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Move three global variables into opDefauls.

Change-Id: I1588c746e1a61418c19d4ded13f5c201c581d0bd

Remove unneeded coprocessor class for HBase 0.98 support

Also, fixed bug where AggregateImplementation was missing

from traf_hortonworks_mods98

Change-Id: Ied1c513f2f2ecc9a2e054df54b52ddf72bb2a2dd

Fix for Bug 1378415 - Generator Internal error assertion failure

Prior to the fix, in HbaseAccess searchKey expressions, the _SALT_ column

is represented by its base table column. This may cause some problems

downstream during codeGen time (HbaseAccess:codeGen) where the vid

representing the _SALT_ column cannot be found in the maptable.

The fix changes the search key expression to use a veg on the _SALT_

column instead of the basecolumn.

Change-Id: Id2e1ab268605327d93887cef03f31e41042deaca

Closes-Bug: #1378415

Removing unnecessary class property

Change-Id: I95ee3fe091c97a7609db91e9ea1905d5c42d209b

Small chenge to make code easier to read

Change-Id: I4fd5bd42f633f1037ca8a226a0062d95bfa02d18

cleanup some comments

Change-Id: I6440c939802f4a0a291b3579071800fc91353e62

Merge "Enhanced exception handling in recovery"

Bulk Unload feature

Blueprint can be found at:

Change-Id: I395bd720e8952db0fcd04cb26cccab4d4877eae1

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  1. … 23 more files in changeset.

- this CQD seems to be set to ON during the .98 merge by mistake

Change-Id: I7d2bf99598a471b4c48dcc40bc063e610c763987

Enhanced exception handling in recovery

Change-Id: I85ac05fc61a91650649c55113d10bef7966ae627

Fix for HBase Version Parsing Error

Now parsing the HBase version correctly for Cloudera and Hortonworks.

(Before this was only working correctly for Cloudera.)

Change-Id: If74971b446bde827c7302ac820a74364c6244b92

Small change to make code easier to read

Change-Id: I14857f33ed14915f01d4e412883f26c176ee7ffb

Merge "Fix for Bug 1368529 and Bug 1368528"

Merge "Bug 1378552: install_local_hadoop fails in a binary package"

Merge "Adding retry logic to abort,commit,prepare"

Merge "Fix for bug 1378472"

Fix for bug 1378472

Remove the check for the region name in the TRX endpoint coprocessor.

Also removed the build of TRX for Java version 1.6

Change-Id: Iedc0d13831971f50cd660f713876c478f84200e1

Added support for HBase 0.98

Created two new scripts to handle the settings

needed for HBase 0.98 support.

Renamed "ambari" scripts to "hortonworks" to be more

consistent. Change trafodion_mods script to use the

new filenames.

edit: Removed commented out code which was left in

by mistake

Change-Id: Iba68f8d6b0f55c251f8bdc9002a372620495946b

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Merge "Eliminate heap corruption error in arkcmp"

Merge "Fix for bug 1376946"

Merge "Bug 1376922 Union query on a view returns wrong results"

Bug 1378552: install_local_hadoop fails in a binary package

The binary package already contains the TRX jar - but it

still tries to build it.

Update install_local_hadoop to only build TRX if the

TRX jar does not exist.

Change-Id: Icad000cfea026d18932e598896b44d24563b2613

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Fix for Bug 1368529 and Bug 1368528

Sqgen uses the presents of pdcp installed on a system to determine if it

should copy files across the system. On a single node install there will

be errors if this happens. Now trafodion_installer will look for the

/usr/bin/pdcp and it is exists will error out and ask the user to rename

temporarily or uninstall temporarily.

Change-Id: I4f80f7f1d199932143021df90b690e30b1d12f8e

Avoid 'unnecessary' construction of (multiple) String objects.

- when log4j logging level is not set to TRACE or DEBUG.

E.g.: For this Java log4j call:

LOG.trace("Enter foo var1: " + var1 + " var2: " + var2);

Let's say that the log4j logging level is set to ERROR.

The above code will construct multiple String objects

and append operations on them to create a String object that

is then passed to the 'trace()' method where it will

check whether the log level is not TRACE and simply return.

So, we spent a lot of cycles for nothing. The following

changes will help circumvent that.

Thanks to Selva for this suggestion.





if (LOG.isTraceEnabled()) LOG.trace(....




if (LOG.isDebugEnabled()) LOG.debug(....

Change-Id: I111a6cdd7e88bdcf070c9ad52956b15e65c3cdb4

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Bug 1376922 Union query on a view returns wrong results

Qifan investigated this bug and found the problem in replacePivs().

Rather than forcing the parent's partitioning function on the child,

the fix takes the child's function and only replaces the PIVs in it.

Additional changes:

- The replacePivs() method used a ValueIdSet for the PIVs. This should

be a list, since we use multiple PIVs often by position in the list.

- We don't need the code in replacePivs() that fixes predicates in scan

nodes, since we call replacePivs() before calling preCodeGen() on the

child and therefore the child node does not yet have predicates that

refer to PIVs.

- We don't need to replace the partitioning expression anymore, since

it does not refer to any PIVs and we leave the partitioning key

predicates almost unchanged.

- Fixing a small, unrelated, thing: When sourcing in twice,

it reported an error message, due to a shell variable that didn't

get initialized to an empty string (workstation environment only).

Change-Id: Id8a20c0d958d8ce13edd59849a1418d252b5691d

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Eliminate heap corruption error in arkcmp

Allocation from heap in ustat/hs_globals.cpp used () instead

[] for char array, which has been corrected.

Change-Id: I630b98b5b01deb28d03931d9c3746d3d3d7741c0

Closes-Bug: 1377260

Adding retry logic to abort,commit,prepare

If a coprocessor makes a call to a region that is not up or

that throws an exception, it fails. The code will add a retry

to that and also add code to refresh the region information if

it is stale.

Change-Id: Ie3d831202f55bcd93d6de3dbf3ba679d2412ebf5

DoP adjustment for small queries. Rework

Change-Id: Idd70130ca07dc4c82eb2a83422093789fd510c81

Fix for bug 1378089

The HTableClient java objects are removed from the cache upon ODBC/JDBC

disconnection. However, in use HTableClient objects are not garbage

collected because of the global reference being held on the JNI side.

This change is to flag the members of the HTableClient for garbage collection

to reduce the amount of leak in java objects. In-use HTableClient objects are

still being leaked. A complete fix will come later.

Change-Id: I10df40ad58cfde9f2c50e612df7c910cbf33726d

Merge "Enable Trafodion 0.98 recovery"