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Hash buffer size adjustment

Increased the hash buffer size for hash join operator to accommodate

the needs of extra space at runtime. This is to make sure that each hash

buffer can store at least one (big) row.

Fix bug 1438943, select query with outer join of 3 repos tables

from trafci failing with error 201 and esp core.

Change-Id: I58aed6546637e1097dd832b39e53dd53dcb56ab8

Added floating IP feature

DcsMaster backups are configured in the conf/backup-masters file.

Whenever a backup takes over it now executes the bin/scripts/

script to move the floating IP to its own node. There are 3 new

properties necessary. They are:


Disabled by default. This property is used to enable/disable the

the floating IP feature.


There is no default. The user must specify the network interface

to use for floating ip.


There is no default. The user must specify the dotted IP

address to use for floating ip.

Patch set #2

removed hostname from backup-masters file

cleaned up trailing spaces

Patch set #3

updated copyrights

Change-Id: Ib9f9aa618716a0424c2dd160e5dc819c6c1a33eb

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metadata fixes and 'sqlmp' code cleanup

-- NATable struct for metadata was being created multiple

times whenever information for a new table was read

from metadata. That has been fixed.

-- an 'initialize trafodion, drop' followed by 'initialize traf'

from the same session was failing due to priv info not getting

reset. This would show up if 'initialize authorization' was

done earlier. That has been fixed.

-- code cleanup mostly related to sqlmp legacy code and reference.

Change-Id: I346e3f3bbc6c7784b38e7e2e1f11d487854c281c

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fix SQL_DBMS_NAME and remove some old code

Change-Id: I9683dd638d5bf1baf4cc4ab97dd0995c96fce3ab

Make use of IdTm server in SSCC; optimizations

Change-Id: I1c91901e46d89926380d3906b9016cfebf8ea76a

Merge "Fix IdTm constructor to be public!"

Merge "Authentication internal error"

Merge "Preventing user CQDs from affecting metadata queries"

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Bug fix 1429923 and add error message in uninstall

Bug fix 1429923: traf_config_setup will now check if epel path entered

exists and if the file is an rpm. This questions will also only be asked

if this is the first time installing trafodion. Will warn users that if a

file is not entered that we will try to download it later. In traf_setup all nodes

are checked to see if epel is installed, if not and a path to the file

is not given then it will be downloaded and installed on all nodes

missing this rpm.

Added error message to trafodion_uninstaller if config file is not


Change-Id: Ia4f254e238d2f4f6ca4fd2826c8a7a71797d9855

Temporary deletion on shared repo.

Authentication internal error

Launchpad bug 1438856 reports an internal error when logging

on to Trafodion. The problem is due to metadata no longer

selectable by all users. When an MXOSRVR is returned to the

pool, the context is the last user to logon successfully. If

this is not DB__ROOT (or a user with SELECT privilege on the

AUTHS table), authentication fails with a privilege error,

which is translated to internal error for the user.

The fix is to enable internal query during authentication

to allow the select from the AUTHS table to succeed.

Change-Id: I7a02cb6ae6742e65d99771913843d949126dd948

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Merge "Writing packed explain plan to metric_query_table"

Merge "Fix executor/TEST106"

Merge "explain enhancements and fixes."

Fix IdTm constructor to be public!

Change-Id: I2ee2056bb49e5f3624b348c5f5297f310bde86eb

Merge "DROP SCHEMA CASCADE and other fixes"

Merge "LP 1438445, LinkList perf improvement for comodification errors"

Merge "TIMESERIES UDF for repository queries and UDF bug fixes"

DROP SCHEMA CASCADE and other fixes

Corrects a problem (Launchpad bug 1435967 and 1437474) with DROP

SCHEMA CASCADE when a view is defined that references a UDF in

the schema.

Corrects a problem where DB__ROOT could not grant privileges on

objects owned by DB__ROOT except for tables and views.

