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Fixed bug in assignment of HOME_DIR

Change-Id: I1dcdab43105c7b504ee5985943aa5113fc030668

Updating copyright and licensing for exception file

Change-Id: I0720333bf8511a5ddd20f666c43898deb9179f47

Merge "performScan protocol enforcement, memory usage optional GC"

Allow longer compile times in compGeneral/TEST042

In the compGeneral suite, TEST042 checks that sql compile times are fast enough

in the release flavor. This change allows longer times on OpenStack and VMware

virtual machines. Allowed times for physical machines are unchanged.

The specific "failure" which requires this change was run on a VMware

virtual machine. The difference from the expected output was:


< SUCCESS (less than 1ms)


> FAIL (at least 1ms) Compile Time 00:00:00.001713


< SUCCESS (less than 1ms)


> FAIL (at least 1ms) Compile Time 00:00:00.001821

The largest acceptable compile time on a virtual machine is now 1.999 ms, which

in the above format is "00:00:00.001999".

For physical machines, the largest value is unchanged at 1.399 ms.

This change requires detecting that the test is executing on a virtual machine.

That is found by looking in /sys/class/dmi/id/sys_vendor for "OpenStack"

or "VMware".

Change-Id: Ibd294c7e85917af1ecba993b80103e58f50d5ec7

Merge "Changed pwd to password."

Merge "Tracking java calls from JNI"

performScan protocol enforcement, memory usage optional GC

Change-Id: I1c4e5383c62b80ca7ca0f8d57f2e929cddb8da6f

Changed pwd to password.

Change-Id: I0363ee8ad7154df3eb3f4bbd31f142a312d00190

Fix LP 1328250 - SQL Compiler hits "assert(FALSE)" in getIntConstValue

The SQL Compiler was abending and producing a core file in

getIntConstValue() when the Type of the integer constant was


This is code that is invoked only by the Native Expressions feature.

Currently, if the Native Expressions code encounters any PCODE

instruction that is designed for MBIGS or MBIGU type data, no native

expression is generated. Instead, we continue running with the PCODE

instructions as they are.

However, if PCODE optimization converts an MBIG[SU] type instruction

into a simpler instruction such as a 64-bit move instruction, then

the Native Expressions code goes ahead and tries to produce a native

expression. The problem is that, although PCODE optimization changes

to a simpler PCODE instruction, it does not change the data type of

any integer constant referenced by the instruction. The constant is

left as being an MBIG[SU] type even though the instruction's operands

say that the operand is a standard integer type.

The fix is to use the operand's idea of the data type rather than

the constant's idea of the data type whenever the constant is of

MBIGS or MBIGU type. This technique is already used by the code

when a Floating-Point type constant is referenced by a PCODE

instruction that says the operand is a simpler integer type.

Change-Id: I0e1aa28a51b8f5311ac51d0da5f385dc93bcd4eb

DDL Transactions, sql cqd, end to end create test

Change-Id: I4122b2f7d0aea13c61fdf5b19349d88a00569c51

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Merge "LOAD and UNLOAD privilege check fixes"

Merge "Drop view that references a sequence generator"

Tracking java calls from JNI

A thread local variable tsRecentJMFromJNI is introduced to track

the recent java method called from the JNI. When the core dumps

are analyzed, this variable can be printed out to figure out the

recent hbase call that possibly didn't respond.

Change-Id: Ie0dcea636829f98d60e741e98bec1a7f46ac50b8

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Merge "hive/test018 fix"

LOAD and UNLOAD privilege check fixes

1437078 - LOAD fails with error 4481 even if user has priv

This problem happens because the table definition cached in NATableCache is

not being refreshed with the new values:

Generally, when a query is compiled and the user does not have privilege(s), a

call to checkPrivileges (called during binding) returns a special privilege

error. After compilation completes, the compiler (CmpMain::sqlcomp) checks to

see if a privilege error occurred. If so, the NATable entry is removed and the

request is recompiled. If a privilege error occurs the second time, the

privilege error is reported and the latest cached NATable structure is retained.

In the case of LOAD, the privilege checks are performed in the generator;

therefore checkPrivileges is not being called, the special privilege error is

not reported and the cached NATable entry is not being refreshed.

The fix moves authorization checks from the generator into the binder -

specifically checkPrivileges. A bindNode method was added to the bulk loader

code to verify privileges. The bindNode, checks to see if the user has the

MANAGE_LOAD privilege. If so, no additional checks are required. If not

bindNode sets up the privilege structure (stoi) and saves it in the binder work

area. Later, checkPrivileges is called and privileges checked as required.

