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Initial dummy commit

Error handling.

Merge "Fix bug 1323826 - SELECT with long IN predicate causes core file"

Update parser for errors.

Merge branch 'master' into traf/traf-config

Merge "Rework for incremental IM during bulk load"

Merge "Configuring hbase option MAX_VERSION via SQL"

Fixed logging error

traf_start was creating its own trafodion_install<timestamp>.log file.

Now only one file is being created.

Change-Id: Ica4c362224074316a027b939333f7a70d8565686

Rework for incremental IM during bulk load

Address comments by Hans and fix 1 regression failure

A regression failure in executor/test013 was caused due to how external

names as used with volatile indexes. This has been fixed in GenRelExeUtil.cpp

The parser change suggested could not be made due to increasing conflicts.

Thank you for the feedback.

Change-Id: Icdf5dbbf90673d44d5d0ccb58086266520fcf5c3

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Fix bug 1323826 - SELECT with long IN predicate causes core file

Actually, this check-in does not completely fix the problem, but

it does allow IN predicates (and NOT IN predicates) to have a list

with as many as 3100 items in the list.

NOTE: There are many places in the SQL Compiler code that use recursion.

The changes in this check-in address the issue for long IN lists

and, to some extent, for INSERT statements that attempt to insert

many rows with a single INSERT statement. However, it is still possible

for someone to try a list that is too long. As you make the lists

longer, you find more recursive routines that have the same type of

problem(s) that are being fixed for certain routines by this check-in.

This check-in also fixes a couple of minor problems in the logic used to

debug Native Expressions code. These problems were in

.../sql/generator/Generator.cpp and


There were 3 different techniques used to reduce the stack space usage of

various recursive routines that get invoked as a result of long IN lists

or NOT IN lists:

1) Move variables from the stack to heap.

2) Recode the recursive routine to pull out sections of code (not needed

during the recursion) and put those in their own routine. This cuts

the stack space usage because it enables the C++ compiler to generate

code for the recursive routine that needs significantly less stack


3) Declare variables of type ARRAY on the stack (where the ARRAY

overhead is allocated from stack, but the contents come from heap)

to hold certain pieces of data where each recursive level of calling

needs its own value for the variable AND then change the code to use a

'while' loop to process the nodes in the node tree in the same order

that the original recursive routine would have processed the nodes.

Files changed for reducing stack space usage:

sql/optimizer/ItemCache.cpp - use method 2 on ItemExpr::generateCacheKey()

sql/optimizer/NormItemExpr.cpp - use method 2 on ItemExpr::normalizeNode()

and method 1 on BiLogic::predicateEliminatesNullAugmentedRows()

sql/generator/GenPreCode.cpp - use method 2 on


sql/optimizer/ItemExpr.cpp - use method 2 on ItemExpr::unparsed()

AND ItemExpr::ItemExpr::synthTypeAndValueId()

sql/optimizer/OptRange.cpp - use method 3 on OptRangeSpec::buildRange()

sql/optimizer/BindItemExpr.cpp - use method 3 on


sql/optimizer/NormRelExpr.cpp - use method 3 on


sql/optimizer/ItemExpr.h - declare new methods that were created

sql/optimizer/ItemLog.h - declare new methods that were created

Finally, this check-in changes the default value for a CQD named

PCODE_MAX_OPT_BRANCH_CNT from 19000 to 12000. This was to fix a problem

where we used too much *heap* space when we tried to optimize a PCODE

Expression that had too many separate blocks of PCODE instructions (such

as results from a very long NOT IN list.) With this change, we will

choose to run with unoptimized PCODE if trying to optimize the PCODE

would result in overflowing the heap space available.

Change-Id: Ie8ddbab07de2a40095a80adac7873db8c5cb74ac

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Remove trailing spaces from keys.

Avoid scanner timeout for Update Statistics

For performance reasons, Update Stats pushes sampling down into HBase,

using a filter that returns only randomly selected rows. When the

sampling rate is very low, as is the case when the default sampling

protocol (which includes a sample limit of a million rows) is used on

a very large table, a long time can be taken in the region server

before returning to Trafodion, with the resultant risk of an

OutOfOrderScannerNextException. To avoid these timeouts, this fix

reduces the scanner cache size (the number of rows accumulated before

returning) used by a given scan based on the sampling rate. If an

adequate return time can not be achieved in this manner without

going below the scanner cache minimum prescribed by the

HBASE_NUM_CACHE_ROWS_MIN cqd, then the scanner cache reduction is

complemented by a modification of the sampling rate used in HBase.

