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SQL Memory allocation tracing and overflow detection

1) Added code to record stack info when given size of memory blocks are

allocated and dump these info out to a file or terminal if the

deallocation is not made at the time the heap is distructed. This works

for heaps constructed from NAMemory.

2) Fixed the memory debug code to detected memory overflow at the

de-allocation time.

These two features are enabled through environment variables in objects

compiled in debug mode. See sql/common/NAMemory.cpp for details.

3) Fixes for memory usage issues found when testing above code.

Change-Id: Id0e180aee3d069de11836904e80a4290b180dc67

Fix of bug #1328730:

JDBC T4 getTables methods only returns leading 100 rows,

if the total results is larger than 100. The second fetch

of JDBC Driver gets nothing. MXOSRVR actually fetch all rows

in statments data buffer, but in the second fetch, server

sends the buffer starts at the same address as last fetch, in

which the leading bytes of previous fetch are all already set

to '0'.

To fix this, uses a offset in statment to mark the start address

for next fetch of the buffer.

This passes dev unit tests for this specific problem, and QA

regression tests.

Change-Id: Ifd098dec38acb0ca7ff0cec153328d3b1349f3e1


OCT 29th:

Add initialization for SRVR_STMT_HDL.outputDataValue.pad_to_offset_8_

to 0, remove NULL(zero) validation for pSrvrStmt->outputDataValue._length

and pSrvrStmt->outputDataValue._buffer, for performance consideration.

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Fix for LP bug 1376306

- With this fix bulk loading salted tables and indexes now generates parallel

plans. Both salted base tables and salted indexes were tested

- if attemp_esp_parallelism cqd is set to off an error is returned

- also removed unneeded variables from

Change-Id: I2a85d902070a4f35e3fe54b426a4277afaa60399

Eliminate excessive region refresh;remove warnings

Change-Id: I845caf5f5e4aab5d2c12c848ed0dc5df1396380d

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Merge "DoP adjustment for small queries. Rework"

Merge "Remove deprecated code"

Merge "delete three new data members in ~OptDefaults"

Merge "Support for SALTED index."

Merge "Ensure UID returned for MD tables is non-null"

Remove deprecated code

Change-Id: Ia93f9350369d6f6d43d736139b3a5cc70a27dd17

Merge "Add transaction id to tracing during transactional aggregation execution"

Two minor bug fixes.

Sourcing in a second time takes a couple of seconds.

The fix makes this much faster.

The topMatch method of a rule needs to call Rule::topMatch first

before doing anything else, like casting the RelExpr passed in

to a specific node.

Change-Id: I62ba69c6f7434fa3184ea981e15f1ed5ae2b2e01

Merge "Bulk Unload feature"

Add transaction id to tracing during transactional aggregation execution

Change-Id: I88a708c7fc7905af8d6baee465ff1a52b7595f9d

Interim DBSecurity deliver for December

Change-Id: Iff416cea17286bc580409f5e00641cfa54820252

Use new HFIle location for HBase 0.98

The code to lookup the HFiles for a given table was changed

to accommodate their new location within the HDFS file system.

The location seems to have changed at some point between 0.94

and 0.98, although I could find no documentation of the change,

nor any HBase property that could be used to identify the

path to the filesystem node under which HFiles for tables

are stored. This change affects lookup of HFiles for the purpose

of estimating the number of rows in a table.

Change-Id: I17b892144c03a2e9cebd3de22838177ffb6a324d

Closes-Bug: 1379862

Update release number

0.9.0 is released, in-development release number incremented to 0.9.1

Change-Id: Id405c84df84cb25e005c22579bbb2ad63b825e7b

Update release number

0.9.0 is released, in-development release number incremented to 0.9.1

Change-Id: I617d7199d787f8f90656018d41edd149102d9618

Interim DBSecurity deliver for December

1) Implement REVOKE ROLE RESTRICT. Previously dependent objects were

not detected. Launchpad bug #1370739.

2) REVOKE ROLE with a list of grantees would fail for all grantees after

the first. Now works for the entire list. Launchpad bug #1375494.

3) SHOWDDL ROLE now shows the GRANTED BY clause if the grantor is not

DB__ROOT. Launchpad bug #1374586.

4) Component privilege names can now be reserved names. Launchpad bug

5) Added tests to catman1/test135 for privileges and RI constraints.

6) Added support for REVOKE RESTRICT for RI constraints.

7) Added support for USAGE privilege for sequence generator.

This code has been reviewed by the database security team but additional

input is encouraged and welcomed.

Change-Id: I88266fca6d13d6852f046e553ba3505ff878b7f8

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Changed incorrect permissions

Changed permissions on hbase-trx*.jar file on single node from 755

to the correct permissions 644.

Change-Id: I9b0ba87a8624653d7d939921a8ba769018917199

delete three new data members in ~OptDefaults

Change-Id: Ibd757043e780bb1dddcaebdf70f7fdcd16399f7a

Fixed log file location and "Accept" bug

Installer log files will now be located in /var/log/trafodion.

During install license "accept message" wasn't always showing up correctly.

Change-Id: I57ece81a33ed91c28ba34ae2cb70f9d0d19819af

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Merge "Removing RegionInfo check that caused perf regress"

Merge "Using H98 APIs"

Merge "Use the default aggregation coprocessor if a transaction is not active."

Using H98 APIs

Changed HTableClient.pushRowsToJNI to use Cell instead of KeyValue. This

resulted around 10% throughput improvement in performance tests

Change-Id: I6fd6fe504ee1c002e5e10e9fa63bc48fd8924792

Removing RegionInfo check that caused perf regress

Change-Id: I7b1b1e60a957884cbb4897807584e1cbef2cd511

Use the default aggregation coprocessor if a transaction is not active.

Change-Id: I5e1fc6696473df261e5b4fe7ecfa8452fa0b929e

Merge "Removing unnecessary class property"

Fix for bug 1378926 - error 8448 with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

Trafodion SQL processes dump java heap at $MY_SQROOT/logs in the

format java_pid<pid>.hprof when java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception is


There were local references/global references that were not being deleted

in the trafodion code and that was causing leak in Java objects.

HTableClient_JNI objects are now cleaned up from the Java side if the

corresponding java objects are left in in-use pool at the time of ODBC/JDBC

disconnect. This takes care of memory leak on the C++ heap and java object

heap for such cases.

Change-Id: I799ed685ef0842ca1eebc9b55f146eaff2bd7729

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