1305015 - User with SELECT and INSERT privs unable to UNLOAD

This problem occurs during the generator phase when privileges are being

checked. When an unload statement is parsed, the parser creates the

ExeUtilHBaseBulkUnload class and set the table name to DUMMY. When the

privilege checks are later performed, the DUMMY table is checked which does not


The fix moves authorization checks from the generation phase into the binder.

A bindNode method was added to the bulk unload code to verify privileges. The

bindNode code, first checks to see if the user has the MANAGE_LOAD privilege.

If so, no additional checks are required. If not, it grabs the query expression

attached the the ExeUtilHBaseBulkUnLoad class and binds it. Binding the query

expression calls checkPrivileges and reports any violations.

This change requires that the query expression created during parsing be stored

in a new class member.

Other fixes related to load and unload:

While fixing the above issues, a problem was found when trying to load a table

with indexes if the user had MANAGE_LOAD privilege. A check was added to index

code to allow the operation to proceed.

The load code is not checking privileges on the source table

1438896 Internal error during create or replace view

Not found errors can be returned, so the error check was change to look for


Change-Id: I00b08eca6678b9c1a0f84848536de3bc93735853

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Drop view that references a sequence generator

Fixes a problem where a view that referenced a sequence generator

could not be dropped. Code handling objects referenced by views

was not prepared for sequences. Launchpad bug 1439319.

There are many other problems related to views referencing

sequences (e.g. see 1439316); this change only

corrects the problem of not being able to drop the view.

Change-Id: I8fbb8cbf565f9e6eef649152a0cec8e85d73afa4

Eliminate manual steps in load/ustat integration

The fix achieves full integration of the bulk load utility with

Update Statistics. The Hive backing sample table is now creeated

automatically (formerly, we only wrote the HDFS files to be

used by the Hive external table), the correct sampling percentage

for the sample table is calculated, and the ustat command is

launched fro1m the executor as one of the steps in execution of

the bulk load utility.

Change-Id: I9d5600c65f0752cbc7386b1c78cd10a091903015

Closes-Bug: #1436939

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Updated floating IP documentation

Added addtional text in architecture and configuration.

Fixed some nits from last code review

Change-Id: I2183f76a61034c08ab377b53e9f3e3a790b2d5fb

hive/test018 fix

- The "hadoop fs - du -s ..." command returns diffrent results on

development workstation and the test machines making the test

fail in the development environment. This checkin fixes the issue.

Change-Id: I6925d719d02e369235fc0ff30aab4e3ce108dfd5

Merge "fix SQL_DBMS_NAME and remove some old code"

Merge "Added floating IP feature"

Merge "Fixes in serverMT"

Merge "Add REST server jstack command"

Fix for trafodion.conf bug

Trafodion.conf file was not being copied to all nodes. Needed to change

permissions on copy directory.

Edit 1: Changing permissions on $LOCAL_WORKDIR to allow multiple people

to install on one cluster. Fixed bug when setting $HOME_DIR. Fix to bug


Edit 2: Fixed typo and permission on set of files.

Edit 3: Fixed Scanner return error bug. THANKS YVES.

Edit 4: Added case if scanner fails.

Change-Id: I5a237cbae4779b91121a467b1afba65f796be4cc

Fix for bug 1425745: Error 8421 when using an OR predicate.

Patch set 2: Fix copyright and add comment for allocation on stmt heap.

Change-Id: Ia51c492a0507f8ff48b6fd2c547485aa6a1672ad

Merge "Packaging ODB tool with clients tar file"

Add REST server jstack command

Using new curl command e.g.,

curl -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" http://<hostname:port>/v1/servers/jstack/program/<pid>

returns jstack output for given pid

Removed LAST_UPDATED column from /dcs/connections output

Patch set #2

Cleaned up unused code

Change-Id: Ib25f3ed4e69233b0a6ff8c8bc96dc3b043d5e0fb

Special logic to cancel DROP COLUMN

This change introduces a new static function to check whether

the parent query has been canceled. It is called by during an


Closes-Bug: 1439505

Change-Id: I8342488821e719320273aa343cab3ba5b9a93444

Packaging ODB tool with clients tar file

Change-Id: Ida31ec15949b9433a50b2fcd70882b0088970c4a

Hash buffer size adjustment

Increased the hash buffer size for hash join operator to accommodate

the needs of extra space at runtime. This is to make sure that each hash

buffer can store at least one (big) row.

Fix bug 1438943, select query with outer join of 3 repos tables

from trafci failing with error 201 and esp core.

Change-Id: I58aed6546637e1097dd832b39e53dd53dcb56ab8