The sampling rate used in HBase is increased, but the overall rate

is maintained by doing supplementary sampling of the returned rows in

Trafodion. For example, if the original sampling rate is .000001,

and reducing the scanner cache to the minimum still results in an

excessive average time spent in the region server, the sampling

may be split into a .00001 rate in HBase and a .01 rate in Trafodion,

resulting in the same effective .000001 overall rate.

Change-Id: Id05ab5063c2c119c21b5c6c002ba9554501bb4e1

Closes-Bug: #1391271

Configuring hbase option MAX_VERSION via SQL

Change-Id: I88041d539b24de1289c15654151f5320b67eb289

change startId&commitId as param

Change-Id: Id99d6cebd25cf40fff0b03cda705921781fd33ab

Merge "Changes in Patchset2"

Merge "Publishing properties added to T2 Driver"

Add persistent process processing.

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Column-level privileges - part 2

Support for column-level privileges will be in multiple deliveries.

This delivery add the following portions:

1. DML operations (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE) now recognize granted

column-level privileges.

2. CREATE VIEW now recognizes granted column-level privileges.

3. Revoke of object-level privileges now revokes the corresponding

column-level privilege.

Missing functionality:

1. Privileges can be granted to roles and revoked from roles, but

REVOKE ROLE does not consider column-level privileges when


if an object depends on a role's granted privileges.

2. Column-level revoke does not enforce RESTRICT, i.e., privileges

may be revoked even if there are dependent privileges.

3. ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN does not remove associated column-level

privileges, nor does it check for dependent objects.

Change-Id: Ieba04c77edb945dfeb1994e9949b54072289465e

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Turned on privilege features, reorg'd PrivMgr code


For GRANTED BY -> showddl now displays the GRANTED BY clause when

--> the current user is not the object owner and

--> the current user is not DB ROOT

added object_owner and schema_owner to the SeabaseLibraryDesc




CmpSeabaseDDLtable.cpp ->getSeabaseLibraryDesc

added object owner in calls to PrivMgrPrivileges::getPrivTextForObject




Changed object grant and revoke to store the list of privileges associated

with the object and columns in the PrivMgrPrivileges class.

--> added new methods generateObjectRowList and generateColumnRowList,

changed the destructor to remove these lists, changed code to call

these new methods, and removed extra I/Os

--> removed member trafMetadataLocation_ (it is already stored in parent)

For WITH GRANT OPTION clause at GRANT time:

--> added checks at grant time to:

--> check for potential circular grants (error 1036)

--> added new method getTreeOfGrants to get list of grantors

that have previously granted to the current grantee

For GRANT OPTION FOR clause at REVOKE time:

--> changed error messages returned to be more meaningful

--> moved and activated call checkRevokeRestrict after call to


Added new columns to the COLUMN_PRIVILEGES and SCHEMA_PRIVILEGES tables

to include the object_name, grantor_name, and grantee_name to match


Reorganized the contents of PrivMgr files:

--> PrivMgr document exists that describes the .h/.cpp structure

--> Added new files PrivMgr.h/PrivMgr.cpp that describes the parent

class for all PrivMgr requests

--> moved existing defines, classes, etc around to match the PrivMgr


Fixed a couple of issues:

--> Fixed a bug in initialize authorization where the WGO was not set up

correctly for UDR's

--> Fixed a bug in PrivMgrObject::selectAllWhere where an error condition

was not returned

--> Fixed a bug in seabaseGrantRevoke where the incorrect object type was

sent for views

--> Fixed a bug in update statistics privilege checking that was not

handling HBase tables correctly

Added two regression tests (skipped until catman1 test directory is split up)

--> TEST132 - tests for privilege checking on libraries, populate index,

showddl, invoke, update statistics, and showstats

--> TEST140 - tests for WITH GRANT OPTION and GRANTED by option

Fixed expected result for catman1/TEST137

Change-Id: Iaf523aef763b0bce2101fedae0ee701606c369c7

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Merge "RMS and other related changes"