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Merge "Changes to enable Rowset select - Fix for bug 1423327"

Updating pom.xml with release 1.1.0

1. Changed T2 Driver version to 1.1.0

2. Changed T2 Driver repo from org.trafodion-dev.jdbc.t2.T2Driver to


3. Changed T4 Driver version to 1.1.0

Change-Id: Ia7c663fd2e52cdfa579de688721a4917f2b4fcbc

Merge "Added site step to build"

Simple security and scanner by default

The scanner will now be ran by default. The --no_scanner option can be

given to trafodion_install to by pass the scanner.

Simple security has now been automated. Users will be prompted to give

LDAP config information and then traf_authentication_setup will be ran

before sqstart.

Edit 1: Deleted unused variable and changed log directory for the

scanner logs.

Edit 2: Copyright

Edit 3: Changing the scanner to not be ran by default. Due to errors during


Change-Id: I60f75d11e7be615e475b3ffe4f9b4227ae6e7971

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Package log4cpp source into core product tgz file

The log4cpp source files used to build trafodion/core have small differences

from files downloaded from version

1.1.1, so they should be provided to the end user.

This change packages the log4cpp directory of

into a tar file, and puts that in the trafodion core product's .tgz file as:


When Trafodion is installed, this file is available to the end user.

This new file has tar format, not gzip format, and hence its name has .tar

instead of .tgz. Files with the tgz extension are excluded from packaging

into the core product because "*tgz" is in sqf/build-scripts/package.exclude.

In sqf/Makefile, 4 obsolete lines were deleted, because this build does not

compare the package contents with a bom (bill-of-materials) list.

The packaged source files include the license used by log4cpp, in the file

named COPYING which starts with:


Version 2.1, February 1999

Copyright (C) 1991, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies

of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.

In the second patch set, added the new tar file to two .gitignore files

so builds in Jenkins do not fail the test for untracked files in the script.

Change-Id: I8db0559128e3f57653ad3cf08f2b553b225a550c

Merge "some MT Servers do not return back to AVAILABLE"

Merge "ODB bug fixes by Maurizio"

Merge "Cleanup of comments in log4cpp"

Updated version to 1.2.0

Updated product version and file version to 1.2.0

Change-Id: I1ac433fc7aa46e362ba86cf03720a6e2b3fa518a

Added site step to build

Modified Makefile to include "site" step to generate documentation

in target/site directory.

Change-Id: Ib516d74c18559b37006d7ba62a3d4ea2e6ab3748

Partial fix for bug 1449343 and fixes driver core with pyODBC

Fixes issue where the last few bytes of data are lost for nullable columns that

are greater than 32K. This also fixes a core seen on the ODBC driver

side from a query run by HPDSM via pyODBC.

Partially fixes 1449343

Change-Id: I61c1f5a00ffd7da54467e3be288433045fa2951b

Partial fix for bug 1449343 and fixes driver core with pyODBC

Fixes issue where the last few bytes of data are lost for nullable columns that

are greater than 32K. This also fixes a core seen on the ODBC driver

side from a query run by HPDSM via pyODBC.

Partially fixes 1449343

Change-Id: I61c1f5a00ffd7da54467e3be288433045fa2951b

Adding SSCC endpoint coprocessor to install_local_hadoop

Change-Id: I3f5bbde48d130dcfcbc8bf7194990bd1fc3903d2

Merge "Enabled commitId deadcode check and additional trace fixes"

Merge "Remove some dead code"

Merge "Security fixes for 144553, 1414125, and 1393529"

Enabled commitId deadcode check and additional trace fixes

Change-Id: I492503077eb7057ba7fe9fa68ea14fb91b7a5ded

Fixed shell script for making mpi files

The zfix shell script had only one name for a temp file, "/tmp/zxx". This did

not allow two builds on the same machine to run the script at the same time.

This is a possible cause of build failures, such as the corrupted mpi.h seen

today in

which had this error:

... /sqf/export/include/mpi.h:837:1: error: unterminated #ifndef ##(MPI)

The temp file name is now "/tmp/zxx.$$" which adds a pid to the end of the name.

Change-Id: I20e6549342fe792fba30524cbc5fe14cca833a1d

Cleanup of comments in log4cpp

Copyright notices in log4cpp files needed some minor changes to make them 100%

correct, since the rules for their copyrights are not the same as elsewhere in

Trafodion. This is preparatory work before adding the source files for log4cpp

to the packaged core product. Those files have small differences from the

files downloaded from version 1.1.1,

and so they should be provided to the end user.

Added the Changelog file which records the differences made by different

people at The changes for Trafodion

are now listed at the front of this Changelog.

The file include/log4cpp/RemoteSyslogAppender.hh does not have a new copyright

because the change merely corrects a typo. This trivial change does not meet

the threshold for needing a copyright.

