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Incorporate install of REST server to install_local_hadoop

Change-Id: I5357202098dd582e6ea0ae8fc6955bbb212693fb

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Merge "Add joining/spare-up notices."

Fix for command line arguments

Now able to use multiple command line arguments at one time.

Edit 1: Correcting $STARTING_NODE to be current hostname

Edit 2: Correcting $STARTING_NODE to be current hostname only for single

node install. Adding checkes to make sure Trafodion and Hadoop are

matching versions.

Edit 3: Correcting $STARTING_NODE

Change-Id: Icb29082d6362614f536cd170a13714ec61c359ba

Merge "Adding makefile changes for Sscc and protobufs"

changes to improve plan quality of OSS queries.

b1 and b2: NJ was not being explored because RHS of NJ was another

join and didn't have index information to check for keyless NJs.

This change helped OSS b1 and b2 queries to get better NJ plans.

b6, b6, and b8: Optimizer chose Hj + MDAM plan where as

NJ + regular scan runs better.

The costing code didn't account for probes being done to get

beginKey for missing _SALT_ column. This change will include

probing cost.


Regressions completed

performance workloads including HPIT showed no negatvie impact

OSS queries showed significant improvement.

Change-Id: I3f7401a7b8107637bb6016d548cb2fe8bad5077f

Merge "Fix for bug #1430900"

Merge "Corrected TM statistics for use by HPDSM."

Add switch-controlled transaction conflict reinstatement

Change-Id: Ie1a358d82347052f2bf88f6f93a7fb3d5f85f737

Add joining/spare-up notices.

Change-Id: Iec500e83f6910ae1f10c6639b9da07ea6cc709d0

Patch for logging udf , udr log and hive failures

1. Fixed the event log reader udf to read all log files created by

monitor, ssmp,sscp and mxlobsrvr,udr

2. Added a new log file and config file for udrsever . It will be

created when udrserver starts up.

3. Fix for current hive failures.Destructor for ExLob was calling

hdfsDisconnect. This had to be commented out since it caused

closeChannel errors and cores during hive aaccess. LP 1433882 created for a potential leak.

Change-Id: I0613b352248a4d796604346f1a495f7606d21d4c

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Fix for bug #1414100

1.The queryStartTime is not always equal to prepare time.


queryStartTime will be set/updated.

Change-Id: Iaa6498865a213c1f13e2a3294a8b53e2bc80d537

Merge "Add prepare to MS_Mon_Msg (to match monitor)."

Merge "Fixes for TMUDF bugs"

Fix for updated tpcds_kit file.

Steve pointed out that when we download the latest TPCDS zip file with

the tools to build data files, the directory structure has

changed. Our script can now handle both versions of the file. Also

added a check for the existence of This could be missing

if we download the hadoop tar file from the Internet instead of using

one that was generated by another Trafodion developer, with a


Change-Id: Ib473ebc902063f05eee37284d208fe316424aea6

Merge "Fix for client-side recovery"

Add prepare to MS_Mon_Msg (to match monitor).

Change-Id: If9bbc9ca9a5abc8eacb88ce171a9bbef38be17b7

Merge "Improving the path length for get or multi-row get operations"

Merge "Performance enhancement to avoid HBase file checks"

Adding makefile changes for Sscc and protobufs

Change-Id: I005733e46ad9b7a364fab4cd66c0e7b682b8ae10

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Corrected TM statistics for use by HPDSM.

Change-Id: Ibc495b024d4ce45fae5c2149827bd9c35d072044

Merge "review updates and more. See below."

Fix for client-side recovery

Recovery thread was checking for the string "COMMITTED"

and "ABORTED". A previous change was added, TransState

enum, and the strings had an added prefix "STATE_".

This change will correct the string check to look for

the TransState enum's value.

Change-Id: I7726977e7c976467663787a798b0d23ed26726dc

Merge "Removed prompt for scanner"

Performance enhancement to avoid HBase file checks

Using hbaseAdmin to check if table exists in Hbase is an expensive call.

When a new compiler context is started, a call is made to see if all the

tables needed for privilege checking is performed. There are currently

5 tables in privmgr metadata, so the hbaseAdmin is called five times.

A change has been made to just check for one privmgr metadata table.

Change-Id: If753f400fb3c51e18bcd2b3ed0edd26aaf300b21

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Fixes for TMUDF bugs

Bugs fixed in this change:

bug 1430034 TMUDF: processData() fails to handle several data type

bug 1430438 TMUDF: A TMUDF with nonexisting external name crashes

sqlci with a core

bug 1430453 TMUDF: A TMUDF missing 'language cpp' crashes sqlci with a core

bug 1430484 TMUDF: User defined error number for UDRException() not

returned at run time

bug 1404053 Core with SIGSEGV during CREATE PROCEDURE statement when

procedure validation fails

Summary of changes:

- Support for more data types, including char types with character set UCS2

and interval types. Unlike in other types of UDFs, intervals are

represented as integers, but that representation is not directly

exposed to the UDF writer. CLOBs and BLOBs are only supported when

they are mapped to VARCHARS.

- Support to get and set values by specifying a C++ data type of time_t

for datetime and certain interval values.

- The default language for creating UDFs is changing. It used to be

C, the new rule depends on the type of the library. If we can determine

the library to be a jar file, the default language is Java. For

other libraries, the default is C for scalar UDFs, C++ for table-valued

UDFs. Also the PARAMETER STYLE clause is no longer used for TMUDFs, the

parameter style is computed automatically for now. PARAMETER STYLE is

now optional for Java stored procedures.

- Error handling is somewhat improved, fewer internal errors occur when

a UDR raises an exception. Still needs work.

- Making interfaces of OrderInfo and PartitionInfo more similar

by giving them similar methods.

Change-Id: I0bd0cebcf32f2185907c7d3573d4a511b17ead3e

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Use /usr/bin/gcc instead of what is in $PATH.

Change-Id: Ib76f1cda69735b67b2f01626d1e45dc7e6d32003

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Merge "Step 2 of merging SSCC into github"

Fix for bug #1430900

1.Removed host_addr_get() .

2.To get hostname from parameter "-RZ".

3.The parameters RZ and TCPID are required,mxosrvr will exit if missing them.

4.Removed unuseful comments

Change-Id: I1b65c7d317e542f14c8b04fa2d8fe2a94fa440d7

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Merge "scanner improvements"

review updates and more. See below.

--Code updates from previous review.

--Bug fixes and enablement of ALIGNED FORMAT row storage.

This is for testing only.

--Error handling for explain statement.

Change-Id: Ia01b3813e0b72ce66e2c03cc50777d4f1f8d5a78

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