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Determine external network for DCS in a multi-network cluster.

Some systems have multiple networks (an internal maintence

network and an external network). Sometimes DCS would choose

the internal network making it impossible for a client to connect

to Trafodion. The installer will now detect the external network and

write it into the DCS config file so DCS will always use the

external network.

Change-Id: I9df0df2a4c8c39e2532cad957fb3e8de786973a5

Merge "Perf improvement during metadata read."

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Merge "Refactored removeUnNeededCommitedTransactions"

Merge "Manageability changes in DCS"

Merge "Bug fix LP1384939, LP1403645, and some LOG cleanup"

Merge "Fixed typos in user-visible messages and sample code"

Merge "Pass object type to NATableDB:removeNATable"

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Refactored removeUnNeededCommitedTransactions

Change-Id: I9e7a839543b5385348439d0ce9b6042df253989b

Reworked Transaction handling in SQL

Fixed to inherit the transaction from the received message in ESPs, MXUDR or

any other process when it is passed from master processes.

Reworked switching transaction when the context is switched to handle more than

one connection in a thread. This fixed the following bugs

Bug 1356193 SPJ with resultsets not working thru JDBC T2 driver

Bug 1355038 SPJ with result set failed with ERROR[8841]

ESPs will particpate in a transaction with this change

Change-Id: If91f70060f718818eec25aef206f318262cf47aa

Bug fix LP1384939, LP1403645, and some LOG cleanup

Change-Id: Ia96ad2ade4d5a6372620f73098d8489a4e6e548a

Perf improvement during metadata read.

Metadata information about metadata tables is read in 2 parts.

First part is hardcoded definitions since metadata structs are constant

and do not change. Second part is read from metadata tables(object uid)

as this varies depending on when metadata is initialized.

This checkin reads object uid only once and then stores it in

global metadata struct.

Change-Id: I094bd0c4bba67871bbca9cfdd8b75576841ba630

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Explicit create schema stmts executed in tests

Change-Id: I25b07f4689516dd1c271ad8803981e155c9bc06e

Merge "Additional transactional performance improvements"

Merge "Closes-Bug: 1404357"

Merge "Bug fixes"

Merge "Fix to close cursors in the current context and other changes"

Fixed a query predicate from year 2015 to 2115

Fixed a query predicate expecting

CURRENT_TIMESTAMP < TIMESTAMP '2015-01-01 00:00:00'.

This worked prior to 2015-01-01 and has started to fail now that year 2015

has begun. The timestamp is now changed to 2115-01-01 00:00:00 so that the

test can be run for another 100 years.

Change-Id: I0710081a883a6878b39873084a0134d76af402e1

Closes-Bug: 1404357

Changed permissions for stdout and stderr redirection to user


Change-Id: I15cd8f2ebb4a9d52e6001aceb4f8664da363adc5

Additional transactional performance improvements

Change-Id: I0f7e98f899a0a95969e8f1ed8aa58b1a27d42f82

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Merge " Hybrid Query Cache feature implemented."

Bug fixes

-- LP 1403987. An external arkcmp process was being started to compile

a query. That has been fixe by using embedded arkcmp

-- Code to switch to embedded arkcmp and then switch back can now be

done by calling a method on CmpSeabaseDDL clase

-- get schemas/get tables were showing correlated name instead of

the actual metadata table if an error occured during access of

the metadata table. That has been fixed.

-- During exit of sqlci and master executor process, volatile

tables are dropped. This was being done uncondionally and caused exit

perf degradation. Code has been fixed to check and see if a volatile

schemas was created during that session and if it did, then they

are dropped.

Change-Id: Ie43dbac23e38aeb90849574e70181138bfffebf6

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refactor TransactionState, subclassing.

Change-Id: Idc822b4438ddbb44b9532fcab2375609e2de44d7

Fix Bug #1366987 T2 Version no. and T4 name

Change-Id: Ifd9dbb272afa238da80abc0d88199b461d251db8

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Merge "Manageability changes - event mgmt and stats publication"

Fix to close cursors in the current context and other changes

When the runtime detects that there is change in the transaction, all the open

cursors associated with the transaction in the context are closed.

Changed the token of the some of the counters in ExHbaseAccessStats

Cleaned up the NAMemory destructor code

Change-Id: Ia9fb7098b408b0eb334771264abca013905f7904

Merge "Fix for core dump while destroying NAHeap"

Pass object type to NATableDB:removeNATable

This change fixes a bug which can happen when indexes or

sequence generators are dropped and, due to NATable::objectUID_

not being initialize, the NATableDB:removeNATable method must

lookup the object UID from metadata. Before this change, the

code assumed anything looked up was a base table. Now the

object type is passed to NATableDB:removeNATable.

Change-Id: I4566ee68aa84367ea33c2e2bb1d3d6a346e8ce97

Closes-Bug: #1401999

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Merge "Change of bug 1404038"

Fix for core dump while destroying NAHeap

Mutex in NAHeap was used after calling NAHeap destructor and this was causing

core dump sometimes.

Change-Id: Ic2bd7c77b9109b055a0718247a5e04016018434e

Merge "Fix multi-threaded problem - two completion threads."