In some lines, trailing spaces were restored to reduce the differences from the

original files.

Change-Id: If57d5d394abd664674b7859860ab1ae7ad3d3f1f

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Merge "Fix LP bug 1446402 - LIKE patterns longer than 127 chars don't work well"

Remove some dead code

Remove dead code concerned with constraint and schema labels.

This is an anachronism from pre-open-source versions of the code.

Most of the code removed is in the compiler, with a small amount

of cli and executor code removed.

Change-Id: Ic8a833bb15d1ca9a0e2e2683f2d4644b44c4f96b

Security fixes for 144553, 1414125, and 1393529

1445583: showstats command performance slow with security enabled

Several changes were made to improve performance:

Performance optimization:

NATable.cpp: NATable::setupPrivs

- If the current user is the object owner, then default the privilege bitmap

to object Owner values - no need to call PrivMgr to get privileges

Caching optimization:

We are now caching privmgr metadata tables in compiler cache when the compiler

context is instantiated. This avoids a metadata lookup for these tables.

- Added new methods that return if the table is part of the PrivMgr schema

- Adjusted CmpSeabaseDDL::createMDdescs to include privmgr metadata in the

cached entries

- Adjusted CmpSeabaseDDL::getMDtableInfo to check for privmgr metadata tables

from the cached entries

- Removed obsolete code CmpSeabaseDDL::alterSeabaseDropColumn

- changed CmpSeabaseDDL::getSeabaseTableDesc to check for both system and

privmgr metadata from compiler cache

- added new method CmpSeabaseDDL::getPKeyInfoForTable that returns the

primary key name and UID for a table. This is needed when dropping privmgr

metadata tables

Removed extraneous recompilations of HISTOGRAM structures:

Today, update statistics and showstats are reloading NATable entries

for HISTOGRAM tables on every access. This is because the parserflag

ALLOW_SPECIALTABLETYPE is turned on. When this flag is turned, the compiler

always reloads the cache entries - see code from CmpMain::sqlcomp:

//if using special tables e.g. using index as base table

//select * from table (index_table T018ibc);

//then refresh metadata cache





parserflags by default. Individual statements are setting these flags as needed.

1414125: User without priv can view data in metadata tables

The problem is that a user with priv cannot view data in metadata tables.

Even when a user had SELECT privilege on a system or privmgr metadata table,

the request failed.

The problem is that parameter 2 sent to CmpDescribeIsAuthorized in

hs_globals.cpp is NULL so SELECT priv is not checked. If the user has SHOW

component privilege, it works. A call was added to getPrivileges for metadata

tables before calling CmpDescribeIsAuthorized.

1393529: Core dump accessing MD table descriptors

When "UPDATE STATISTICS LOG [ON, OFF, CLEAR]" is specified by a non DB__ROOT

user, a core dump occurred. This happens because the isAuthorized check is

performed expecting a NATable structure. This command does not need any

special security checks.

Updated traf_authentication_setup script to support a new installation option

Change-Id: If7dbf3ec66e5beb7d88bda61ef32611401dd97b9

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Merge "Added versioning for maven-assembly-plugin"

some MT Servers do not return back to AVAILABLE

Fixed synchronization between Listener and Worker Threads

Change-Id: I9929a2713b262a265556c8e1d2930642ba22bebd

Merge "Adding a configurable region split delay limit"

Merge "Fix for bug 1443561"

Merge "Update release version to 1.2 - core"

Adding a configurable region split delay limit

Configuration property that can be set in hbase-site.xml is:


Default will be 360, which is a 6 hour delay max.

When the delay limit is surpassed, the HBase splits will

no longer be blocked from the TM perspective. HBase may

still have delays due to GC or other operations.

Change-Id: I327e62921a2429f0357a4e3b9ac51d49b0eb58a0

Added versioning for maven-assembly-plugin

Intermittent build errors, see below, on Jenkins machines cannot be reliably

reproduced. We're not seeing this on workstations. Since DCS is

using very old version 2.2-beta-5 we'll experiment with newer

version 2.5.3

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-assembly-plugin:2.2-beta-5:single (tarball) on project dcs: Failed to create assembly: Error creating assembly archive all: Problem creating TAR: entry closed at '356337' before the '356339' bytes specified in the header were written -> [Help 1]


[ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch.

[ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.


[ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following articles:

[ERROR] [Help 1]

Change-Id: Id0837ba28f6d1bc7e574d914da8657a943cf13ca

Transactional DDL - Salted Tables functionality

Added salted table functionality to transactional DDL create

It currently works with large numbers of table partitions and large

key lengths.

Change-Id: Ia5d9113678d697fdcd9f60021fc2dd3eb18fda0f

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