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Ensure UID returned for MD tables is non-null

When an NATable is created for a metadata table, the UID is not known.

Under certain conditions, this creates a problem whereby the AUTHS

table can not be read, and access to a table is incorrectly denied.

In this fix, the NATable::objectUid() function is changed to do a

lookup of the UID for a metadata table if it is 0, and to store the

result in NATable for future calls.

Change-Id: I5eb58871070e585a7242f92becde7e6a24a8f5f5

Closes-Bug: #1370289

Fix for bug 1356069

Fix for bug 1356069 :

Executor assert may not dump core within embedded compiler

Change-Id: I4fcceb6ba2ae65acc23ff33011e97f8d7c03d2f0

Fix for bug 1370203

Added a check for leftover rpms in traf_cloudera_uninstall. If rpms are

found then they will be removed.

Change-Id: I28f8696405c0147fb422f40138cda7b8d1b3b3fc

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    • +21
Merge "Fix for bug 1354231."

1.DCS child server state remains as CONNECT_REJECT

DCS server STATE is listed as CONNECT_REJECT after

a failed authentication attempt. It remains stuck

in that state for 10 seconds.

Fixes Bug #1321057

Now mxosrvr state is immediately set to AVAILABLE.

2.DCS child server state is set to CONNECTED even

after user gets "*** ERROR[8837] Internal error

occurred" during authentication (e.g. due to

wrongly configured .traf_authentication_config).

Now mxosrvr state is set to AVAILABLE after the

error is returned to the user.

Change-Id: I55131a2ea6dfb362e6560c86b0398e7ba9e1cc2b

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Improved performance; less obtrusive logging

Change-Id: I278636f5858b2613ae95a1396af8c13085331649

Fix for leak in Java Objects

The local references weren't explicitly deleted in the JNI functions.

This caused the objects created in the JNI layer to leak. Fixed for all the

functions wherein StringArrayList and ByteArrayList were converted to use

array of objects. Need to investigate other functions as well.

Mike's comments are taken care of. THe comment from the previous submit is

also taken care of

Change-Id: I4c9d0c64c9bb8f4790411ebe80133bfb0944d6ed

Removed duplicate file from mpi

This change removes mpi/mpiCC which was a duplicate of mpi/mpicc.

This fixes bug 1332744, "Two files with same case-insensitive name

in mpi", which made it harder to download Trafodion source to a

Windows system.

Change-Id: I343678e8275cfb820c16cc07df8297b0b8de699d

Fix for bug 1354231.

Perviously, our driver uses NULL, which value is actually 0,

for socket descriptor validation.

POSIX actually allows 0 for a valid socket descriptor.

Thus when the app closes stdin, of which descriptor is 0,

the 1st socket created will use 0 as its descriptor.

The correct behavior is use -1 as invalid descriptor check.

New code initializes the m_hSocket with INVALID_SOCKET(defined

in unix_extra.h, which value is -1),

and as well reset to this value when the socket is closed.

Change-Id: I2f1455d2a107c55da2225313e990f811131a2183

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JAVA_HOME now set in

The bin/ script didn't recognize Java 1.7. Both bin/

and bin/ now use hostname -f when comparing zkutil returned value

to that of hostname.

Change-Id: Ie0a6937099adf5a43cf890ea050b30ba1df066ff

Closes-Bug: 1369686

Merge "Fix for Bug 1367413"

make to_char() SQL function cacheable for SQC

Change-Id: If1b772b7cd1e0990cdc1387b4fa36bc8eae689e7

Closes-Bug: #1370794

Externalized all of to property file dcs-default.xml

Parts of the were hard coded inside of DCS. With

this change all of the command is moved to the existing

property contained in the DCS jar file resources. This allows the user

to manipulate the command without changing any DCS code. It's important

for the user manipulating the command to remember that the command must

return the result back in the form <internal ip addr>,<external id addr>

as DCS parses the string.

Change-Id: Icda9c688b63782a586382ae1f61f2f9c0b763174

Closes-Bug: #1370596

Merge "Better naming consistency in user scripts"

Merge "Typos and misspellings fix 4"

Merge "Remove StringArrayList references"

Merge "Security changes to support authorization"

Merge "Catalog api functionality for T2 driver"

Remove StringArrayList references

Removed the remaining references to StringArrayList class in Trafodion code

and removed the class as such. Reduced the references to ByteArrayList to

HTableClient::getEndKeys alone

Change-Id: I8f35386a372637f46d9ffe54c5b57034638854f4

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    • +92
Merge "making update statistics use upsert by default"

Merge "ODBC server compression ability"

Merge "Fix looping in mxssmp"

Merge "Provide quick row count estimation for Ustat"

Merge "ODBC driver compression"

making update statistics use upsert by default

Change-Id: I20d3d9658e755be3b3808627bfc6996658d00527

Merge "Add ability to check for absolute files used as dlls"

Fix looping in mxssmp

This change corrects a problem in StatsGlobals::checkForDeadProcesses

which causes looping in the mxssmp process while it holds the

share segment semaphore, which leads to hanging of call SQL processes

on the node.

Change-Id: Id5477e516cf0b1519f7e892bad2cf3ff84f79e34

Closes-Bug: #1368891

Fix for Bug 1367413

Change-Id: I30c3b191187446c7a889d4c91b9032a38f12aa10

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Fix for Bug #1367567 java version detection

A specific java path with a dash in it (/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0)

did not work with the previous method of parsing the java version.

Instead of trying to parse out the java version sub-string,

changed code to look for 1.7. or 1.6.

Also, moved java version detection logic up to trafdoion_mods so its

only done in one location.

Change-Id: I7e08fdda85818908a119ee592ee6460ae4092feb

Merge "bug 1368271 fix"