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Fix bug 1327395, failure to create key histograms

For an index on multiple columns, the "ON EVERY KEY" option of

Update Statistics was not creating the expected multicolumn

histograms. This was due to failure to use the correct loop

index in the loop that enumerated the component columns.

Change-Id: I2f24237fdadbb954e6239f44957fbe3c6626312c

DcsServer controls multiple MXOSRVRs

Change-Id: Ifcc9aa0b74087791c11b903b5c1ef7487dabc398

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Changes for ucs2 cleanup in JDBC_T4 driver

Change-Id: I88f65d78838d3ce2aa017f1e05adfe59bfe5a7e5

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Fix for "Dialog failed" error on connect.

Also made all EOLs Windows style in the file.

Change-Id: I11d82f4c8acac6f20672f9447c44bdfa3ad0739b

DCS connections are now more evenly spread out among nodes

Change-Id: I13765883b31639dcf3ae5c12a90444ab8e135961

Fixed syntax error at line 19 and other problems.

Something went wrong in the previous checkin and somehow the wrong

version of traf_ambari_mods got picked up in that check-in. This fixes

a syntax error that prevents the script from running.

Added check for my_nodes file to double check that the script is being ran

from the sudo userid that did the initial trafodion_setup.

Fixed Java version detection that was incorrect on systems that had

one version and the Hadoop distro ran under another.

Depending on root's settings permission settings were not always

getting propogated correctly. Changed code to specifically set

permission settings after hbase-trx jar has been copied. Tightened

up permission setting from 755 to 644.

Change-Id: I558ec119295b54ad52f1c6492b20e1bfc4131986

Merge "Fix the number of ESPs per node for seabase/TEST013 and TEST016"

Fix the number of ESPs per node for seabase/TEST013 and TEST016

Change-Id: Ia52d9d9e59fffdd6db60bf4d11317451a792dd64

Fixing DTM early commit response to reply at correct point in state_change_commit_helper and sending the normal response at normal commit reponse at the end, in req_end_complete.

Additional changes to set the early commit response default to FALSE

(will NOT reply early, done for correctness).

Changes to set the default JVM allocation sizes, DTM set to 2048, SQL

set to 512.

Removing delay in sqlci that was added to have tests pass that were

failing due to an error 73.

Change-Id: I6baf0ad261d17d1ad9c227f31c423a4f26049a28

Merge "Code cleanup"

bug 1326480 help text has HP and NDCS in the text.

Change-Id: I9bbb3f9f4fd08523058cb75bb223fdc00d283f8d

Squashed commit of the following:

commit deb5827a1268ecf774d000f725ca5431e5462d48

Author: Marvin Anderson <>

Date: Thu Jun 5 04:38:13 2014 +0000

Support for new hbase-trx.jar file.

The hbase-trx.jar was changed in trafodion/core so that there is now

only one version for all distros. We need to make a corresponding

change to the traf_<distro-name>_mods scripts, to handle this new

universal file.


Change-Id: Ie0658d0146f519c84fff4e0c4644d44fa9e355a9

Update stats performance fix

Two issues fixed to address the update stats slow running issue.

1. Sample table is not created if source table is salted

(partitioned) which will lead to failure when

construct the histogram for the salt column

2. Cardinality hints are not inserted in 3 locations (serial plan).

When update stats is executed on a table with no stats, cardinality

hints are neeeded to improve the plans for update stats internal

queries on the table.

3. Correctly display the DOP in the explain output of update stats

internal queries in the update stats log

Change-Id: I49edd281cd426ea210b01b4cd6a2287a9e6d0198

Changes to uninstall, added cdh wrapper, path bug

Added new Hortonworks uninstall script (under

tools/traf_amabari_uninstall). Added parameter to traf_clouder_uninstall

and traf_mapr_uninstall so users can manually enter nodes. Added new

cloudera setup wrapper script which takes any specific cloudera code out

of trafodion_setup. Fixed HP IT bug (in trafodion_setup and

traf_add_user) to allow for the user to choose which directories they

would like to install in (default remains /home).

Change-Id: Id217e8348f9b6970bbbfe7f75795703568b241f7

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Code cleanup

Removed unsed files

Change-Id: I579d27cb37857f68ab1ae0884bf255343b87d1f3

Merge "Bug # 1325005 , fixed by close random generator after every call."

Code cleanup (06042014)

Change-Id: Ib7f2f39e42085e026ac1000e43048c9a185b6976

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Merge "Removed licenses for tools not in source tree"

Merge "Cleaned up log4ccp files"

Bug # 1325005 , fixed by close random generator after every call.

Change-Id: Ic6b3e8b4a9142e689b275ad8965acf5259188956

Source file cleanup

Change-Id: Iba4e0059e8a0f996ea18f8089a87338bfe1930a9

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Cleaned up log4ccp files

Ensured that log4cpp files correctly match downloadable log4cpp-1.0.

All files modified by HP include the comment,

* Modified 2010-2014 by Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

Change-Id: Ic017143ccaed3f419ccaf732c803d9a4ecfb0042

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Classpath and install_local_hadoop changes.

Added Suresh's fix for Hive table access on Hortonworks systems.

Also made an equivalent fix for MapR systems, but was not able to

test it on a MapR system.

Improved (hopefully) detection of a Hortonworks system. We have seen

the HDP-changes file in /usr/lib/hadoop and in /usr/lib/hbase.

Fixed URLs in install_local_hadoop, so that the script can download

needed files from the Internet, without having the MY_LOCAL_SW_DIST

environment variable point to a local repository of tar files.

Note that it is still recommended to use $MY_LOCAL_SW_DIST.

Change-Id: Ic5528373edec98467d0614e3d4878b0dd99a4551

Merge "Made output from catman1 SQL test suite consistent"

Merge "Fixed bug 1323922 and added showddl user support"

Made output from catman1 SQL test suite consistent

For in-progress reporting of the test names in jenkins,

removed a blank line before the PASS / FAIL line. This

makes the output consistent with other suites.

Change-Id: I78b95c8e56c03eb83ad9ed04472705194449d3b2

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Removed licenses for tools not in source tree

Change-Id: I2e2914f2490fe5654bf7010ed2664dad7e1e4cd0

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Initial code drop of windows odbc 64-bit driver

Change-Id: Ibeb1482aacf2e34eaca4d0cc13e67365358df5d2

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Merge "Fixed an issue seen on moonshot servers where the specified network interface or sub-interface are considered during start up of dcs servers"

Merge "Made output from udr SQL test suite consistent"