR now uses "win-odbc64" which

is the current name of the repository holding this source.

That reduces the amount of editing needed when building,

if the easiest "git clone ..." command was done.

The changed lines should have Windows EOLs (after a few tries), and the

license notice is changing to Windows EOLs in another branch.

Change-Id: I78bbcbc7f1296d24c7db35917cc52544e876aece

Made end-of-lines consistent in 2 files

These files are built on Windows. The end-of-lines were all Windows,

except for the copyright / license notices at the front. Those lines

were changed from Unix EOLs to Windows EOLs so the files look correct

when viewed with notepad on Windows.

Change-Id: I215f70c93f99a0674e782f0a6dd8d2d35e71f081

Fix dependencies.

Change-Id: I06d867422cd9a903f215779d74125fa171f68f83

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Added files to be deleted during Cloudera uninstall

Added more files that need to be deleted during cloudera uninstall.

Added small "temporary" fix to trafodion_installer to check if user is

signed in as 'trafodion' to run the installer. This is only to prevent

issues in the short term while the installer team is working on a more

complete solution.

Edit: Added single quotes to prevent a wildcard issue.

Change-Id: I798dce1006c2ea5d8deceb4d7fceef6ef26d28a5

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If version changes, these items need to be rebuilt.

Change-Id: I255e2680f58eb2de9da7670682df5c5d86cc41db

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workaround to re-enable range partitioning with bulk load

Compiler team is working on a fix and there is LP for it:LP#1347819

Change-Id: I488c53594eb20b94282e889d6440010094f5eb52

Merge "Bulk load changes"

Merge "Fix for packaging step after removing sqf/conf directory."

Merge "Enables HASH2 partitioning representation of salted tables + 2 reworks."

Merge "Move Seapilot from qpid::client to qpid::messaging API."

Fix for packaging step after removing sqf/conf directory.

This is a fix for an earlier change,

After removing the sqf/conf directory, I should have also updated the

packaging step to remove the conf directory that is referenced there.

Change-Id: I2e39f36f29d5a4b541c2e0f85528b4618956296c

Bulk load changes

changes include:

A. Added new options to the load the syntax with options:

Load [with option[,option,….]] into <table> select .. from <table>

Option can be:

* Truncate Table: By default target table is not truncated before

loading data. If truncate table option is specified the target table

is truncated before loading.

* No recovery: by default load handles recovery using using snapshots.

If no recovery option is specified then snapshots are not used.

This option was called no rollback before.

* Log errors : (not implemented yet). Will be bsed to log error rows

into a file.

* No Populate indexes: by default indexes are handled by load.

in this case indexes are disable before starting the load and

populated afterwards

If no populate indexes option is specified, indexes are not handled

by load.

* Constraints: (not implemented yet) will be used to handle constraints.

* No duplicate check: by defaults an error is generated when duplicates

are detected.

if no Duplicate check option is specified then duplicates are ignored.

* Stop after N errors: (not implemented yet) will be used to fail the

load after N errors

* No output: by default load command print status messages listing the

steps that are being executed.

If no output is specified then no status messages are displayed.

B. Supoport for duplicate detection at runtime. By defaults an error is generated

when duplicates are detected.

If no Duplicate check is specified then duplicates are ignored.

C. Added index handling to load

By default, indexes are disabled before starting the load and populated


D. changes in the optimizer to make sure the data is always sorted.

when loading small data sets we noticed that optimizer does not always

add a sort node.

E. Added status messages that gives the different steps that are taking place .

to disable the status messages we need to specify “no output” option.

F. Added checks so that the user cannot specify an option more than once

Change-Id: I6c0596eb38763def2f23c7452ae400d9fccb008e

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Merge "Implement single operation transaction (aka DP2 transactions)"

Merge "Removing sqf/conf/hbase-site.xml"

Implement single operation transaction (aka DP2 transactions)

Change-Id: I0632bc27573009933e830ee0e64d81a2f8972620

Bug 1345966 Removing Create/Configure "Server data source"

Change-Id: I7413783e8044d874cc34693b970ee6022d5a7ef7

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Merge "Add missing seapilot makefile dependency."

Merge "Turning recovery off by default"