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Bugid: 1346546 : Phoenix T2 tests failed with many core files

a) For T2 code, set the env variable TM_ENABLE_CLEANUP to 0

in the JNI function checkLibraryVersion (conn/jdbc_type2/native/SqlInterface.cpp)

b) Correct the interpretation of TMLIB_ENABLE_CLEANUP in the TM library code

Change-Id: If793e7af96dd82e5e56f65708c27ad3fba94ac78

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Removing passwords from log files

Removed logging of password in log files.

Change-Id: Ice9b1a6adcb14b63fcfe47c3b899696bb0a8e9eb

Handle empty control point; existing Tlogs

Change-Id: I59ed518b5cd3917c86700786e7311bb5387503b8

Handle empty control point table; existing Tlogs

Change-Id: I358274471522ac568666c31b41b0eb33b5a16ce7

Fixes memory leak in MXOSRVR Zookeeper processing

The code was calling the Zookeeper API zoo_get_children() but the

returned children list was not being freed using free_String_vector().

Change-Id: I73b7ed37c859f5cb01adeb1ba287d19a7369da12

Closes-Bug: 1361371

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Fix failure in regress/executor/TEST020

This change fixes a problem shown in TEST020 where AQR

warning 8597 shows the "Delay before each retry was -1

seconds." when it should say 0 seconds.

Closes-Bug: #1361798

Change-Id: I0923effaf48ed834a614920c322366cd0bbaddaa

Fix for #1360448 Check sqconfig file for commas

This only occurs on nodes with two core cpus. Made sure

sqconfig file cores= value is generated as a range and not

a list.

Change-Id: I9fa4a78226e5d724d6c91cd0be019dc8747b4d1b

Merge "Enable basic Runtime Management System (RMS)"

fix for LP 1359906

Change-Id: I3a8e40b25d3ce3a9261cfd999c116d1b6538d84d

Bulk load and other changes

changes include:

- Setting the LIBHDFS_OPTS variable to Xmx2048m to limit the

amout of virtual memory used when reading hive tables to 2GB.

- Making update statistics use bulk load by default

- Changing bulk load to return the number of rows loaded

- fix for bug 1359872 where create index hangs

Change-Id: Ic8e36cfef43ed2ce7c2c2469c1b9c315a761ee31

Merge "Typos and misspellings fix 3"

Merge "Bug #1328298 JDBC T4 getURL returns extra text at the end of url"

Code was checking wrong return code from a piped command.

Changed code to check return code of first command in the pipe.

Change-Id: I4d8a034e50281854a7aa565e2bfcc604d64227e0

Fix for LP #1344181 and a change to control buufer size for Hdfs scan

1) A fix to support "get functions in schema <sch>" and

"get table_mapping functions in schema <sch>"

2) A rework of previous to change to control buffer sizes used by Hdfs Scan.

The previous change attempted to control buffer sizes by minimizing outputs

provided by the scan. But sometimes a parent operator may ask for the scan

to be partitioned or ordered on one of the removed outputs and this would

cause a plan to be not generated. So this chnage does not try to minimize

outputs. BottomValues of updateToSelectMap is manipulated such that if a

scan transforms a value it reads in and makes it smaller in length by more

than 512 bytes (settable by comp_int_98) then only the smaller value is in

the output. The penalty of not having the desired output is that an extra

exchange will be added to repartition data. This change has been done

for all scans though the memory problem was initailly seen for Hive scans.

Please see comment in BindRelExpr.cpp for a better description.

Change-Id: I347096157ea1456f3c95854dca2816018ab607a3

Typos and misspellings fix 3

Corrected 6 typos in user messages of scripts to install odbc clients.

This small change to will test job execution, to ensure nothing is broken

after changes 305 and 307 in trafodion/infra, for detection of core files.

Change-Id: I92c4ac4210f2019218cb29c0f049607ad24dd86a

Merge "Use AQR to retry SQLCODE -8606 with error 97"

Merge "Undo part of yesterday's fix for bug 1343615"

Merge "bug1274266 and 1353058 fix commit/rollback issues"

Fix to ensure only a single DcsMaster is started

This is a companion fix to previous commit for


Closes Bug: 1326130

Change-Id: I8fb4974523f406f8b916d6844d84bf5420c50240

Fix for bug 1359369 and 1360445

Bug 135939: sqconfig file will now be checked to make sure it exists.

Bug 1360445: traf_install copy deleted, as script does not exist.

Change-Id: I536dc4facd1ffb286d3d2d0f235ca3bd1dcbc588

Merge "Change hard coded version id to dynamically determined one"

Merge "Removing checks on indexes and constraints for uspert using load"

Merge "Typos and misspellings second fix"

Closes-Bug: 1326130

DCS now locates DcsMaster in Zookeeper, ssh's to node and stops it

Change-Id: I38b4108c2d71cd7af7dea55d29082e67e389a84b

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Use AQR to retry SQLCODE -8606 with error 97

This change adds to the list of errors retried with the

SQLCODE -8606 with error 97. It also adds and uses a new

AQR type to clear the htable cache.

Closes-Bug: #1359259

Change-Id: If01fa14875024aad51ccdd5d1ae08e3c241e35cd

Merge "CIF and Pcode fixes"

Merge "additional fix for 1353116"

Undo part of yesterday's fix for bug 1343615

To get the main branch back to a usable state for performance testing,

we are undoing my change from yesterday:


Bug 1343615: Duplicated rows for parallel scan on salted table

as well as changing the default value for CQD HBASE_HASH2_PARTITIONING

to OFF. To get parallel plans for HASH2 partitioned salted tables working,

we'll try UTT testing in the future.

Patch set 2:

Patch set 1 generated lots of cores, due to inconsistent checking in

the NATable cache for when we use HASH2 for salted tables. Changing

the CQDs to make them simpler and consistent with NATable cache:


// - OFF: Treat salted table like a non-salted table

// - ON: Always use HASH2 for salted table


// - OFF: Never use HBase ranges for partitioning

// - ON: Use HBase ranges (stats may override)


// - OFF: Don't use stats split

// - ON: Use stats split if possible, except for HASH2

Note that HBASE_PARTITIONING goes away and is replaced with the


Also fixing test issues with compGeneral/TEST013 and executor/TEST013.

The optimizer switched from an index scan to an equally good table scan

which should not cause the test to fail.

Patch set 3:

Updating expected files for seabase tests 13, 16, 18, and updating

seabase/TEST018. No other code changes.

Change-Id: Ie95bbdac6f8465d4f7fb74786b170d1bd895cefb

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Typos and misspellings second fix

This changes "exitting" to "exiting" in script messages to the user.

This has the potential to cause test failures, but none were found

running the full SQL Developer Regression tests.

Change-Id: Id45d2c8dbcbeba7257a5850b69827d99056a0e39

Merge "Bug: #1354523"