Corrects a problem where histogram tables in shared schemas were

owned by the first user to run update statistics; the tables

are now owned by the schema owner regardless of which user runs

the UPDATE STATISTICS command first.

Change-Id: I3289d456ac0d1fdd3d7923892395ddf9229e47bf

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Hortonworks uninstaller deleting more files

Found additional files that need to be deleted inorder to reinstall.

Change-Id: I1ccf9314acf6bc3d7bb05c6a207976b26ca4bd23

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Fixed query cancel sent by ODBC Driver

If Sql Cancel is sent by JDBC Driver, srvrObjRef has only portNumber.

When the request is sent by ODBC Driver, its format is following:


To get the portNumber we have to parse srvrObjRef string


Replaced ip Address by <IpAddress> and port number by <portNumber>

Change-Id: Ic839bee2be44e9ca88fa2f8cd2cb1a72ff5ef994

Writing packed explain plan to metric_query_table

The packed explain is retrieved using the SQL_EXEC_GetExplainData() CLI

call. This is picked up by the repository watchdog thread and then written to

the metric_query_table using SQL_EXEC_StoreExplainData().

The packed explain could have binary data within it so it could not be

used as is to formulate the insert statement the way we do today with a

stringstream. So, Anoop provided the new CLI call which takes in the plan

and updates the row in the metric_query_table table.

Also, removed writing of sql text and plan during the updates to

metric_query_table since they don't change and is redundant.

Change-Id: I15efc2134b78d0d43000b1b05094aface4d9d0e0

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explain enhancements and fixes.

-- support to return explain details from packed explain plan.

select * from table(explain(null, 'EXPLAIN_PLAN=<packed-plan>'))

This enables caller to retrieve the packed explain plan, ship

it to another process and then format it there.

DSM will be using this functionality.

-- sqlci syntax added to test explain enhancement functionality:

get qid for statement s;

store explain for s in repository;

set qid <qid> for s;

-- new tests added to seabase/TEST011

-- some bug fixes to handle 4 byte lengths for

explain plan greater than short max.

-- changed err enums CLI_DESC_NOT_EXSISTS and

CLI_STMT_NOT_EXSISTS to the right EXISTS spelling

(this is just for you, Dave).

-- added missing copyrights

Change-Id: Ic60758fe49790516be125cca7f7e23fe1265feb7

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Fixes in serverMT

1. In pom.xml changed jdbct2 version to 1.1.0 and

repository to org.trafodion.jdbc.t2.T2Driver

2. Changed processing of server state to make connect/disconnect process

more robust

3. Cleanup code

4. Fixed problem with connecting timeout

5. Added to Sql Connection two options: ENFORCE_ISO88591 and




1. Changed pom.xml back to previous T2 dev repository and version


Change-Id: I5ca6f2055d1e6fd81b4f65e8d5e6b26df9fe308e

LP 1438445, LinkList perf improvement for comodification errors

Change-Id: I858f2b90c0c188c1c2167a52049ba834d090dd74

Merge "Fixed install local hadoop to build documentation for REST"

Fixed Linux limits settings and other bugs

Changed the way Linux system limits are set for trafodion

previously they were set in /etc/security/limits.conf and now

they are set for the trafodion userid in our own file in

/etc/security/limits.d/trafodion.conf in traf_setup

Fixed bug where node list kept getting appended to when user

entered node names on subsequent runs of the installer instead of

resetting the node list in traf_config_setup

Deleted some old code no longer used in traf_add_user

Added a recusive option to a chmod to handle the case when the

directory already existed and had other files in it in


Change-Id: I971799c93786b810b878e6434d8aae28c67b4db3

Merge "scanner temporary fix"

Merge "perf enhancement for ddl operations."

scanner temporary fix

+ Removed the HBaseVersion and HBaseJavaVersion checks

because they are release-specific. This is a temporary fix.

Soon the scanner will be enhanced to determine release-specific

features/requirements by using the information in the Trafodion

tar.gz file.

Change-Id: If1dbfea200c334ef292981da974a821ddfa725c4

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